The Legion of Superheroes: Earth X

The Legion of Superheroes: Earth X

“Any news on the White House?” asked Commander Silver.

“The protesters have started throwing in tear gas and smoke bombs.” said Thunder Girl.

“We’ve got to stop this, Reflex make a barrier to stop the protesters from entering the White House and Illusion create thirty soldiers with RPGs.” Commander Silver ordered.

“We’re on it Commander.” said Reflex.

“What do we do?” asked Longbow.

“Start training.” replied Commander Silver

“Why?” asked Thunder Girl.

“Because I said so, Void take me into the White House.” said Commander Silver.

The White House

“Mr. President you have some visitors,” said the security guard.

“Where’s John, and I warned everyone not to open the gates for them!” the President shouted.

“Sorry sir but John is on a vacation and the visitors are the superheroes.” said the security guard.

“Let them in,” said the President.

  The security guard opened the door and Commander Silver, Void, Reflex and Illusion.

“Mr. President we need to talk to you.” said Commander Silver.

“Sure, at least this time you aren’t crashing through the window,” said the president.

“What’s this protest about?” asked Reflex.

“It’s about the Major X program, the prisoners in the High State prison always find an easy way to escape, so we banish them to Earth X.” said The President.

“What! That’s a dead planet filled with Monsters, Shapeshifters, Witches!” Void shouted at the president.

“That’s where they belong,” said the president

“Where did you get the tech from?!” asked Void.

“Okay that’s enough, get them out of here.” said the president.

     Void teleported the guard away. The president activated his defence system as quick as a flash he brought out a gun and shot Void. She managed to teleport herself and the others back to their HQ.

The Legion Of Superheroes HQ

“Void needs help fast, Reflex take her to the med bay, Longbow follow him!” Commander Silver ordered.

“Illusion, Thunder Girl we’re going to the White House, we must find that device,” said Commander Silver.


“Secure the teleportation device you don’t when the superheroes will come back.” the president ordered.

       That moment an alarm siren started ringing.

“Sir it’s the superheroes,” said the guard.

“Send in all the soldiers.” the president ordered.

    Just then the superheroes burst through his door.

“You know, if you do this you’ll become criminal,” the president said.

“I know, Illusion and Thunder Girl go find that device, I and the president will have a chat.” ordered Commander Silver.

“Why are you doing this?” Commander Silver asked.

“You freaks don’t deserve to live here,” said the president as he put as he put something in his mouth.

“What are you eating?” Commander Silver asked.

“Poison.” the president replied as he swallowed it.

“No!!! what are you doing!!!!” Commander Silver shouted.

“Hail Dark Blade,” the president as his final words.

“It can’t be.” Commander Silver said.

“Commander we’ve found it,” Illusion said.

“I’ll be there.” said Commander Silver.

“Where’s the president?” asked Illusion.

“He’s dead,” Commander Silver replied.

“You just had to kill him.” said Illusion.

“He killed himself,” Commander Silver replied.

“I knew there was something wrong with him.” said Illusion.

“Do you want to know the bad news?” asked Commander Silver.

“Sort of,” Illusion replied.

“He’s working for Dark Blade.” said Commander Silver.

“Oh no,” said Illusion.

“Let’s go.” said Commander Silver.

   They ran to meet Thunder Girl.

“Where is it?” Commander Silver asked.

“Right here,” replied Thunder Girl as she removed the cloth on it.

“Let’s call…

    He was interrupted by a portal opening, they got ready to fight but it was just Longbow and Reflex.

“Where’s Void?” Thunder Girl asked.

“She’s still recovering from her injury.” said Reflex.

“Let’s go to Earth X,” said Commander Silver

         Illusion set the Earth to Earth X and they all entered it.

Earth X

  The Legion of Superheroes landed in a forest.

“Where are we?” Longbow asked.

“It was supposed to take us to the prison yard.” said Commander Silver.

“Sorry about that,” said Illusion.

“Stop talking, I can hear someone crying.” said Longbow.

   The Legion looked behind the bush and saw a boy crying.

“What’s the matter,” Longbow asked.

“My mom abandoned me here alone.” the boy replied.

“Don’t worry we’ll find her,” said Longbow.

      As Longbow turned around the boy grabbed a knife to stab Longbow, but Reflex kicked it out of his hand.

“I’ve got your back.” Reflex said.

      That moment the boy turned into a man.

“Shapeshifters!!!!!” Commander Silver shouted.

“I just had to kill one of you then I will be rich.” the Shapeshifter said.

    Reflex punched him and Longbow shot an ice arrow at him and used her bow to hit him. Longbow grabbed the Shapeshifter.

“How do we get to the prison yard?” Longbow asked.

“I’ll never talk,” the Shapeshifter said.

“Okay then,” said Longbow as she shot an arrow at his leg.

“Aaah!!” the Shapeshifter cried in pain.

“Now talk,” said Longbow.

“The way to the prison yard is through that tunnel.” said the Shapeshifter.

“Thank you for your cooperation,” Longbow said.

“Run I shouldn’t see you again.” said Longbow.

“Longbow let’s go,” said Reflex.

     The Legion of Superheroes went into the tunnel with a lot of bodies and it lead them to Earth X’s prison yard.

“Quick find cover.” said Commander Silver.

“Now I understand why the president sends prisoners here, this tunnel has been built by prisoners who tried to escape but couldn’t make it,” said Reflex.

“Aren’t we supposed to be rescuing them instead of talking.” said Longbow.

“Wait aren’t those people who helped last time to defeat Dark Blade.” said Longbow.

“Yeah you’re right,” Reflex replied.

“Wait, where’s that gorilla guy?” asked Thunder Girl.

“Right here,” said Thierri.

“Aaah!!!” they all shouted.

“Shhh!!! Do you want to blow my cover,” said Thierri.

“Where’s your suit?” Commander Silver asked.

“It’s in the morgue,.” Thierri replied.

“Why would they keep it in the morgue?” Thunder Girl asked.

“Please let’s straight to the plan,” Thierri replied.

“Okay here’s the plan, Illusion create Dark Blade with two soldiers and form some things for him to say, there are for corners with two guards on each of them, Longbow, Reflex, Thunder Girl and Illusion take them out, while I and Gorilla Guy go get his suit.” said Commander Silver.

“And it’s Iron Gorilla,” said Thierri.

“Noted, let’s get to work team,” said Commander Silver.

Meanwhile on Earth 1

      Void’s injury just healed, so she came out of the med bay, just then she heard an explosion then seventeen soldiers aimed their guns at her.

“Void you are under arrest soon your friends will also be arrested,” said the commander.

“For what?” Void asked.

“Be quiet,” the commander said.

      Void opened a portal behind the commander and teleported behind him then she kicked him.

“Open fire!!!” the commander shouted.

        Void opened a portal beneath them and they all entered into it and left the commander alone.

“Commander why I’m I being arrested,” Void asked again.

“There’s bounty of fifteen million dollars on The Legion of Superheroes all over the Multiverse for killing the president.” said the commander.

“Thank you I don’t need you anymore,” Void said before she teleported him away.

“I’ve got to get to Earth X’s prison yard,” Void said to herself before she opened a portal to Earth X’s prison yard.

Earth X’s Prison yard

     Void landed in Earth X’s prison yard.

“Now where are they,” Void said to herself.

       Void saw two soldiers arresting Longbow, Void teleported them away, just then a bell rang and Void quickly teleported herself and Longbow away.

“Thanks for the assist,” said Longbow.

“No problem,” said Void.

“Wait that Iron Gorilla and Silver went to the morgue we’ve got to rescue them” said Longbow.

“Don’t worry I’ve got a quick way in,” said Void while pointing at the air vent.

“No,” Longbow said.

“Yes, let’s go in,” Void said.

     Longbow sighed and entered the air vent with Void, they started crawling through the air vent until they got to the morgue. They saw Illusion Commander Silver, Iron Gorilla, and Thunder Girl being sentenced to exile, Commander Silver looked up at the air vent and winked at them.

“I know that sign it means that we should leave them and rescue the others,” Longbow said.

      Void teleported them to the roof then Longbow shot the fuse box of the prison yard then Void teleported the prisoners back to their normal prisons then she teleported the eight guards into the air then Longbow picked out eight fire arrows then she shot them at the eight guards in the air.

“Nice,” Void said.

“Get the others, I’ll get the superheroes who helped us,” Longbow said.

    Void teleported Longbow to the ground.

“Hey! Spectre, Blademaster, Arctic Man!” Longbow shouted.

   Arctic Man, Blademaster and Spectre ran to meet her.

“Where are the others?” Blademaster asked.

“They’re in the morgue, let me guess your costume is in the morgue,” said Longbow.

“Yes,” Spectre said.

   That moment Commander Silver, Illusion, Iron Gorilla, Thunder Girl and Void went to meet them.

“Here are your costumes,” Void said.

“Thanks,” they all said as they wore their costumes.

      Just then a portal opened and Dark Blade and his four super-soldiers stepped out.

“ I will use a rocket to spread the a super soldier serum across the multiverse then I will rule it all everyone will be under my control,” Dark Blade replied.

“Wow from wanting to kill me to taking over the multiverse,” said Commander Silver.

“Ohh, you don’t get it, worlds will live worlds will die and the multiverse will never be the same,” said Dark Blade.

“Okay that’s it, Legion attack!” Commander Silver shouted.

“Titans Go!!!” Dark Blade shouted.

      Thunder Girl blasted Hellstorm and Void teleported him in front of Arctic Man Then Arctic Man froze Hellstorm.

      Reflex punched the Accelerated Man and kicked him on the face, Accelerated Man grabbed Reflex’s legs and threw him at the fence of the prison yard.

      Longbow saw a replica of herself just that her costume was black.

“Who are you?” asked Longbow.

“The name’s Dark Arrow,” she said as she shot a fire arrow at Longbow.

     Longbow ran at Dark Arrow and punched her. Dark Arrow kicked Longbow and threw her to the ground.

“Any last words?” Dark Arrow asked Longbow while aiming a corrosive arrow at her face.

“I don’t think so.” said Longbow as she grabbed Dark Arrow’s leg and threw her on the to the ground.

                  Thunder girl struck sandman with lightning a gain and he turned into glass and fell down.

       Thierri transformed into the Iron Gorilla and did a ground slam which sent rocks flying at Dark Blade.

     That moment the Legion of Superheroes surrounded Dark Blade.

“You’re surrounded what are you going to do now.” said Longbow.

     Dark Blade brought out the remote for his rocket but Thunder Girl blasted the remote out of his hand.

“Curse you Legion!!!” Dark Blade shouted.

“Shut up!” Reflex said as he punched Dark Blade.

“So what are we going to do with all them?” Illusion asked.

“We’ll take them to the Federal Bureau of Superheroes.” Blademaster replied.

“That means his no longer our business, let’s go for pie.” Longbow said.

“There’s no time for pie Void told me what’s happening back home we have bounties on our heads for killing the president.” said Commander Silver

“Oh no.” they all said.































































































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