Agent Club Part 2

A Spy


  1. John Obodo – Agent 7
  2. Nifemi Falade – Agent 8
  3. Ayo Abisiga – Agent 1o
  4. Elisa  – Meow
  5. Leo  – the boss
  6. Mystery Man – unknown
  7. Max – assistance
“So here is your first mission,” said the boss.
“We want to send you 3 to find our top villain,” said the boss.
“The meow,” said the boss.
“Ha ha what a name” they laughed.
“You think this is a joke she stole 5 gems this week,” said the boss.
“OH,” said John.
“You 3 are chosen to find the last 4 gems before she does,” said the boss.
“We got this,” said Ayo.
“Yeah,” added Nifemi.
“So come back here in the night for the mission, bye.” said the boss.
“Bye,”They all said.
Once it was night they were already on their agent bikes and heading to the crime luckily they got there before Meow.
“Good,” said the boss as she spoke to them through their comms.
“Now guard the gem,” said the boss.
CRASH!!! a plate went.
“Who goes there,” said Nifemi.
“Lets check it out,” said Ayo.
“No it could be a distraction,” said John.
“Nifemi put on the lights in here,” said Ayo.
“Just need to hack the light and I’ve done it,” said Nifemi.
“That’s better’,” said Ayo.
“Hello BOYS!!”said Meow
“Who are you?” asked John
“I’m Meow,” she said.
“Just hand over the Gems and that will be all,” said Meow.
“I don’t think so,” said Ayo.
Nifemi threw a boomerang at her but she dodged it.
“Ha you missed,” said Meow.
“Did I?” asked Nifemi.
“Ouch!!!” shouted Meow as the boomerang hit her and she fell on the floor.
“Nice one Nifemi,” said Ayo.
“Yeah,” said John.

“But use your code names,” said the boss.
“Oh yeah,” said John.
“Where is the gem?” asked Ayo.
“See you later boys,” said Meow as she passed through the window.
“Oh no,” said John.
“We have to get her” shouted John as they all jumped out the window.
“Whoa this is very high,” said Ayo.
“Do not worry,” said John.
“Let’s use the grappling hook to get down,”  Nifemi continued.
They all started to get down and Meow already went half way.
“Ahhhhh!!!” shouted Ayo.
“Oh no his fright of height has come back,” said Nifemi.
“I will get him you get the gem,” said Nifemi.
“You’re mine Meow” said John.
“I don’t think so,” said Meow as she started to run on the street.
“Hey Agent 8 a power bike that can fly,” said John as he got to the bottom of the building.
“Oh that’s me,” said Nifemi as he started to build one.
“Take can you catch it,” said Nifemi.
“Maybe,” said John as the bike fell down.
“Good, thanks Agent 8.” said John as he rode across the street.
“Nice ride,” said Meow.
“Not so fast now are ya,” said John.
“Yeah,” said Meow as she stole a power bike and rode off.
“Oh you’re mine,” said John.
John started to catch up to Meow little by Little until he was so close to the gem.
“Just a little more,” said John as he almost caught the gem.
“Oh oh,” said Meow.
“I got to Meow out off here Bye!!!” said Meow.
“Oh man, almost got it,” said John.
“Nice work team maybe you will get her next time” the boss said.
So they went back to the base and relaxed after their 1st mission.
“Good Job,” said John.
“But Ayo we need to do something about that fear of height,” said the boss.
“Okay,” said Ayo.
“The next gem is in Brazil but as long as we are sure Meow is not stealing it until next month so you have enough time for school,”said the boss.
“Ok” said they all said.


“Got the gem boss,” said Meow.
“Nice,” said the Mystery Man.
“Go get the next 6 and your mission will be complete,” said the Mystery Man
The End
BY John

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