Agents Part 3

Agents Club Part 3

An unexpected illusion

“I hate school” said Nifemi
“Me too” said Ayo
“Yeah I know but we need to go to school if you want to be something in life” said John
“We are something in life top secret Agents” said Nifemi
“Shhh don’t say that out loud” said John


“That’s the bell its time for class see you guys later” said John as they all went to their class
Once school was over they all went outside and had great news to tell each other
“Guys I have great news” said the 3
“That’s what I said” said Ayo
“Me too” said Nifemi
“Lets say all our Ideas at the same time” said John
“3” said John
“2” said Ayo
“1” said Nifemi
“The school party is this night” they all shouted at the same time
“We all have the same Ideas” said John
“Ok its in 8 hours” said Ayo
“Well lets go” said Nifemi
“Wait lets were our Agent suits and bring our equipments” said John
“Why?” asked Nifemi
“Well no villian will come and tell us that he or she wants to steal somthing” said John
“Yeah that’s true” said Ayo
It was finally time for the ball and everyone was dressed so amazing
“I love your shirt” said John
“Me to” said Nifemi
“Thanks guys you guys look awesome yourself” said Ayo

Few Minutes Later

“Ladies and Gentle men let the sing contest begin” said the Jugde
“La la la la” all the musicians sang
“Wow what beautiful voices they have” said a girl
Click the light went off
“What just happened” said John
“Must be a villian” said Ayo
“Suit Up” said Nifemi
“Activate Cammoufluage” said John
“I can see someone with my night vision goggles” said Nifemi
“Where is the person going?” asked John
“To the window” said Nifemi
“It could be Meow” said Ayo
And then the lights went on
“Ah ha” said John
“It is Meow” said Ayo
“Hello boys we meet again” said Meow
“Why did you come here?” asked Ayo
“Nothing just to distract you guys” said Meow
“Distract us!!!” exclaimed John
“Oh no the Party!!!” shouted Ayo
“Where is everyone?” asked John
“Were here” said a boy
“What are you doing there?” asked Nifemi
“Hiding” said another boy
“Hiding, from what?” asked Ayo
“Her” said a girl
“Meow???” shouted the 3
“Confused well I just wanted fun see ya” said Meow as she dissapeard
“Ugh that was only an illusion she just wanted to play a trick with us” said Nifemi
“Well now that that’s over who wants to have a party!!!” shouted Ayo
“I do” they all said
So they partied the night out


“So did the plan work” said the Mystery Man
“Yep they fell right into our trap” said Meow
“Good” said the Mystery Man
The next day
“I still wonder why Meow tricked us” said John as they came back from their classes
“Yeah it still seams kind of weird” said Nifemi
“Well she’s gone” said Ayo
“But she will be back and I know it” said said John

“Its a good thing today is saturday” said Ayo

“Well I have a lot of homework maybe I could catch you guys later” said John

“Bye” they all said as they went away

The End

By John Obodo


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