Ninjustu Master

Ninjustu Master

Earth X

Ninjustu Master was stopping a car chase in the streets of Earth X.

“Where’s Ninjustu Master,” A robber asked.

“I can’t see him,” another robber said.

Suddenly, Ninjustu Master jumped on their car.

“I see him,” a robber said as he started firing at him but he dodged it.

Ninjustu Master teleported into the car and kicked a robber then threw one out of the car then he kicked a gun out of a robber’s hand then punched him repeatedly. After that he jumped out of the car and threw kunai at the car’s wheels then the car’s driver brought out a gun to shoot him but he kicked the gun out of his hand then tackled him. Out of the blue the police arrived on the scene and Ninjustu Master quickly disappeared before the police could arrest him.


The Enforcers were watching the news.

“The so called Ninjustu Master stopped a car chase two hours ago, he fled the scene before the police could apprehend him.” The news reporter said.

“He’s good should we ask him to join our team?” Spectre asked.

“I think we should,” Arctic Man said.

“Spectre where is he right now?” Blademaster asked.

“He’s stopping a crime two blocks away from here,” Spectre said.

“I’ll go meet him,” Blademaster said.

Ninjustu Master was fighting a group of robbers who were robbing a jewelry store.

A robber shot him but he dodged it and tackled him then threw him at another robber he threw smoke bombs and knocked them all out. Suddenly a robber brought out his gun and shot Ninjustu Master but Blademaster cut the bullet in half and knocked him out.

“Thanks but i didn’t need your help,” Ninjustu Master said,

“The Enforcers can use someone with your abilities do you want to join,” Blademaster asked.

“No,” Ninjustu Master replied.

Suddenly an explosive arrow blew up in front of them.

“Darkbow,” Blademaster said.

“In the flesh,” Darkbow said.

“And Dark Blade,” Ninjustu Master said.

“Eradicate them!” Dark Blade ordered.

Darkbow kicked Ninjustu master and shot an electric arrow at him, Blademaster kicked Dark Blade and punched him Ninjustu Master kicked Darkbow then he threw her at Dark Blade.

“That was easy now, surrender.” Blademaster said.

The police cars rushed in and we’re aiming at Dark Blade, Darkbow and Now Ninjustu Master.

“Don’t worry he is with me,” Blademaster said as Ninjustu Master disappeared.

Ninjustu Master was on a building when Dark Blade brought out his sword.

“How did you escape so quickly?” Ninjustu Master asked.

“I used shape-shifters to lure you out that’s why the fight was so easy, ” Dark Blade said.

“Okay, but I guess you are going back to jail.” Ninjustu Master said.

“If you lay one finger on me I can order the destroyer to destroy this planet,” Dark Blade said.

“I thought he was a myth,” Ninjustu Master said scared.

“If you don’t want me to destroy this planet, you will obey my every command.” Dark Blade said.

“Yes Master,” Ninjustu Master said.



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