The Dark Knights and The Lost Legion

The Dark Knights and The Lost Legion


  1.  Ayo Abisiga
  2.  John Obodo
  3.  Godwin Okache
  4.  Nifemi Falade
  5.  Tani Kuye
  6.  The King
  7.  David Gbadagri – Lost Legionner 1
  8.  Nathan Egbunowo – Lost Legionner 2
  9.  Feranmi Funsho – Lost Legionner 3
  10.  Kamsi Ironta – Lost Legionner 4
  11.  Odudu Abasi – Lost Legionner 5

Hashima Island

The Dark Knights were on a mission to retrieve the King’s crown which was worth 10 million Norwegian penning which was on Hashima Island.

“This is  a stealth mission, if we get spotted we are dead.” Ayo whispered to his team.

“We understand,” They whispered.

Nifemi stealthy climbed up a watchtower and threw the guard off then he shot an arrow at another guard who wasn’t being watched. Tani climbed up another watchtower and stabbed a guard then threw him into a nearby forest. Godwin hid in a bush and shot a guard with his crossbow then dragged him into the bush. Ayo covered a guard’s mouth with a special sleeping powder he invented and dragged him into a forest. John threw his spear at a guard which instanstly killed him.

“Nice job,” John said.

“Don’t forget about the crown,” Godwin reminded them.

“Ohh!” They said remembering.

As Ayo picked up the crown booby traps went off. But they quickly got out of there and took their ship back home.

Gathalamor Village

The Palace

“Thank you for returning my crown to it’s rightful owner,” The King said.

“As a reward you each get 1 million Norwegian penning each,” The king said.

“Thank you my lord,” Nifemi said.

“But i still have another mission for you,” The king continued.

“We had a group of soldiers before you but they got stranded in the forbidden city of atlas, so you’re mission is to bring them back home.” The King said.

“Are you sure they are still alive, a huge colony of zombies live there.” Tani stated.

“No more questions, go and find them!” The King ordered.

“Yes my lord,” Ayo said.

After that they went into their rooms.

“We better find them before nightfall, that’s when zombies come out of hiding.” Ayo stated.

They took a ship to the Forbidden City of Atlas.

The Forbidden City of Atlas

“This place freaks me out,” John said.

“We only need to find a group of people who aren’t zombies, it is not going to take that long.” Ayo stated.

3 hours later

“On second thought this is going to take forever,” Ayo said.

“Look,” John said pointing to the sun going down.

“It’s dark,” He continued.

“We have to get out of here,” Nifemi stated.

Suddenly zombies started crawling out of caves and forests.

“Run!” Tani shouted.

“No we can kill all of them,” Godwin stated.

“Are you stupid, there are like a thousand of them.” Niemi said.

Suddenly a massive explosion took out all the zombies surronding them and knocked the Dark Knights out.

The Next Day

They woke up with the sun shining in their faces then they saw a group of people standing in front of them.

“We didn’t find them, they found us.” John stated.

“Who are you,” Kamsi asked (a lost legionner).

“We work for the king of gathalmor village,” Ayo stated.

“We have been saved!” Feranmi shouted.

“How long have you been here?” Tani asked.

“Just two years,” David said.

“Wow that’s a long time,” Nifemi said.

“We built this camp shortly after we were stranded here,” Odudu said.

After that they went to their boat and came back home.

Gathalmor Village


“You actually did it,” The king said in shock.

“Were you expecting us back?” Godwin askd.

“Uhh, no not really.” He replied.

“It has been so long,”  Nathansaid.

“I know, go get some sleep all of you.” The king ordered.

After that the Dark knights went to their own room.

“Something is sus about them,” Ayo stated.

“Is it that they aren’t dead or they seemed so calm in an island with zombies,” John said.

“Both,” Ayo replied.

“You heard the king he said we should get some sleep,” Tani stated collapsing on her bed.

“Alright, goodnight.” John said.

2:00 am

Ayo and his team heard screaming coming from the king’s room and they all rushed to see what was happening. Once they got there they saw that it was david and his team that had killed the king.

“What are you doing!” Tani said in shock.

“I forgot to tell you something about us, we are also part zombies and we wanted the King dead for not sending any help for two years!” David stated.

Ayo brought out his sword and clashed with David then he kicked him, David punched him and kicked him at a wall. Odudu punched Tani then hit her head at a wall. Tani stabbed Odudu with her sword but she simply removed it. Nifemi aimed an arrow at Nathan’s head which killed him instantly.

“Aim for the head!” he said

Tani hit Odudu on her head with the sword then threw her out of the palace through the window. John speared Kamsi through the heart which killed him then Godwin shot multiple arrows at Feranmi with his crossbow which killed him. Ayo then kicked David out of the palace through the window.

“I can’t believe they were zombies,” Tani stated.

“The King’s dead who is going to rule over Gathalamor village?” Godwin asked.

The End

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