The Dark Knights

The Dark Knights


  1. Ayo Abisiga
  2.  John Obodo
  3. Godwin Okache
  4.  Nifemi Falade
  5.  Tani Kuye
  6. The King
  7. The King’s Counsellor
  8.  Daniel Maraiyesa – Beast Master
This story is set in the 12th century

Korand Village

Beast Master invaded a peaceful village in the mountains searching for a gem.

“Where’s the magical gem?” He asked a villager.

“Its in the shrine,” the villager replied.

“Kill them all,” Beast Master ordered his soldiers

His soldiers killed all the villagers with their swords while Beast Master found the gem in a chest in the shrine then burnt the village.

Gathalamor Village

The Palace

“Beast Master is coming to invaded our village soon sir with his army of monsters,He has already invaded Korand Village . What should we do?” The King’s counselor asked.

“Train the best soldiers we have and secure the gates daty and night if a bird flies here kill it!” The King ordered.

“Yes my lord,” The counselor said.

That night the counselor sent a letter asking for help from five several people.

The Next Day

Six soldiers were trained to prepare them to fight Beast Master and his army of monsters.

“You all are brought here for one reason only to fight Beast Master, he will be arriving very soon so we need to be prepared you’ll be assigned with different challenges, but before we begin we have rooms for you to settle in.” The counselor said

“I wonder if he has sabretooths in his army, I have never seen one ” John wondered.

” You shouldn’t be exicted for his arrival, He destroys villages one wrong move and this village is gone.” Ayo stated,

“He’s right we shouldn’t be exicted but be prepared,” Tani said.

Godwin had a crossbow, Nifemi had a bow and arrow, Ayo had a sword, Tani also had a sword and John had a spear.

“Let’s meet the counselor for are first task,” Nifemi said.

They went back to the training room were they got their weapons.

Godwin had a crossbow, Nifemi had a bow and arrow, Ayo had a sword, Tani also had a sword and John had a spear.

“Your first task is to kill the Beast that lives in the evil forest and bring back it’s head,” The counselor stated.

“I’ve heard about the evil forest people who go in there never come out,” Godwin said.

“You are right, Beast eats them or they get killed by zombies,” The counselor said.

The Evil Forest

After that they rode on the their horses to the evil forest with their armour and they left they’re horses outside the forest.

“We better hurry and find the Beast because we might run into some zombies,”  Tani said

“If we find any we’ll kill them,” Ayo said.

Suddenly Nifemi stepped on a bone.

“We are getting closer,” Nifemi stated.

Suddenly they heard a loud roar and climbed unto a tree. They saw the beast which had the head of a lion, the teeth of a jaguar, The body of a tiger, the hands of a gorilla and the legs of a kangaroo.

“I think we’ve found it,” John whispered in fear.

The Beast smelt them and broke the tree they were on.

Nifemi shot an arrow at it’s head but it bounced off. Ayo cut it’s leg leaving a mark then was about to stab it bought it threw him at a tree. The beast carried a rock and threw it at them but they dodged it. Godwin shot him on one arm with his crossbow then Tani made a mark on his chest with her sword. Nifemi shot two arrows at his hand and legs then John speared the monster through the heart.

“We did it,” Godwin said.

“I thought we were going to die,” Tani said.

“Enough talking, We have to get out of here.” Ayo said as he used all his energy to caught of the head of the beast.

Suddenly Zombies started pouring out they fought but couldn’t fight all of them so they ran out of the forest and rode on their hroses to the village.

The Palace

They dropped the head on the counselor’s table but he wasn’t there,

Suddenly soldiers started pouring in with the King and couselor on their knees. Beast Master walked towards them with his soldiers.

“So these are the warriors that are going to stop me,” Beast Master said.

“Take them to the dungeons,” He ordered.

After that, they heard screaming and saw monsters along with zombies and the beast they killed he had resurrected it and there was also many sabretooths.

“Yes a real sabretooth,” John said.

“We have to stop this,” Tani said.

Ayo brought out a tiny needle from his pocket and opened the cage door skillfully then Nifemi knocked out the guard and they grabbed their weapons.

They saw the chaos with monsters everywhere and dead soldiers.

“Beastmaster is in the watchtower if i can stop him all of this chaos will end,” Ayo said.

The rest of the team went to fight the monsters.

Nifemi shot an arrow at two zombies and punched one. John threw his spear throw a sabretooh then he kicked a soldier. Tani cut of a zombie’s head then stabbed a sabretooth. Godwin shot three zombies then he kicked a soldier. Ayo finished climbing onto the watchtower then he attacked Beast Master.

“Stop this now,” Ayo said.

“You’ll have to kill me for that to happen,” Beast Master said as he kicked him and he was hanging of the watchtower.

“Any last words,” Beast Master asked as he stepped on Ayo’s hand.

Ayo threw him of the tower and caught the gem leaving Beast Master to fall to his death.

Ayo used the gem and all the monsters entered it.

“We did it,”  John shouted in joy.

“You don’t have to shout, it’s pretty obvious.”  Nifemi said.

The villagers came out from their houses then started cheering and clapping.

“I think we should be doing this more often,” Ayo said.

The End

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