The Detectives

The Detectives


  1. Oluwatobiloba Adegboye
  2. Oshioke Inuope
  3. Jerome Okache
  4. Manuella Ekunifwe
  5. Kamsi Eze
  6. Fechi Agukwe
  7. Tsolaye Egodo
  8. Feranmi Funsho

Holland High

The Detectives were walking in the hallway of Holland High.

“Just another classic day in Holland High,” Manuella said.

“More like Holland Penitentiary,” Oshioke said while pointing at a kid entering his locker and bullies kicking a boy.

“It’s up to us to stop the Injustice of this school,” Tobi said.

“But how are we supposed to help them?” Manuella asked.

“We help them to look for their missing items,” Tobi stated.

“Most of the cases in this school are about missing items,” Jerome stated.

“I heard Mrs. Johnson lost her phone last week along with her markers.” Manuella stated.

“Let’s go meet her,” Tobi said.

The bell rang and it was time for school.

“Maybe after school,” Oshioke said.

As they were going to class to saw a group of bullies putting a boy inside his locker.

“Stop, I’ll give you all my lunch money.” The boy pleaded.

“Hey, leave him alone!” Jerome said.

“What are you going to do?”  Tsolaye asked.

Suddenly, a teacher came out of a class and met them.

“What are you doing here aren’t you supposed to be in class,” The teacher said.

“Sorry ma’am, it won’t happen again,” Tobi said.

“Of to class then,” the teacher said.

“See you after school at 1:35 don’t be late,” Feranmi said.

“He just challenged us to a fight only my brother knows how to fight i don’t.” Jerome said.

“But i do,” Manuella said.

“Hahahahahahahaha!!” They all laughed.

“Hey i take karate lessons,” Manuella said.

“I guess we’ll see after school,” Oshioke said as they all stepped into class.

1:39 pm

“Don’t forget to take your biology homework on reproductive health,” the biology teacher said.

The Detectives grabbed their homework and rushed out of class then bumped into the bullies.

“Are you ready for the fight?” Fechi asked.

“Yes, we are.” Manuella said.

Kamsi knocked on a locker and a boy answered.

“What’s the password?” the boy asked.

“Open the door before i rip it apart!” Kamsi shouted.

“Come in,” the boy replied.

The Detectives and the bullies entered and saw a boxing ring with lockers surronded by it.

“Get us me out of this locker,” a girl whispered to Manuella.

“Who is going to challenge Feranmi, attempt to free the prisoners also win a phone and markers?” Kamsi asked.

“Wait isn’t that Mrs Johnson’s phone and markers,” Jerome said.

“We didn’t even need to investigate,” Tobi said.

“We’ve got to win this, Manuella you said you can fight.” Tobi said.

“Yeah i’ve learnt some karate,” Manuella said.

“We have a challenger!” Oshioke said.

“Who?” Tsolaye asked.

“I will,” Manuella said.

“Hahahahahhahahahah!” they all laughed.

“Okay it isn’t funny,” Manuella said.

“This is going to be easy,””  Feranmi thought.

“Step into the ring and let the fight begin,” Tsolaye said.

“Look, i don’t want to hurt you.” Feranmi said as Manuella kicked him in the face.

“Ow!” Tobi said.

“Fight,” Manuella said.

“You shouldn’thave done that,” Feranmi said as he ran at her but she dodged it and kicked him out of the ring.

“Ouch, that’s got to hurt.” Kamsi said.

After that, Manuella freed all the students in the lockers and they beat up the bullies then Manuella reported the bullies to the teacher and they got arrested.

“Why are you arresting us we’re just kids,” Feranmi said.

“You held students hostage for over fourteen hours you are looking forward to five years in prison all of you,” The policeman said.

“Nooo!” they all said as they entered the police car.

“The case is solved and the bullies finally went to prison,” Tobi said.


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