The Elementals

The Elementals I


  1. John Obodo – Heat Blast
  2. Ayo Abisiga – Earth Crusher
  3.  Odudu Abasi- Aqua – Girl
  4. Sean Michael – Wind – Storm
  5. Unknown – Dark Skull – can suck souls
  6. Tyreen Obodo – John’s Mom
  7. The Instructor


8:50 am

“The final day of school at last,” Sean said.

“I can’t wait to go to SS1 next term,” Odudu stated.

“Me too but what are we going to do during the summer holiday,” Ayo asked.

“Hey guys, I got us tickets to go mountain climbing on mount Zupeli,” John stated.

“Cool, I guess we could do that.” Ayo said.

“Anyway, I’ve gotten us our mountain gear we’ll go next week Tuesday.” John continued.


John’s House

2:35 pm

“Okay kids be careful and follow your instructor,” John’s mom said as she gave John a pink helmet.

“Thanks mom,” John said sarcastically as he stormed out of the house and threw the pink helmet on the ground.


“The bus is here,” Sean stated.

Four Long Hours Later

Mount Zupeli

“Alright everyone follow me so you won’t die or get lost,” The instructor said.

“Isn’t this exciting?” John asked.

“I don’t really think so,” Odudu said while struggling against the wind.

“I guess we can set up a camp here,” John said.

10 Minutes Later

“AAAH, so warm.” Ayo said while sitting near the fire.

“Where’s John?” Sean asked.

“He went exploring he’s science nerd,” Odudu replied.

“Did anyone bring snacks?” Ayo asked.

Suddenly, John came rushing in and splashed snow on the fire they had made.

“Oh, come on. That took me seven minutes.” Sean stated.

“You won’t believe what I saw,” John said.

“What?” Odudu asked,

“I found this underwater cave and I saw some weird orbs,” John stated.

“Let’s go there,” Ayo said.

They went to the underwater cave and saw four orbs floating over small pillars.

“Are those the orbs you were talking about,” Sean asked.

They all picked up an orb and immediately passed out.

The Next Day

John and the others woke up in their beds as if nothing happened. John stepped out of his room into the living room, he saw his family watching TV.

“Good Morning Mom,” John said while going to the kitchen to make himself a snack.

“Good morning John, you said you’ll be back at 7pm but I didn’t see you.” John’s mom stated.

“Sorry mom, I came home late.” John lied as he ate a pack of chips.

2 Minutes Later

John went to his room and called his Ayo and linked the call with his friends.

“Do you guys remember what happened to us in that cave?” John asked.

“No,” Ayo answered.

“I think we should go back to that cave,” Odudu said.

“Okay gang let’s go back,” John said.

Mount Zupeli

They swam to the underwater cave and they saw that the orbs had lost their color.

“We might’ve absorbed the powers of the orbs,” Sean stated.

“Guys look at this,” Odudu said as she pushed a door open with all her strength.

They went inside and saw over thirty orbs stacked on many rows on shelves and different doors.

“Wow, so there a more orbs.” Ayo stated.

Suddenly a Dark Spirit burst out of a door.

“Finally! Dark Skull is free!” He shouted

“What are you?” John asked.

The Dark Spirit flew at John and threw him at the rest of his team then he grabbed an orb and flew away

“I think we might’ve just released a demon,” Odudu stated.

“He took a death orb and ran away,” Sean said.

They opened another door and saw many suits.

“I guess these are for us,” John said.

“This place is so old,” Ayo stated.

“Wow check out these suits,” Odudu said as she put on a suit.

“There are different labels on each suit,” Ayo said.

“This one is water, fire, earth then wind.” Odudu stated.

“Alright gang, suit up!” John ordered.

5 Minutes Later

“Okay I found a map of this place in the library. There’s a training compound, a storage room, a meeting room, library, an orb storage facility, a prison and a suit storage facility.” John stated.

“Wait there’s a prison,” Ayo said.

“Yes, that must’ve been were the spirt escaped.” Sean said

“Let’s go to the training room,” John ordered.

They went to the training room and saw very old equipment.

“All these equipment are old,” Odudu stated as she touched a rusted sword and it turned to dust immediately.

“What does this button do?” Ayo asked as he pressed an update button and the whole training room got modernized.

“Now this is more like it,” Sean said.

Suddenly robots started pouring out from different directions.

“I guess these are the training bots,” Ayo stated.

A robot transformed its hand into a blaster then shot a blast at Ayo, but a rock wall formed in front of him.

“I guess we’re supposed to fight back,” Sean said as he blasted a robot at a wall.

Odudu generated water then blasted it at a robot which fried its circuit. John melted two robots then threw one at another, Ayo swallowed up three robots into the ground.

“Training mode ended,” A computer said.

“So, if we actually want to be real superheroes, we are going to need code names,” Odudu said.

“Yeah, I mean Aqua – Girl won’t be a bad name for you because you can control water,” Sean said.

“And Wind – Storm won’t be bad for you,” Odudu said.

“John you could be Heat Blast since you control fire,” Ayo said.

“You can be Earth Crusher,” Sean said.

“Now that we’ve all come up with names what do we do now?” Odudu asked.

Suddenly they heard a large noise then a giant screen appeared in front of them. It showed the demon they had released sucking people’s souls.

“It’s happening ten miles away,” Ayo said.

“Alright team, it’s time to save the world,” John said.

Ten Miles Away

Dark Skull was sucking people’s souls and it was getting bigger as it did.

“It’s time to end this,” Heat Blast said as he rushed at the Dark Skull, but he got slapped aside.

Dark Skull was about to suck Heat Blast’s soul but he got his by two huge balls of rocks. Aqua – Girl drew out water from the ground then formed water daggers and threw it at Dark Skull. Dark Skull carried a car and threw it at Aqua – Girl which sent her flying into a mattress store. Wind – Storm made a huge tornado which sucked Dark Skull into it, many cars hit him while he was in the tornado. He fell back into the ground but got swallowed up.

“The demon’s too strong,” Earth Crusher stated.

“Look there’s an orb in his chest, that must be were he gets his power from,” Aqua – Girl said.

“If we destroy the orb, we destroy him.” Heat Blast said.

Earth Crusher created a giant ball of rocks then Aqua – Girl created water spikes then put it in the rock. Heat Blast set it on fire then Wind – Storm blew it at Dark Skull’s chest. After that Earth Crusher made a building collapse on Dark Skull.

Dark Skull climbed out of the rubble were he met Heat Blast and his team.

“Who are you guys?” Dark Skull asked.

“We are the Elementals,” Heat Blast said as he melted the orb from his chest.

The End








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