The Elementor


  1.  Ayo Abisiga – The Elementor
  2.  Drake Jacob – Electron
  3.  Harry Jacob – The Human Tank
  4.  Kene Dike – Spectre
  5.  Kamsi Eze – Blademaster
  6.  Thierri Oseghale – Iron Gorilla
  7.  Feranmi Funsho – Arctic Man

Earth X

The Elementor was looking for crimes in the city.

“There’s hardly any crimes in the city and i’m getting very bored, maybe i should stop for pizza.” Elementor said.

Suddenly, he heard explosions and ran to the crime scene then saw Electron.

“Elementor!” Electron shouted.

“You again really I thought I put you in prison when I was fifteen, man I am old.” Elementor said as he ran at him but he created an electric shield and blocked it.

“You’ve got to do better than that,” Electron said.

“You talk to much,” Elementor said as he threw corrosive blasts at his shield which destroyed it then punched and kicked him at a wall.

Electron sent a blast of electricity at Elementor. After that he shot another blast of electricity at the Elementor but he dodged it and threw fire blasts at him but Electron dodged it then kicked him. Elementor burnt Electron’s suit  until it was just remaining his underwear.

“Grrh!” Electron shouted in anger as he turned into pure energy and entered a light bulb.

“He got away,” Elementor said.

“Thanks Elementor but we really need your help all the prisoners escaped Black-Gate Penitentiary like ten minutes ago and are swimming away from the island,” The police captain said.

“How did that happen and i didn’t see it?” Elementor asked.

“Unfortunately, there was a power surge and our backup generator malfunctioned.” The police captain explained.

“It must have been Electron,”  Elementor said.

Suddenly Elementor heard screaming of multiple children

“Don’t worry we’ll handle that you take care of the prisoners,” The police captain stated.

Elementor burnt a fence which blocked people from entering the ocean then he froze the ocean water and slid over to the island.

Black-Gate Penitentiary

When he got there he heard explosions left and right and saw prisoners entering a helicopter but he sent a blast of electricity at it which shocked everyone that was inside.

After that, Elementor saw ten prisoners running at him.

“Surrender, it’s ten against one.” a prisoner said.

Elementor shocked two and kicked one then he sent a wave of electricity at three people then punched three.

“That was easy,” Elementor said.

Out of the blue, he saw five prisoners beating up two guards. Elementor shot out a wave of wind at them then he opened a hole in the ground which swallowed them up. After that more prisoners came at him but they disappeared through a portal. Suddenly another portal opened and Spectre came out and started beating up prisoners.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Elementor asked.

“Call me Spectre,” he said as he teleported two more prisoners away.

“Thanks for the assist,” Elementor said as he destroyed a watchtower with prisoners inside by using a corrosive blast.

After that, The Human Tank broke through a wall.

“Finally I am free!” The Human Tank bellowed.

“Tank stop this or you’ll will be hurt,” Spectre said.

The Human Tank punched Elementor then slapped Spectre aside.After that he slid through the icy water and entered the city.

“We’ve got to stop him,” Elementor said.

“Agreed,” Spectre said while opening a portal to the city.,

Immediately Elementor saw the police captain lying on the floor bleeding.

“What happened?” Elementor asked.

“Eleecctrooon,” the police captain said weakly as he pointed to Electron with The Human Tank.

“Electron’s mine,” Elementor said as he created a fiery fist and ran at Electron but The Human Tank held his hand and punched him in the chest.

Electron shot a blast of electricity at Spectre but he opened a portal and the blast came behind Electron. Elementor ran on The Human Tank’s big arm and kicked him in the face. As The Human Tank was about to punch Elementor Spectre opened a portal and he punched Electron. Elementor sent a blast of electricity at The Human Tank which knocked him out and it was remaining Electron who fled when he saw that he was defeated.


The police captain was lying down in the hospital bed.

“Elementor you can be a very good teammate to the Enforcers,” Spectre said.

“I’ll be glad to join and speaking of the Enforcers where are they?” Elementor asked.

Earth X


“Doesn’t it feel good to get away from home and relax in the beach,” Thierri said while sipping from his juice in a coconut.

“I wonder how Spectre’s doing,” Kamsi said.


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