The Enforcers II

The Enforcers II


  1. Kamsi Eze – Blademaster
  2. Feranmi Funsho- Arctic Man
  3.  Ayo Abisiga – The Elementor
  4. Oshioke Inuope – Black Tiger
  5.  Johnny Storm –  Fire Bolt – Can shoot fire blasts and can fly at super speed
  6.  Jacob Storm – Captain X – Has telekinesis 
  7.  Jackson Star – Wild Wolf – Has an enhanced eyesight, Has sharp claws
  8.  Tom West – Turbo X –  has super speed
  9.  Unknown – Agent Shadow – Knows every fighting technique and can use any weapon
  10. Micheal Holland – Green Cobra – Can turn into a cobra                                                                                                                                                                                   


” The Agency just branded us the number one target and are sending super powered bounty hunters after us,” Ayo stated.

“We can’t stay here any longer, Storm how is the space base going?” Kamsi asked.

“It’s ready, we can go there now.” Johnny said.

“Ayo how about the teleportation device,” Kamsi asked.

“It’s also ready,” Ayo said.

“Our secrity alarms have just been triggered, I can see four people entering our base.” Feranmi said.

 Suddenly, a smoke broke through the window and Agent Shadow and Green Cobra appeared.

    Agent Shadow kicked Blademaster and stabbed in the leg then kicked him again. After that Captain X, Turbo X and Wild Wolf stormed in. Arctic Man shot ice blast but he dodged all of them and kicked him at a wall. Black Tiger kicked Wild Wolf then punched him. Wild wolf carried Black Tiger and threw him at a window which broke and he landed on the soft grass. After that Wild Wolf jumped on him then kicked him. Fire Bolt carried Captain X into the air and threw him on the ground and shot fire blasts at him but he used his telekinesis to hold them in the air then he threw them back at him. Green Cobra turned himself into a snake and wrapped his body around Elementor’s neck.

“Any Last words,” Green Cobra said.

“Can I get a minute to think about it,” Elementor said as he threw him to the floor and trapped him under rocks.

Agent Shadow shot Blademaster but he cut the bullet in half and threw him to the ground.

“Let’s go, we can’t hold them off much longer.” Blademaster ordered.

The Enforcers gathered and quickly used the teleportation device to transport them to their space base.

Sanctuary II

“Welcome to Sanctuary II,” Johnny said.

“We need to make a plan on how to attack the Agency,” Feranmi stated.

“Not yet let’s settle in,” Kamsi said.

“Alright where’s the snack bar?” Oshioke asked.

20 minutes later

“Now that we are done settling in let us talk about the plan,” Ayo said.

“Alright The Agency has spread out in all the continents, but the main headquarters is in Boston of we strike there all the other branches will be disabled and this earth will be freed from it’s control.” Kamsi stated.

“Okay so how are we…. Oshioke was interrupted by Feranmi

“There’s a missile heading straight for us we’ve got to go,” Feranmi said.

 They all rushed into a pod but Fire Bolt wasn’t able to enter. The ship blew up and Fire Bolt’s body was floating in space.  Suprisingly he woke up.

“I forgot to tell you guys i can breathe in space,” Fire Bolt stated.

“I’ve locked in the destination we’ll arrive in Boston in a minute or two,” Elementor said.

Suddenly more missiles started coming.

“I’ll take care of this,” Fire Bolt said as he flew through a missile.


The Agency Headquarters

The Enforcers’ pod landed in The Agency’s Headquarters.

“That was a rough landing,” Black Tiger said.

A big computer screen appeared and Captain X was on it.

“Surrender now and you won’t be harmed,” Captain X said.

“Not today,” Arctic Man said as he threw ice blasts at the screen.

Soldiers started pouring out from the base.

  Blademaster cut a soldier’s gun and kicked him at another one. Arctic Man shot ice blasts at five soldiers and froze one, Black Tiger scratched a soldier’s gun and punched him then he scratched two. Elementor trapped five soldiers underground and electrocuted two. Suddenly Fire Bolt came crashing into the base destroying it.
“Oh yeah!” Black Tiger shouted in joy.

  Captain X and his team crawled out of their destroyed base weakily.

“Surrender now and you’ll not be harmed.” Blademaster said.

They surrended and were taking to the Federal Burea of Superheroes.

The End


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