The Night Archers

The Night Archers


  1. Nifemi Falade
  2. Adeife Adewunmi
  3. Caleb Oshiafi
  4. Timilenhin Adebajo
  5. Hadeeza Farinre
  6. Olaoluwa Fadero
  7. Nifemi Odusanya
  8. Sean Micheal
  9. Jesuloluwa Shodeinde
  10. Fikayo Jinadu



“Thank God it’s break time, I’ve had enough of the maths teacher,” Hadeeza stated.

“You think that’s bad, Olaoluwa and his gang pranked me again.” Adeife said.

“Just try not to get noticed by them,” Nifemi said.

“Hey losers,” Olaoluwa said.

“Uh oh, what do you want now?” Timilenhin asked.

Sean and Nifemi O. stole his lunch then pushed him into the ground.

“Hey! Just leave him alone.” Nifemi said.

“What are you going to do about it?” Olaoluwa asked.

Nifemi punched him then pushed him onto the ground.

“I’ll teach you some respect,” Fikayo said as he rushed at Nifemi.

“Leave him you don’t want to attract more people, this isn’t over we’ll beat you up later.” Olaoluwa stated.

“You made a mistake kid,” Jesuloluwa said.

“Thanks but they still got away with my lunch for the third time this week,” Timilenhin stated.

Bell Rings

“Break’s over already I haven’t even started eating yet,” Caleb said.

“Come on we’ve to go back to class,” Hadeeza said while dragging Caleb.

3:30 p.m

Bell Rings

“Finally school’s over,” Hadeeza stated.

“You guys should come over to my house later today I have a something for you,” Nifemi said.

Nifemi’s House

“Hi Adeife,” Nifemi said.

“Hello Nifemi, Adeife replied.

“Where are the others?” Nifemi asked.

“They couldn’t make it,” Adeife answered.

“So can you tell me why I’m here?” Adeife asked. 

“Do you remember that archery camp we went to during the summer in the Eighth grade that we were the best in our group,” Nifemi said.

“Yes I remember,” Adeife replied.

“Well I took our bows and quivers from our coach and I made a lot of arrows,” Nifemi said.

“Please don’t be going where I think you’re going,” Adeife said.

“We could fight crime!” Nifemi said.

“That’s way to dangerous,” Adeife said.

“Listen, I read a report about the crime growth in this city. Over ten crimes are being committed every hour, we could help the police and shorten it down to five.” Nifemi stated.

“We’re just ninth graders how are we supposed to fight bad guys,” Adeife said.

“Haven’t you heard of the legend of the Shadow Ninjas,” Nifemi stated.

“They’re just a myth,” Adeife replied.

“Don’t worry just tell the others to meet me at two a.m two blocks away from your house,” Nifemi stated while pushing Adeife out the door.


Two a.m

An abandoned building

“I’m glad you are all here,” Nifemi stated.

“Adeife told us you wanted us to be heroes or something crazy like that,” Caleb said.

“It’s not crazy,” Nifemi replied

“So you actually want us to fight crime,” Hadeeza stated.

“We don’t even know how to fight,” Timilenhin said.

“Hey don’t you remember spring break in the Eighth grade, we went for Taekwondo classes.” Nifemi said.

“Yes but I can barely remember any of the moves we were taught,” Timilenhin replied.

“Face it, your idea is crazy.” Adeife said.

“It’s not crazy,” Nifemi said as he put a duffle bag on the table.

“Everyone grab a bow, a quiver and some arrows, it’s time to practice.” Nifemi stated.


3:28 p.m

“I can’t wait till class is over,” Timilenhin said.

“Yeah, me too.” Caleb said.

Olaoluwa shot a spitball at Caleb’s cheek.

“Grrh! I’d like to shot an arrow right in his face,” Caleb said angrily.

“Calm down, just a few more minutes,” Hadeeza said.

Bell Rings!

“Finally!” Caleb shouted.

Everyone in the class stared at him.

“Uh, sorry.” Caleb said.

Nifemi’s House

“Alright everyone listen up, I’ve made bulletproof suits. Meet me at the same location at twelve a.m we will have our first crime to face, I also built a crime system it tracks down nearby crimes. Don’t be late!” Nifemi said as he threw a book at Timilenhin who fell asleep.

“Don’t worry will be there on time,” Hadeeza stated.

The Next Day

Two a.m

“Sorry we’re late, we’re not just used to waking up at this time.” Adeife said.

“Get used to it,” Nifemi said as he threw their suits at them.

“Suit up!” Nifemi ordered.

Six minutes later

“Wow this suit looks good on me,” Timilenhin stated.

Crime Alert!

“What’s that? ” Caleb asked.

“It’s the crime system I installed, it looks like we have a car chase and it’s heading downtown, time to head out.” Nifemi stated.


A group of robbers were driving away from the police when a tire blew out. The robbers hopped out of the car and started running away.

Adeife shot an arrow at a robber’s leg from a rooftop then jumped on the car. Hadeeza used a zipline arrow to get to the ground then she punched a robber in the face as she went down.

Nifemi jumped on a robber then kicked his head to the ground. Timilenhin shot two arrows at a robber which pinned him at the car door, Caleb punched a robber repeatedly then shot an arrow at his foot.

“Who are you guys?” A policeman asked.

“We are The Night Archers,” Nifemi said.

The End.
















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