World War Paint Final War

World War Paint Final War


        The League 

  1.  Godwin the Commander
  2.  David the Assassin
  3.  Nifemi the Gladiator
  4.   Kamsi the Engineer
  5.  Feranmi the Berserker


       The Society

  1.  Tetisimi the Leader
  2.  Joel the Terminator
  3.  Tobi the Spy
  4.  Thierri the Bruiser
  5.  Daniel the Wild Cat


“AAH, graduation day, free from school and the society.” Nifemi said.

“Yeah it’s been months and no ambush, I can finally seep properly every night.” David stated.

“Can we focus,” Godwin said hitting David and Nifemi with his book.

“Today is all about gradating not the society.” He continued.

“Shh! I am about to give a speech,” Kamsi said.

Suddenly, paint bombs started falling on them and on the crowd. They quickly went under their chair and hid there.

“There’s only a group of people who have paint bombs,”  Feranmi said.

“The society,” They all said.

” Why now, I was about to give my speech.” Kamsi stated.

“It’s coming from the second floor,” Nifemi stated.

“Let’s go,” Godwin ordered.

They all rushed to the second floor and saw people throwing paint bombs but it wasn’t the society.

David  brought out a paint bomb from his pocket then he threw it at one after that he kicked him. Godwin deployed his turret and used his paint SMG to fire at two people. Nifemi brought out his shield from his bag then threw it at a person then he threw it at another one. Kamsi used his drone and shot three people then he punched one. Feranmi brought out his two paint shtguns then he shot four people. Godwin picked up a paint bomber and interrogated him.

“Who sent you here,” Godwin asked but he didn’t respond so he kicked him.

“My mom’s goig to kill me,” Nifemi said looking at his suit he wore for graduation all covered in paint.

“I thought you suit was black not pink.”Feranmi laughed while saying it.

“Not funny,” Nifemi replied.

“Guys look,” David said pointing to the ceremony and they saw it was covered in black and white paint.

“The janitors are going to have a hard time cleaning this,” Feranmi stated.

“We have to find the society and end this once and for all,” Kamsi said.

Tobi’s house

“They were succesful,” Thierri stated.

“The ceremony is now covered in black and white,”He continued.

“Good send in more goons to their houses tomorrow and wreck everything,” Tteitsimi ordered Tobi.

“Yes boss,” Tobi replied.

The Next Day

Kamsi’s House

“Are you sure it’s their logo we haven’t seen them in months,” Godwin stated.

“Yes i remeber them talking about designing a logo and it looks like this,” Kamsi replied.

“How are we going to find them?” Nifemi asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Kamsi answered.

That moment paint grenades broke through the window and paint bombers came in. The League quickly hid before they could see them.

“They aren’t home yet, vandalise everyhing you see.” A paint bomber said.

Kamsi quickly activate his drone and it attacked towo paint bombers then he used his paint pistol and shot paint bullets at three bombers. Suddenly more bombers broke down the room door, they were surronded. Godwin activated his paint turret and it shot three paint bombers then he shot two with his paint assault rifle. Nifemi threw his shield at two people then shot another one with his paint pistol and kicked one. David threw kunai at three people then he used his pistol and hit a bomber in the face. Feranmi shot eight people with his paint shot guns. 

“Where can i find Tetismi and his gang?!” Godwin asked a paint bomber roughly.

“I don’t know,” He replied.

Godwin threw him on the floor and kicked him.

“Where are they!” Godwin shouted.

“I dont know it’s only Thierri that comes to us the plans,” The paint bomber replied..

After that they tied up the paint bombers then went to Thierri’s house in the night.


Thierri’s House

The League snuck into his house looking for him.

“Remember don’t make any noise,” Feranmi whispered.

“We know,” They all whispered.

As Feranmi was walking he stepped on a button that activated the house’s defences and paint machine guns were activated and they opened fire on the League continuosly. When they were all weak Thierri wlaked past them with the Society and put them in a truck.

The Next Day

A warehouse

The League were tied to a chair and were struggling to escape.

“Let us go” David said.

“Why would I,” Tetisimi said as he punched David.

“Where are our weapons?” David said.

“Don’t worry, I left it in the incinerator.” Joel stated.

“Grrh!” Kamsi said angrily.

Nifemi jumped up with the chair and broke it on Joel’s face then he quickly untied his friends.

“Ow! You’ll pay for that,” Joel said.

 Kamsi punched Daniel then he kicked him repeatedly and broke a chair on his back which knocked him out. Godwin hit Tetisimi’s head on a table then gave him an uppercut. Nifemi kicked Joel at a wall then punched him repeatedly and smacked his face on the ground. Feranmi kicked Thierri in the face then threw a table at him. David gave Tobi and uppercut then kicked him. Once they were all knocked out they sent the police the address of the Society and thy were aressted.

3 weeks later

“The Society has been arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison,” Kamsi stated.

“At least now i can go home and  get some sleep,” David said.

“What about are paint weapons?” Feranmi asked.

“I think we have done enough,” Godwin stated.

The End   






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