World War Paint



      The League

David the Commander

Kamsi the Engineer

Nifemi the Gladiator

Godwin the Assassin

Feranmi the Berserker

      The Society

Tetisimi the Leader

Joel the Terminator

Tobi the Spy

Thierri the Bruiser

Daniel the wild Cat


Godwin’s House

“This is the second time the Society are attacking us, any ideas on how to strike back?” asked David.

“I’ve got an idea, come up with a stupid team name.” said Feranmi.

Godwin threw the book he was reading at him.

“Any other ideas?” asked David.

“I have,” said Kamsi

“Can you share it with us?” said David.

“When I go home, I will work on our paint weapons and even make more, then will learn how to use them here.” said Kamsi.

“Thanks a lot, engineer.” said David.

While the League was talking Tobi was listening.

“Wait till the Society hear this!” said Tobi.

Then he ran back to the Society’s base of operations.

 Tetisimi’s House

“Tobi did you get any intel?” asked Joel

“Of course, Kamsi is going to bring a set of paint weapons to his team tomorrow, I suggest we attack them before they get to learn how to use them,” said Tobi.

“Where are they going to learn how to use them?” asked Daniel.

“In Godwin’s house” replied Tobi.

“Okay you guys heard him, tomorrow you should all bring your paint equipment to Godwin’s house, we’ll have the battle there” said Tetisimi.


The League gathered outside Godwin’s house to test the weapons.

“My parents went away for a trip for a week, they hired a babysitter. She’ll be here any moment we’ve got to do whatever we need to do quick,” said Godwin.

“Alright, David I’ve upgraded your paint turret, but that means you have to learn how to use it again.” Kamsi said.

“What the hell?!” screamed Feranmi.

A paint grenade exploded on the ground and the Society came in with their paint weapons and started firing.

“Take cover!!!!!” shouted Nifemi

David grabbed his paint turret and deployed it.

“David you’ve got to program it, so it can know who to shoot at” said Kamsi.

“Oh” said David.

Godwin threw a paint kunai at Tobi, Joel shot Godwin with a paint bullet. Kamsi slid to the turret and programmed it, he also threw a paint grenade at Daniel. Nifemi grabbed a paint shield from the table and threw it at Tetisimi.

At that moment Godwin’s babysitter arrived.

“What is happening?!” asked the babysitter.

The two teams opened fire at her, and continued their fight.

Tobi punched Kamsi and kicked him.

“Enough! Tetisimi get out!” shouted David as he threw a paint grenade at Tetisimi.

The Society fled from the battle ground.

“We did it David” said Kamsi.

“Uh, guys what are we going to do about her.” said Nifemi as he was pointing to the babysitter.

Godwin rushed into his house to get tape and a box. Then he came outside and put the babysitter into the box, taped it and mailed it to Greenland.

“What are you going to do when your parents get home?” asked David.

“I’ll figure that out” replied Godwin.

“Get prepared for school on Monday” said Nifemi.


“Monday the worst day of school,” said Godwin.

“Godwin how are you holding up?” asked Kamsi

“I’ve only been eating noodles” replied Godwin.

Daniel walked up to Kamsi and Godwin.

“Hope you’re having a bad day” said Daniel.

“It hasn’t been more horrible” said Kamsi.

“I just came to tell you that you’ll need an extra pair of shorts” said Daniel.

“Why?” asked Godwin.

“You’ll find out soon, soon” said Daniel.

Then Daniel went to talk to his friends.

“Something is weird” said Godwin.

“Yeah you’re right, let’s go discuss this matter” said Kamsi

They went to meet David, Nifemi and Feranmi.

“Hey guys something is up with the Society” said Godwin.

“What do you mean?” asked David.

“Daniel came to tell us that we should bring another pair of shorts” said Kamsi.

“He told us the same thing” said Feranmi.

“Wait he said that we should bring an extra pair of shorts, which means that it will only affect our shorts, so the thing that is going to destroy our shorts should be under our seats” said Kamsi as he looked underneath his seat.

“It’s paint bombs!” shouted Kamsi.

“Kamsi keep quiet, I’ll be stepping out of the class get your books and study.” said the class teacher

Nifemi swapped Kamsi’s chair with Tetisimi’s chair then he swapped his chair and his friends chair with Tetisimi’s friends chairs.

“You’re very funny” said Feranmi

Tetisimi and his friends came back to their seats.

“Oh Daniel show them the special them the special thing we’ve got in stored for them,” said Tetisimi.

Daniel got his paint detonator and activated it but the paint blast launched on them.

“What the hell happened?” asked Tobi.

The class teacher walked into the class and saw a paint mess.

“What happened?” asked the teacher.

“The answer is quite simple, there was a paint bomb were underneath their chairs and it blew up.” said Kamsi.

“Alright, to the principal’s office” said the teacher.

“Phew, that was a close one” said Godwin.

“Quick let’s pack the paint before it dries up to put it inside our weapons” said David.

24 Minutes Later

“Hope you had a fun time with the principal” said Feranmi.

“That’s it! I challenge you to a duel, this time our territory be sure to come at twelve o’clock” said Tetisimi.

“Or maybe we could just come on Saturday so we cannot get punished” said Kamsi.

“You’re afraid that your parents will punish you, but if you don’t we’ll paint your house red.” said Thierri.

“Okay, we’ll be there” said Nifemi.

“Good see you soon” said Joel.

       11:00 pm

“Ha, they didn’t come” said Tobi.

“Then let’s paint their houses red” said Thierri.

“Hold your horses, I can hear them coming” said Daniel.

“Go to your positions” said Tetisimi.

At that moment the League rushed in.

“We are here, now what do you want” said David.

“All I want is for you to go home messy” said Tetisimi as he threw a paint grenade at Feranmi.

Then a paint bullet was about to hit Nifemi but he used his shield to block it.

“Sniper rooftop!” shouted Nifemi.

“I’ll handle him” said Godwin as he shot a paint bullet at Tobi.

David deployed his paint turret and threw a paint grenade at Tetisimi. Nifemi used his shield to hit Thierri’s head and kicked his butt. Kamsi activated his drone and sent it to help Godwin kicked Tobi and threw a kunai to hit him. Daniel punched Feranmi, Feranmi got a paint SMG and shot Daniel.

Meanwhile Joel had been making a nuclear paint bomb and was done.

“Guys it’s ready” said Joel.

“About time, everybody fall back!” shouted Tetisimi.

“Hahaha, they are running away” said Feranmi.

“Hey guys I see Joel throwing a big paint bomb at us” said Godwin.

“It’s a nuclear paint bomb, run!” shouted Kamsi.

But it was too late the nuclear paint bomb had hit the ground and a huge wave of paint splashed on the League.


“Uh, what happened” asked Feranmi.

“Look, the sun’s rising” said Kamsi.

“We’re late for school” said David

“Quick let’s get out of here” said Nifemi.

“Wait, Kamsi I’ve got an idea we’ll talk about it on the way” said David.


  One hour later

“My parents spent thirty minutes shouting at me how about you David?” asked Nifemi.

“About ten or fifteen minutes” replied David.

That moment Tetisimi and he team walked towards the League.

“Hope you had a goodnight rest” said Tetisimi.

“It was deadly, thank you” said Feranmi.

“Where’s Kamsi?” asked Daniel.

“He’s at home doing his punishment and chores” said David.

“Hahahaha, I’m sure he was crying” said Thierri

“Alright! Everybody sit down and study for your upcoming exam!” shouted the teacher.

       One hour later

“Okay, everyone put your books under your locker and get your snacks, I’ll be back in a few minutes” said the teacher.

“Hope you enjoyed the paint show we displayed yesterday” said Joel.

“Yeah, it was fun, soon you’ll suffer the same fate” said Nifemi.

“You don’t even know how to make a nuclear paint bomb” said Tetisimi.

“Hope you guys have eaten your snacks” asked the teacher as he walked into the class.

“NO!” they all shouted.

“To bad, pack up and get ready for the science revision” said the teacher.

Two hours later

“Hey! Wait up” shouted David.

“What do you want?!” asked Tetisimi.

“The League challenges the Society to a duel, your territory be awake when it’s 12:00, don’t be late” said David.

“Then it’s a duel” said Tetisimi.

Later that day the League geared up for the final battle.

        Tetisimi’s Home


“I’m glad you could make it Tetisimi and Kamsi” said David.

“Battle positions Tetisimi shouted as his team went to their battle positions.

“David deploy your turret and I’ll activate my drone” said Kamsi.

“Godwin take out the snipers” ordered David.

Godwin climbed the roof, threw a paint grenade at Tobi and Joel. Feranmi ran at Thierri and used his paint SMG   to shoot at him. Nifemi threw his shield at Tetisimi and kicked him. David’s turret shot paint bullets at Joel.

“League let’s get out of here, I’ve activated the nuclear paint bombs!” Kamsi said on comms.

The League fled from the scene then the paint bomb exploded and red paint flew around the house and knocked out the Society.

That woke up Tetisimi’s parents and they screamed when they saw their red house. Tetisimi rolled on the floor coughing out red paint.

The Next Day

“Another victory for the League,” The League all said.

     THE END

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