The Shadow Ninjas


The Shadow Ninjas

  1.  Ayo – The Leader
  2. John – The Terminator
  3. Nifemi – The Assassin
  4. Godwin – The Spy
  5. Kene – The Engineer


The Terminators

  1. Joel – The Commander
  2. Thierri – The Bruiser
  3. Harry – The Hunter
  4. Dumbili – The Berserker
  5. Daniel – The Wild Cat


12:30 PM


“Another boring day of school, I didn’t even understand a thing the teacher said,” Nifemi said.

“Yeah, he talks to fast.” Kene said.

“Hurry up and eat your lunch guys we’ve got thirty minutes before we have English,” Ayo said.

“Look isn’t that the new kid, should we invite him to sit with us?” Godwin asked.

“Okay,” Ayo replied.

“Hey! Would you like to sit at our table?” Ayo asked.

“Of course,” The new kid replied.

As he was going to their table the Terminators bumped into him and poured his food away.

“Joel!” Godwin said.

“Tell this loser to get out of my way,” Joel said.

“Come let me help you up,” Nifemi told the new kid.

The Terminators left and went to their table.

“Who are they?” the new kid asked.

“The group of the worst boys in the school,” Ayo replied.

“Can you telling us your name?” Kene asked.

“Sure, my name is John Obodo.” John replied.

“Welcome to the gang John, we are having a meeting at my place tomorrow, here’s my address come if you can.” Ayo said.

“They’re having a meeting on their table what do you think they are talking about?” Nifemi asked.

“Let me guess, they want to steal the TV in the teacher’s lounge again.” Kene said while eating his chicken.

“I brought my phone I can record what they’re saying,” Godwin said.

“Aren’t phones banned from this school to?” John asked.

“Yeah, but I just don’t care,” Godwin said.

Godwin walked up to their table.

“Hi losers, at 1:00 you guys are to go to detention class, it’s right on your schedule.” Godwin said.

“Hahaha! Very funny, why don’t you hop back to your useless friends.” Daniel said.

“Fine,” Godwin said as he attached the phone underneath their table.

Godwin went back to his table.

“Did they suspect you?” Kene asked.

“No,” Godwin replied.

“Kene can you make a costume for John and weapons,” Ayo said.

“What am I your suit designer.” Kene said.

“Yes you are,” Ayo replied.

“Okay everyone to English class,” The English teacher said.

Godwin quickly ran to get his phone then he ran back to the line.

 1 hour later

“John, don’t forget to come over to my house.” Ayo said.

“I won’t,” John replied.

Ayo’s House

“Where’s John,” Ayo asked.

“I’m sure he’s here, I saw him at the door.” Nifemi said.

“Good afternoon friends, sorry I am late” John said as he walked in.

“No you’re right on time” Godwin said.

“Sit down,” Ayo said.

“Okay, what are we talking about.” John asked.

“Godwin, play the recording.” Ayo said.

They all listened to it and got the information they needed.

“They are going to vandalize the school’s lockers and steal the TV in the teachers’ lounge,” Nifemi said.

“Said it!” Kene shouted.

“So what are we going to do?” John asked.

“We are going to stop them,” Ayo said.

“How?”  John asked.

“Kene where’s his costume and weapons?” Ayo asked.

“They are here,” Kene said.

John looked at them and saw a pistol, an assault rifle and his costume.

“These aren’t real weapons and real bullets right?” John asked.

“Yes they are also packed with rubber bullets painful but not lethal,” Kene said.

“Remember to come back to school at 11:00 pm,” Ayo said.


11:00 pm

“Good we’ve sneaked in through the air vent, Nifemi did you take care of the guards at the entrance?” Ayo asked.

“Yes they’ll be sleeping tight,” Nifemi said.

“And the security cameras?” Ayo asked.

“Yes,” Nifemi said.

“Look there are some guards down there,” Kene said.

“I guess I missed them,” Nifemi said.

Nifemi and Godwin jumped down from the air vents on the guards and knocked them out.

“How did they even get past the guards?” John asked.

“They dug a tunnel in the hall,” Godwin said.

“Classic move,” Kene said.

“Let’s go get them,” Ayo said.

That moment two people shot Kene and from the rooftop.

“That’s Harry and Daniel,” Godwin said.

“We’ll take care of him,” Nifemi said.

“Let’s stop them from stealing stuff,” Ayo said.

Nifemi and Godwin climbed onto the roof.

“Harry and Daniel stop this now!” Godwin and Nifemi shouted.

“Never,” Harry and Daniel said.

Nifemi shot Harry with a silent pistol but he dodged it Harry then kicked Nifemi. Godwin shot Daniel and tackled him then threw him of the roof.

The remaining Shadow Ninjas ran to confront the remaining Terminators.

“You don’t give up do you,” Joel said.

“We will never surrender,” Ayo said.

Kene punched Dumbili then he shot him with his pistols. Ayo kicked Joel then Joel hit him with his shotgun. John tackled Thierri hit him in the face with his assault rifle then Thierri punched John and kicked him. Ayo kicked Joel then he tackled him then shot him repeatedly.

Suddenly policemen arrived on the scene.

“Don’t move! But your hands behind your back,” A police officer said.

The Terminators had run back to the hole they dug with the TV from the teachers’ lounge. While the Shadow Ninjas threw smoke bombs then they disappeared.



 8:23 am

“We’ve got to get that TV from the Terminators,” Godwin said.

“All students please come into the hall,” The principal said over the speaker.

All the students went into the hall.

“There has been many items that has been stolen from this school and I know is one of you students in this school if they don’t get returned by Friday no more extracurricular activities, now return back to your classes and better find out who is stealing the goods,” The principal said.

“We’ve got to get that TV from the Terminators,” Godwin said.

“We are going to Joel’s house to find that TV at 12:00 am in the night,” Ayo said.

 Joel’s House

“I can hear Thierri voice coming from the basement,” Nifemi said.

“Let’s raid the party!” Godwin said as he threw smoke bombs into the basement then he beat up Joel, Godwin punched Harry and shot him, Ayo shot Thierri repeatedly with his SMGs then hit him hard with it. Kene kicked Daniel and shot him with his assault rifle. Nifemi tackled Dumbili then shot him with his silent pistol.

“Wow this a lot of stolen goods,” John said.

“Let’s return them!” Kene said.

“We’ll stop you,” Dumbili said.

Nifemi knocked him out.




The Shadow Ninjas were in the hall.

“These mysterious vigilantes returned our stolen goods, that has given me more reasons to believe that they must be in our school that’s why I called in the police and they brought a lie detector to our school, they will be coming to your classes shortly,” The principal said.

That moment a masked person brought out an RPG and destroyed the school’s hall.

  1 hour later

The Shadow Ninjas woke up in the wreckage of their school’s hall.

“What happened??” John asked weakly.

“Someone …. Brought an RPG then he…. fired it at the school,” Nifemi replied faintly.

“Help! Someone get this rock off me!” Godwin said.

Nifemi and John lifted the rock off Godwin.

“Where’s Ayo and Kene?” Godwin asked.

“We’re right here,” Ayo and Kene said.

“Where did they even get a RPG?” John asked confused.

“I don’t know,” Nifemi replied

“Look outside it’s the Terminators in their costumes,” Kene said.

“We’ve got to stop them, but first! Suit up,” Ayo said.

1 minute later

The Shadow Ninjas were ready for battle then they charged at the Terminators.

Nifemi punched Harry then kicked him into the air then shot him with his pistols. Godwin tackled Dumbili then Dumbili punched him then shot him with his shotgun, Nifemi then threw Harry at Dumbili. Ayo punched Joel the kicked him repeatedly then Joel brought out his assault rifle then started firing at Ayo then Godwin threw a kunai at Joel. John punched Theirri then kicked him then he used his assault rifles to knock him out.

“That wasn’t so hard,” John said as Thierri grabbed from behind by the neck.

Luckily, Nifemi was behind Dumbili the he knocked him out.

“Thanks!” John said.

“We did it!” Kene said.

The teachers and students started clapping for them.
“Wow they’re clapping for us, I actually thought they’ll arrest us.” Godwin said.
The police put the Terminators in their car.

“Nice to see that you’ve being put were you belong,” Ayo said to Joel.

“Next time I’ll have my revenge, I will!!!” Joel shouted.

“As a token of our appreciation we award you with a million dollars!” The principal said.

“Um, I don’t really think we should take this.” Godwin said.

“Please take it,” The principal said.

“Thank you,” Ayo replied.

The End





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