World War Paint 3

World War Paint 3



“Good Riddance to the Society a whole week without being ambushed with any paint bombs,” Nifemi said.

“Still, we have to be careful you don’t when they’ll come knocking on our doors,” David said.

“Okay kids pack up your books and those on the bus should go now,” Mr. Francis said.

   Daniel’s House

“We’ve got to find a way to get back at them if we’re expelled they should be too,” Tetisimi said.

“So what do we do now boss,” Joel asked.

“Joel go to Godwin’s house, his parents can never reject a visitor while they are distracted Tobi will throw paint grenades in all of the rooms then when he throws a paint grenade in the living Joel will run away,” Tetisimi said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Tobi said.

Godwin’s House

The League were having a party in Godwin’s house.

“Ohh, this is too good all of them are even here,” Tobi and Joel said.

Joel knocked on the front door while Tobi went through the back.

“Joel what a surprise,” Godwin said.

“I told you they’ll come knocking on our doors,” David said.

I come bearing a gift,” Joel said.

Tobi threw a paint grenade in the living room then they both fled from the house. Godwin’s house was filled with grey and black paint.

“Who brought paint into the house?!” Godwin’s parents shouted in anger


“We did it and the entire league was there and I even got it on camera,” Joel said.

“Good one,” Daniel said.

 Nifemi’s House


“I’ve had it with them, we got to make them pay all the cloths in my house are ruined,” Godwin said.

“David what do we do?” Feranmi asked.

“Okay here’s the plan, Kamsi make 10 paint bombs and get 3 black masks, this time tomorrow, everyone should bring their paint gear.

Nifemi’s House


“Is everyone here?” David asked.

“Yes,” Kamsi replied.

“Let me see the masks and the paint bombs,” David asked.

Kamsi showed it to him and he examined it.

“Good now Godwin and Nifemi take the eight paint bombs and 2 masks then wear it,” David said.

“Nifemi go to Joel’s house and put the eight paint bombs on each corner of his house Godwin and I will follow you I’ll take the remaining 2 paint bombs and mask now let’s go there,” David said.

“What about us?” Kamsi asked.

“I am only sending the stealthiest operatives,” David replied.

Joel’s House

Nifemi and Godwin attached the paint bombs around the house.

“Okay, David what should we do next.” Godwin asked.

David threw two paint bombs into the house they jumped into the house through the window and shot Joel with paint SMGs.

“Go, go, go!” David said.

The League disappeared from the scene

“Curse the League!!!!!!” Joel shouted.



“How did the mission go?” Feranmi asked.

“Very well,” David said.

Suddenly there was firing, and people were screaming.

“What’s going on?” Feranmi asked.

Someone behind injected the league with a drug that made all of them sleep.



“What happened?” Kamsi asked.

“I don’t know,” David replied.

Soon they realised that they were tied to a chair.

“Where are we,” Godwin asked.

“You’re in my father’s warehouse,” Tetisimi replied as he stepped out from the shadows with the other members of the society.

“Why did you take us here?” Feranmi asked.

“So I could trap you here,” Tetisimi said.

“Why?” David asked.

“You have caused so much pain for us,” Tobi said.

“Good luck spending eternity here,” Joel said.

“Bye suckers,” Tetisimi said as he locked the door to the warehouse.

Godwin got out a paint kunai from his pocket and cut the rope.

“Thanks!” David said.

Godwin cut the rope off his friends.

“How do we escape this place?” Feranmi asked.

Godwin used kunai and cut open a hole for them pass through.

“This is not good we’ve got to find out where the society are,” Kamsi said.


Kamsi’s House

“The society vandalised our houses and all are appliances,” Nifemi said.

“David what do we do?” Feranmi asked.

“I need to think,” David said.

Godwin saw that David was troubled and went to talk to him.

“What’s wrong?” Godwin asked.

“I can’t do this anymore I can’t be the leader of the League again?” David replied.

“Can you just do this one more time, we need you to do this lead us into battle and let us take down the Society once for all.” Godwin said.

“Okay,” David said.

“Kamsi can you build an atomic bomb?” David asked.

“Let me see, I can try , I’ve got the parts” Kamsi replied.

“Bring it to Tetisimi’s house tomorrow,” David said.

 Tetisimi’s House


David knocked on Tetisimi’s door.

“Look who it’s is gang,” Tetisimi said.

“We challenge you to a duel, now.” David said.

The Society stepped out with their gear to face the League

“League Go!” David said.

“Society Attack!” Tetisimi shouted.

Nifemi threw his shield at Joel and Joel punched him then hit is face on the ground, Tetisimi tackled David then David deployed his paint turret and it was firing micro-paint missiles at Tetisimi. Godwin tackled Tobi and punched him Kamsi deployed his drone and was firing paint missile at Daniel. Thierri ran at Feranmi and punched him repeatedly but he gave him an uppercut.

“Kamsi now! Nifemi your shield” David commanded them.

Kamsi activated the atomic paint bomb then Nifemi’s shield grew wider and it covered the League. Immediately the whole city was covered in black paint


  Godwin’s House

“David you called us here,” Nifemi said.

“I called everyone here to tell you that I am resigning as coach of the League effective immediately,” David said.

“What,” They all said.

“Which means we need a new leader, who will consistently act as the conscience of the League although I am no longer a member, I will take the liberty of nominating Godwin Okache, all leaguers in favor,” David asked.

“Aii!” They all said (excluding Godwin).

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa I don’t want this,” Godwin said.

“Maybe not but we kind of need you to take this,” Nifemi said.

“I re-join the League and I work for you boss,” said David.

The End.







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