The Justice Society Vs. The Legion of Death

      The Justice Society 

  1. Modesirri Ajibola – Longbow
  2.  John Obodo – Ninjustu Master
  3.   Joel Okunuga – Phantom Soldier
  4.  Tani Kuye –  Silver Ghost – can turn invisible
  5.  David Gbadagri – Commander Silver (from Earth X)
  6.  Oluwatobiloba Adegboye – Captain Atomic


       The Legion of Death

  1.  Nathan Egbunowo – Professor Skull
  2.  Jackson Star – Wild Wolf
  3.   Godwin Okache – Shadow Blade
  4.   Agent Shadow
  5.  Drake Jacob – Electron
  6.  David Emeka – Agent X

Sanctuary 2

“Have you found Professor Skull yet?” Modesirri asked.

“No,” David replied.

“He’s just one guy, what can  he do.” Tobi said.

“Never underestimate Professor Skull,” Modesirri stated.

“While we wait, you guys should continue training.” Modesirri continued.

They went to the trainign field and Modesirri cranked it up to level two.

“Your training starts in three, two, one go!” Modesirri said.

Robots started pouring in.

“This will be easy,” Ninjustu Master said while throwing shurikens at a robots head.

Phantom Soldier punched a robot into the air then he threw it at another one and flew through one. Silver Ghost turned invisible then she removed a robot’s head and threw it at another one then she slid under another robot and removed it’s legs. Captain Atomic shot five blasts at five robots then he tore out a robot’s head.

“This is too easy, crank it up to level 10.” Silver Ghost said confidently.

Modesirri cranked it up to level ten smiling while she did it.

Another set of robots started pouring in.

      Silver Ghost turned invisible but the robot used it’s thermal sensor and grabbed her then threw her at a wall. Phantom Soldier punched a robot but it  only made a dent. 

“It’s made of Kronium the strongest metal in the world,” Modesirri stated.

 The robot opened fire at  the Phantom Soldier which sent him flying at Silver Ghost. Ninjustu Master threw Shurikens at a robot but it bounced off, the robot carried him then threw him on the ground. Captain Ato mic fired balst at robots but it  barely made a scratch all the remaining robots opened fire at him which took him out of the air.

“Is that hard enoguh for you?” Modesirri asked.

“We’ll just stick to level 2 for now,” Tani said weakily.

“I have found him,” David said.

“Where?” Modesirri asked.

“He’s back at his base,”  David replied.

“Let’s go,” Modesirri said.

The Fotress of Death

“Stop what you are doing, we found you.” Longbow said.

Professor Skull smiled as he pressed a button. Then soldiers started pouring in giving him the chance to escape.

Longbow shot three ice arrows at three soldiers then she kicked one. Commander Silver turned into silver thne punched two soldiers and threw a desk at them. Ninjustu Master threw shurikens at four soldiers then he appeared behind one and knocked him out. Phantom Soldier threw one soldier at the ceiling then he punched two. Silver Ghost turned invisible then tackled a soldier and punched him. Captain Atomic threw a soldier at the ground and shot five blasts at the remaining soldiers. After that, Wild Wolf, Electron, Shadow Blade, Agent Shadow and Agent X.

“Can’t we get a break,” Ninjustu Master said.

      Wild Wolf rushed at Silver Ghost but she turned invisible and tackled her, Wild Wolf smelt her then he carried her leg and hit her on the ground repeatedly. Silver Ghost carried a chair and threw it at him then she kicked him in the face. Shadow Blade punched Ninjustu Master then kicked him at a wall then punched him repeatedly, Ninjustu Master tackled him then appeared behind him and hit his head in the wall. Electron electrocuted Captain Atomic then he kicked him, cAptain Atomic punched Electron repeatedly then he formed a large blast and blasted him with it which made him break through a wall. Agent X shot Logngbow multiple times but she dodged all of them and kicked him then she shot an ice arrow at him.

“That’s all of them,” Captain Atomic said.

“But Professor Skull escaped again,” Phantom Soldier said.

“Nope,” Silver Ghost said as she was pointing at a window, they saw Professor Skull running on the street.

“Let’s go get him,” Longbow said.

They went to the street and Phantom Soldier picked him up into the air.

“Let me go,” Professor Skull said.

“No,” Phantom Soldier replied as he took him to prison

The End


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