The Legion Of Superheroes Crisis on Infinite Universes Part 1


  1. Modesiiri Ajibola – Longbow
  2. Nathan Egbunowo – Metal Fists
  3. Nifemi Falade – Reflex (Earth 1)
  4. Feranmi Funsho – Velocity (Earth 48)
  5. David Gbadagri –  Commander Silver (Earth 48)
  6. Kamsi Eze – Blademaster
  7. Odudu Abasi – Void
  8. Kenechukwu Dike – Spectre
  9. Nifemi Falade – Windfall (Earth 48)
  10. Godwin Okache – Illusion (Earth 1)
  11. Igdaliah Domino – Thunder Girl
  12. David Gbadagri – Hydroman (Earth 48)
  13. Oshioke Inuope – Black Tiger
  14. Godwin Okache – Shocker (Earth 48)
  15. Ayo Abisiga – Elementor
  16. Feranmi Funsho – Arctic Man (Earth X)
  17. Unknown – The Destroyer
  18. Fiyin Funsho – Bloodspot
  19. Fechi – Dark Blade
  20. Daniel Maraiyesia – Agent 46

Earth 1


“Alright gang, Agent’s 46 crew are robbing Peterson’s Apple Store.” Longbow said.
“I thought that Joel killed him,” Thunder Girl said.

“No he just trapped him underground, Void can you open a portal to Peterson’s Apple Store.” Longbow said.

“Okay,” Void replied as she opened a portal and they all entered it.

Peterson’s Apple Store

The Legion of Superheroes met Agent 46’s crew.

“Get them!” Agent 46 commanded.

Thunder Girl struck three robbers with lightning, Reflex punched five robbers and threw a lightning bolt at one. Ilusion kicked a robber at a wall then threw him at another robber and Void opened a portal and it swallowed the remaining robbers.

“It’s only you now, surrender.” Longbow said.

“Noo!!” Agent 46 shouted as he brought out a gun and shot Longbow but she dodged it and fired an explosive arrow at his gun which blew up in his face.

“That was easy,” Thunder Girl stated.

Out of the blue a portal opened and the Revengers stepped out.

“Guys, this isn’t the Destroyer’s base,” Velocity said.

“Who are you?” Longbow asked.

“Are you guys the destroyer’s minions?” Metal Fists inquired.

“I won’t ask again who are you?!” Longbow asked.

“There’s no need to fight we can talk this out,” Velocity said as Longbow fired an explosive arrow at him but he caught it.

“Ha, missed.” Velocity said as the arrow blew up in his face.

“Oww!” Velocity squealed.

“Okay that does it,” Windfall said as he flew up into the air and blasted Longbow with wind.

Reflex kicked Velocity and punched him, Velocity threw him at a wall then kicked him. Metal Fists turned into Metal and ran at Longbow then punched her. Void opened a portal then Metal Fists fell into it then he appeared on top of Velocity and landed on him. Thunder Girl struck Shocker with lightning then he shot a huge blast of electricity. I llusion punched Shocker then tackled him. Void opened a portal behind Shocker then kciked him into another one which appeared on top of Velocity the Shocker landed on him. Windfall blasted Longbow with wind  at a vehicle then she shot an electric arrow at him with knocked him out. After that, Hydroman threw his trident at Longbow and pinned her at a wall.

Suddenly another portal opened and the Enforcers stepped out.

“Stop fighting we brought you here!” Blademaster said.

“Why did you bring us here?” Hydroman asked as he removed his trident from Longbow’s cloth.

“You can’t defeat the destroyer alone,” Elementor said.

“Excuse me but who is the destroyer?” Reflex asked.

“All we know is that he destroys worlds so we call him the destroyer,” Spectre said.

“I don’t see why we need help from them,” Shocker said.

“Believe it or not we must work together to defeat him,” Black Tiger stated.

“Void take us back to HQ,” Longbow ordered.


“Void, Spectre follow me!” Longbow said.

They followed her into a room.

“Spectre what else do you know about the destroyer?” Longbow asked.

“Well what i know is that when i got my powers my master told me that i should prepare for the destroyer’s arrival also that the destroyer is going to destroy this earth in six hours,” Spectre stated.

“What we need to start an evacuation immediately, Void tell David everything and we need to start an evacuation now!” Longbow shouted.

“What are you going to do?” Spectre inquired.

“Just leave,” Longbow replied.

Spectre left and she brought out her time travelling device and travelled to New York 2040.

New York, 2040

Longbow tracked David to an old coffee shop.

“Longbow you are back but the mission isn’t complete,” David said.

“I know and i have some questions for you,” Longbow said.

“What are they?” David asked.

“Did Earth 1 get destroyed?”Longbow asked.

“Yes Earth X is the last earth,” David said.

“I’ve got to go now,” Longbow said as she time travelled back to the present.

Washington D.C, 2020

“Longbow, come take a look at this!” Arctic Man shouted as he pointed to the red skies.
“The sky is red,” Longbow said.

“And the crisis has begun,” Spectre continued.






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