The Elementor – Origins

The Elementor Origins

Springfield High School

September 18, 2024


  1.  Ayo Abisiga – The Elementor
  2. Oshioke Inuope
  3. Ayo’s mom
  4. Ayo’s dad
  5. Drake – Electron

“Okay class we have a new student, can you stand up and tell us your name please.” The teacher asked.

“My name is Ayo Abisiga,” He replied.

“Ayo, we are going on a school field trip to Trace Chemicals on Thursday. So take this flyer and tell your parents about it.” The teacher said.

“Okay ma’am” Ayo replied.

“Be in school by exactly 7:30 am or you’ll miss the bus,” the teacher stated.

Bell Rings.

“Okay guys school’s over go home and take your assignment on Literature, Math and English.” The teacher annouced.

When Ayo stepped out of his class he saw a child being beaten up by bullies.

“Help me,” the child begged.

Ayo walked away and went home.

“Ayo how was school,” his mom asked.

“I don’t get why you have to change my school every term mom,” Ayo said.

“We are your parents and we do what’s best for you, how was school.” Ayo’s mom asked.

“Fine, they gave me this flyer to go for this stupid field trip at Trace Chemicals on thursday,”  Ayo replied.

“Since you think it’s stupid you are going there,” Ayo’s mom said.

“Mom!” Ayo shouted.

“At what time are you going there?” His mom asked.

” I can’t remember but I think it’s at 8:00,” Ayo said.

“You dinner is on the table go and eat then prepare for school tomorrow,” Ayo’s mom said.


Springfield High School

“Students i marked your literature homework and i only one person didn’t do it, Ayo Abisiga can you explain to us why you failed to do your homework.” The math teacher asked.

“Uh, i was tired.” Ayo replied.

“Hahahahahahaha,” The class laughed.

“Haha very funny to replace your homework write a 10 page essay why you didn’t do your homework.” the literature teacher asked.

“Yes sir,” Ayo replied.

“Alright everyone get out of my class and go for english,”  the teacher said.

As Ayo stepped out of the class and saw the same boy get beat up.

“Hey leave him alone,” Ayo shouted catching the attention of everyone.

“What did you say,” Drake asked (one of the bullies).

“I said leave him alone,” Ayo said.

Drake carried the child he was bullying and threw him at Ayo.

“Bunch of losers let’s go,” Drake said as his gang followed him and left Ayo on the floor.

“Get off me,” Ayo said.

“Oh sorry,” the boy said.

“You are the first person to face those bullies in two years,” the boy said.

“What’s your name?” Ayo asked.

“Oshioke Inuope,” he replied.

“Oshioke leave me alone,” Ayo replied as he went into his English class.


Springfield High School


Ayo was running after the bus that was going to Trace Chemicals.

“Dang it! I just missed the bus,” Ayo said as he started his journey to trace chemicals.

“Hello,” Oshioke said.

“You missed the bus too,” Ayo said.

“Yeah i did, the bullies locked me in the toilet if not for the janitor i could’ve missed the whole field trip.” Oshioke replied.

“Let’s take a bus there,” Ayo said.

Trace Chemicals

“Here at Trace chemicals we produce acids, fires, electricity and also fire extingushers for the firefighters.”  the tour guide said.

“Phew we made it,” Oshioke told Ayo.

“Step into this room and i’ll show you how we produce electricity,”the tour guide said.

“Hey what are you two losers doing here?”  Drake asked as he pushed Ayo onto the broken railings as Ayo was falling he held Drake’s shirt and they both fell into a pool of chemicals.


Trace Chemicals

Ayo got out of the pool of chemicals and he quickly ran out of the building and went back home. When he got home he met his mom and dad on a chair sitting outside.

“Where have you been?” Ayo’s dad asked.

“I can’t remember,” Ayo replied.

“I called ten police stations! And they couldn’t find where you were.” His mom shouted.

“Tell me again where were you!” His dad shouted.

“I said I can’t remember,” Ayo replied.

“Got to your room now!” His mom ordered.

Ayo ran straight to his room and shut his door.

“Why can’t i remember where i was,” Ayo said as he touched a wall.

Suddenly he started smelling smoke and removed his hand from the wall then he saw scorch marks on it.

“What the hell,” Ayo said.

“Ayo! What are you burning,” His mom asked.

“Uh, nothing.” Ayo said as he glued a piece of paper to the wall where the scorch marks were.

Ayo sat on the ground and a big hole opened up in the ground. Immediately he stood up from the ground and touched his laptop then he overcharged it by mistake and it exploded.

“How did that happen!” Ayo shouted.

“Ayo! What’s going on, we are coming in.” Ayo’s dad said.

Ayo quickly put a chair at the door and climbed out of his room throw his window then he flew up into the air and landed on a roof.

“How did i do that, where was i?”  Ayo asked himself

“I was in Trace chemicals then i fell into a pool of chemicals that should be how i got these powers,” Ayo said to himself

“I’ve got to meet Oshioke,” Ayo said as he flew to Oshioke’s house

Oshioke’s House

Ayo knocked on his window and oshioke opened it.

“Ayo I thought you were dead,” Oshioke said.

“Oshioke I have powers and I think I got them from the pool that I fell in,” Ayo said.

“Can you remember when you held Drake’s shirt, he also fell into the pool. That means Drake also has superpowers.” Oshioke said.

“Meet me downstairs so you can help me train,” Ayo said as he jumped out of the window.

Oshioke ran downstairs and went to his backyard.

“So you can fly,” Oshioke said.

” I also think that I can shoot fire balls and when I touch the ground i can open up the ground,” Ayo said.

“Alright, Let’s start training.”  Oshioke said.

1 week later

“You are ready but we have to come up with a superhero name,” Oshioke said.

“Call me lava boy!” Ayo shouted.

“Nope, how about the Elementor.” Oshioke suggested.

“It doesn’t sound that bad, I like it.” Ayo replied.

Suddenly, Elementor heard gunshots and rushed to the bank that Electron was robbing. He saw someone shooting eletric blasts at the police.

“Stop what you are doing,” Elementor said.

Electron shot an electric blast at the Elementor which sent him flying at a glass window then he carried the Elementor in the air and threw him at a police car. Elementor sent fire blasts at Electron which knocked him out of the sky. Electron shot five electric blasts at the Elementor but he dodged all of them then Elementor sent an electric blast at electron but heabsorbed it and sent it back at the elementor which knocked him out for a minute which gave electron the chance to escape.

When the elementor woke up he saw the police pointing their guns at him he quickly flew away before they could catch him.

Oshioke’s House

“I think the person i was fighting is Drake,” Elementor said.

“Well that makes sense,” Oshioke replied.

“But how do we know where he is going to rob next?” Elementor asked.

“Let’s watch the news,” Oshioke said as he put on his tv.

As they were watching TV suddenly the lights went off and everywhere became dark. Oshoke looked outside and he saw that all the power went out.

“It should be Electron,” Ayo said.

“But where would he absorb power like that?” Oshioke asked.

Power Station

“Drake! Stop!” Elementorshouted.

“How do you know my name?” Drake asked.

“It doesn’t matter, but you need to stop.” Elementor said.

“Never,” Electron replied as he threw and electric blast at Elementor but he dodged it.

Elementor shot fire balls at Electron but he blocked them with his electric shield.

“That’s new,” Elementor stated.

Electron threw his shield at Elementor which brought him to the ground.

“I need more energy,” Electron said.

Elementor shot a huge blast of electricity at Electron which knocked him out.

The police arrived on the scene and started clapping. Elementor flew up into the clouds and disappeared.

The End

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  2. Nice job Nifemi but I would have fallen into the center of the earth or a factory that was trying to harnest the power of the earth. But yours is better.

  3. Who is your favourite super villian
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    Beast Man
    Hydro King
    Agent 46
    The Tank
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    The Destroyer
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