Power Squad

Power Squad


John – Speed – Has Super speed
Nifemi – Water – Can control Water
Ayo – Ice – Can control Ice –
Oshioke – Teleport – Can Teleport
Kene – Fire – Can control Fire

“Why do we have powers in the first place?” asked Nifemi
“To fight crime” answered John
“What crime?” asked Ayo
“There has never been crime here before” said Oshioke
“Well, maybe today will be different” said John


“What was that!!” shouted John
“Just Mr Friday’s window breaking again” said Oshioke


“What was that!!” shouted John
“Just Mr Red and another experiment” said Nifemi

Neee Nooo Neeee Noooo Neee Nooo

“What is that!!” shouted John
“Just a criminal stealing Gold” said Ayo
“What!!!” shouted John

Suit Up!!!” shouted John
“Get him” said Ayo
“Ha you think I am a criminal” said a man
“I am just acting at the police station” said a man
“Oh” they all said confused and disgraced

“Se what I mean” said Ayo
“Well see you guys tomorrow for school” said John
“Well it is late Bye!!” said Nifemi
“Bye” said Oshioke as they all walked away

The next day came and school was finally over
“Hello dummy” said Lucas the bully
“Back off” said John as he supported Ayo
“Look what the goat dragged in” said Lucas
“Why are you such a bully?” asked Nifemi
“Ok then I will stop being a bully under one condition” said Lucas
“What?” asked Oshioke
“A fight competition” said Lucas
“5 o’clock after school on Monday” said Lucas
“Your on” said John
“What we can’t fight” said Nifemi
“Who said anything about a we?” asked Lucas
“Just me vs John” said Lucas
“OK” said John
“Se ya wouldn’t want to be ya” said Lucas as he walked away

At John’s house

“John are you crazy!!” shouted Nifemi
“You can’t fight” said Ayo
“I know but remember powers” said John
“But people cant know who we are” said Oshioke
“Then I will do it secretly” said John
“But that will be cheating and its too risky” said Ayo
“Ok then I will have to train” said John
“It wouldn’t be easy” said Oshioke
“But we have to try” said Nifemi
“Lets do it!!” shouted Ayo
“Tomorrow at my house thank God today is Friday” said Oshioke
“Yep we have enough time to train me” said John
“Se you guys tomorrow” said John as they left his house

Tomorrow at Oshioke’s house

“Good now lets start withe the basics” said Nifemi
“20 push ups now!!!” shouted Nifemi
“WHAT!!!” shouted John
“I said NOW!!!” shouted Nifemi
“1,2,3 …” said John
“Finally I amd done” said John as he was gasping for air
“Done, you only just started” said Oshioke
“Now run around this building 20 times” said Oshioke

Few Hours Later

“Good now you can rest” said Ayo
“I have been working out for 15hours straight” said John
“What chap are you asking for more” said Nifemi
“No!!!” shouted John
“See you guys in school on Monday bye” said Oshioke

Monday, At school

“Holy guaka moly” said Lukas confused
“Is that you John?”asked Lucas
“Yep the one and only” said John
“News Flash your going down” whipered Oshioke at Lukas
“3,2,1” said a boy
“Oh men” its time for school said John
“Thank God” said Lucas
Immediatly after school
“FIGHT” said a boy
“Ahhhhhh!!!” shouted Lucas
“I give up” said Lucas
“Already” said John
“Well then I win” said John
“And remember you promised not to be a bully RIGHT!!!” SHOUTED jOHN
“yes” said Lucas



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