The Legion of Superheroes On the run

The Legion of Superheroes: On the run


  • Longbow – Modesiiri Ajibola
  • Commander Silver – David Gbadagri
  • Reflex – Nifemi Falade
  • Blademaster – Kamsi Ironta
  • Spectre – Kenechukwu Dike
  • Illusion – Godwin Okache
  • Thunder Girl – Igdaliah Domino
  • Mindmaster – Tobi Adegboye
  • Void – Odudu Abasi
  • Wild hunter – Harry Izibilli
  • Dark Sidius/The President – Joel Okunuga
  • Agent 46 – Daniel Maraiyesa
  • Iron Gorilla – Thierri Oseghale
  • Arctic Man- Feranmi Funsho
  • Overcall – Kayla Okunzuwa
  • Overwatch – Theophilus Otokine
  • Tigress – Manuella Ekwunife

  Earth 1

The White House

“Call in Agent 46,” Joel said to his bodyguards.

His bodyguards obeyed the order and called Agent 46.

“Leave us,” Joel ordered.

“I would like to congratulate you on your promotion to the President of the United States,” Agent 46 said.

“Thank you, I would need you to assemble a taskforce to take down the Legion of Superheroes.” Joel said.

“Yes, Mr. President.” Agent 46 replied.

Earth 9

“Can’t we just stop running, they can never catch us now,” Void said.

“We don’t know what they can do so we should keep moving,” Commander Silver replied.

“When are we going to tell them the truth?” Reflex asked.

“I don’t know, but we need help getting back there we can’t go there on our own and also some information, so we aren’t going there until I say so.” Commander Silver replied.

“Can we at least go have some rest at the beach?” Longbow said.

“Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” Commander Silver said.

“Yes!” They all said.

“But only for thirty minutes,” Commander Silver said.

“Oh, come on!” They all said.

“First of all, we need a place to change and get some clothes,” Commander Silver said.

Earth 1

Los Angeles

A portal opened in a street in Washington D.C, then Overcall stepped out.

“Longbow! I am coming for you!” Overcall shouted.

Earth 9

Sunny Sands Beach

“Nothing can be more relaxing than a day on the beach,” Nifemi said.

“We should get back to work,” Godwin said.

“We are to rest for thirty minutes which is kind of small,” Thunder Girl said.

There was a portal opening and Agent 46’s team stepped through.

“The Legion of Superheroes! Surrender now or you shall die,” Agent 46 said.

“Never!” Commander Silver shouted.

Void opened a portal then got Longbow’s bow then Longbow shot an electric arrow at Tigress Then Reflex tackled Tigress. Wild hunter threw a kunai at Illusion, but he dodged it and punched him. Longbow used her bow to hit Agent 46 then he carried her by her neck then threw her aside. Commander Silver turned into silver and punched Agent 46. Overwatch teleported behind Void and kicked her then Void teleported Overwatch into the air and punched him.

Longbow shot an arrow at Agent 46, but he caught it, then the arrow exploded in his face. Agent 46 threw a rope which brought her to the ground Commander Silver punched Agent 46 from behind. Mindmaster made a psychic noise in Illusion’s head then Void teleported behind him and knocked him out. Longbow managed to bring out a corrosive arrow then used it to cut the rope. Thunder Girl brought lightning from the sky and struck Agent 46 and Overwatch, then Longbow used a corrosive arrow and shot Agent 46 in the eye.

“My eye! Retreat!” Agent 46 shouted in pain.

Overwatch teleported them back to Earth 1 except for Mindmaster who was knocked out.

“So much for a relaxing day at the beach,” David said.

“At least we’ve got a prisoner, now we can get that information.” Modesiiri said.

“Good,” Commander Silver.

Earth 1

Agent 46 stepped out of a portal into the president’s office with an eyepatch.

“Were you successful?” The President asked.

“No sir, they took Mindmaster.” Agent 46 replied.

“You are very reckless Agent, go back for round 2 or I’ll kill you,” The president said.

Earth 9

An Abandoned Warehouse

Mindmaster was tied to a chair in the warehouse.

“Where am I?” Mindmaster asked.

“Let’s make this simple, you are going to tell us what we want, and you can out the same way you came.” Longbow said.

“You guys are trying to take over America,” Mindmaster said.

“Your boss is a fraud; he is trying to destroy America, he framed us for the death of the president who killed himself.” Commander Silver said.

“Fine, I’ll help you.” Mindmaster said.

“Who’s the new President of the United States?” Commander Silver asked.

“President Joel Okunuga.” Mindmaster replied.

“They promoted him to be the president last week, some say he has superpowers, I don’t really believe that.” Mindmaster said.

“Thank you for being compliant,” Longbow said.

That moment a siren blasted the Legion of Superheroes at a wall.

“Longbow! Finally, I get to kill you,” Overcall said.

“Overcall, don’t make me beat you up again.” Longbow said.

“I am much better than I was before,” Overcall said as she brought out her staff.

“We’ll see about that,” Longbow said.

Overcall shot siren blast at Longbow, but she dodged it, Longbow shot an electric arrow at Overcall, but she used her staff to block it. Reflex ran at Overcall and punched her, but she tackled him the threw him aside. Illusion created 15 Illusions of Longbow and they all fired an explosive arrow at her she hit a wrong illusion of an arrow then the real arrow blew up her staff. Thunder Girl brought lightning from the sky and struck Overcall.

“What are you doing here Overcall?” Longbow asked.

“To kill you,” Overcall replied.

“Excuse me but Mindmaster has escaped.” Void said.

“He’s going to tell them were we are we have to go!” Commander Silver said.

Earth X

“Are you sure we should go back here, are still have nightmares about this place,” Void said.

“This is our only option,” Commander Silver said.

“Are we there yet I am tired of carrying Overcall in a sack,” Reflex said.

“Get me out of here!” Overcall shouted.

“So, Modesiiri how did you meet Overcall.”  Reflex asked.

“Well it’s kind of a long story,” Longbow said.

“We’re here,” Commander Silver said as he rang a bell.

Suddenly laser beams started pointing at the Legion of Superheroes and a screen appeared.

“Get of our, oh it the Legion of Superheroes, sorry for the whole laser thing, come in.” Thierri said as the gate opened for them.

“Thanks,” Longbow said.

The Legion of Superheroes entered the mansion.

“Earth X is a dangerous place you don’t know how many times this place has been invaded, so we decided to put lasers sorry about that.” Thierri said.

“Don’t worry it’s cool, where’s your leader.” David asked.

“In the gym,” Thierri said as he pointed left.

The Legion of Superheroes entered the gym and saw Kamsi fighting killer robots. Modesiiri shot explosive arrows at all of them.

“I wasn’t finished,” Kamsi stated.

“Sorry, but we need your help.” Modesiiri said.

“Let me guess the president is trying to kill you for murdering the former president,” Kamsi said.

“Technically, we didn’t kill him but how did you know?” Godwin asked.

“It in the news in Worlds TV,” Kamsi replied.

“What’s Worlds TV?” Igdaliah asked.

“It’s where politicians talk about what’s going on in the top ten worlds,” Kamsi explained.

“Okay, we are going to need backup if we are going to Earth 1.” David said.

“Thierri!” Kamsi shouted.

“Yes sir!” Thierri replied while rushing in.

“Assemble the team and don’t forget to get the new guy, he should be in the gaming room.” Kamsi ordered.

“Okay sir,” Thierri said.

“We are good to go!” Kamsi said.

“Thank you,” Commander Silver said.

“So, what’s with the sack?” Kamsi asked Reflex.

“Well it’s a long story,” Longbow said.

Earth 9

An Abandoned Warehouse

“They were right here, Longbow interrogated me.” Mindmaster said.

“Did you tell them anything, what did they ask you?” Agent 46 questioned.

“I told them somethings about the president, I said that he has superpowers.” Mindmaster stated.

“Alright that does it,” Agent 46 said as he brought out his gun and shot Mindmaster .

“Hunter!” Agent 46 shouted.

“Yes sir,” Wild hunter answered.

“Take him to the hospital and also find a replacement,” Agent 46 said.

“Okay sir,” Wild hunter replied.

Earth X

“So here the plan team, Spectre will make us invisible then Void will teleport into the white house and we will expose the president for the fraud he is any questions?” Commander Silver said.

“How are we going to convince 328.2 million people that their president is a fraud,” Arctic Man said closing his laptop.

“By catching him doing something evil,” Commander Silver said.

Earth 1

Washington D.C

The Legion of Superheroes snuck into the White House and found the president.

“Blademaster, Spectre and I will stay here and record what the president says you guys go scout the area.”  Commander Silver whispered.

Agent 46 walked into the room.

“Sir, I believe we know where the so-called Legion of Superheroes are on Earth X.” Agent 46 said.

“I told you if you didn’t come back with their heads you are dead and you failed me, this was a perfect opportunity for us to frame the Legion of Superheroes for the death of the president.” The president said as black hands dragged agent 46 into the ground then Blademaster hit him on the head which made them become visible.

“What did you do?” Spectre asked.

“Let’s take him to the centre of the town Silver follow me,” Blademaster said.

“Urrr, Spectre take the camera to Void she will know what to do.” Commander Silver said.


Void and the rest of the team were hacking into people’s phones.

“So why are we doing this again?” Thunder Girl asked.

“He said that he wants us to upload the video to peoples’ phones to support what he is going to tell them.” Void answered.

Spectre ran into the room.

“Here’s the video,” Spectre said as he gave Void the camera.

“Thanks,” Void said.

Agent 46’s group entered the room

“Stand down,” Overwatch said.

“No,” Thierri said as he transformed into the Iron Gorilla

Meanwhile, Blademaster and Commander Silver snuck into the center of the city and dropped the president’s body tied up and handcuffed.

The soldiers aimed their guns at them.
“Void now!” Commander Silver shouted on comms.

Suddenly a video appeared on a big screen.

“Sir, I believe we know where the so-called Legion of Superheroes are on Earth X.” Agent 46 said.

“I told you if you didn’t come back with their heads you are dead and you failed me, this was a perfect opportunity for us to frame the Legion of Superheroes for the death of the president.” Joel said as black hands dragged agent 46 into the ground then the video went off.

The soldiers dropped their weapons and knelt.

“We are sorry for not believing in you,” The captain said.

Three days later.

Modesiiri walked into David’s office.

“How you are doing Mr. President,” Modesiiri said.

“Fine and how’s the team,” David asked.

“We rounded up all the villains and they think I am a better leader than you were because you are still strict,” Modesiiri said.

“I guess It wasn’t a bad choice putting you as leader,” David said.

“Yes, it wasn’t,” Longbow said.

The End




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