Velocity X

Velocity X


  1. Feranmi Funsho – Velocity
  2. Nifemi Falade – Windfall
  3. Fiyin Funsho – Bloodspot
  4. Velocity X (clone)
  5. Tim – scientist
  6. Metal Fists (clone)
  7. Nathan Egbunowo – Metal Fists
  8. Hydro-man (clone)
  9. David Gbadagri – hydro-man
  10. Shocker (clone)
  11. Godwin Okache – Shocker

The Revengers Base

Velocity was sleeping when a crime alert woke him up.

“What’s happening?” Velocity asked.

“Someone’s robbing Emerald City’s Gold Reserve,” Windfall said.

“Where are the others?” Velocity asked.

“They’re in Dubai,” Windfall replied.

Emerald City’s Gold Reserve

“Stop right there,” Windfall ordered.

            The person removed his hood and it was Velocity X he looked just like Velocity

“How is this possible?”  Velocity asked.

       Velocity X punched Windfall then tackled Velocity. Velocity punched him repeatedly but he dodged all of them and gave him an uppercut. Windfall blasted him with wind at a table then kicked him at some gold. Velocity kicked him at a wall. Velocity X phased through the wall and escaped

 The Revengers Base

“Maybe that’s just a shape-shifting ailen,” Velocity said.

“Or a clone,” Windfall stated.

“The next time we see him, i’ll give you a tracker to put on him.”  Windfall said.

Suddenly they heard the crime alert alarm.

“He just robbed Secondbank Limited,” Windfall said.

“Finally, they are robbing another bank!” Velocity cried in joy.

“Let’s go,”  Windfall said.

Secondbank Limited

“Stop what you are doing,” Velocity ordered.

        Velocity X ran at Windfall then kicked him at a pile of money. Windfall carried him up into the air and threw him at a wall. Velocity ran at Velocity X and put the tracker on his back then kicked him on the floor. Velocity X kicked him but he jumped over his leg and kicked his face. Metal Fist ran out the window and disappeared.

” No He escaped,” Windfall said.

“I put the tracker on his back,” Velocity said.

“Good, let’s follow him.” Windfall said.

Emerald City Airport

“Let’s hurry up and meet Windfall and Velocity,” Nathan said.

“Okay,” David stated.

The Revengers Jet

“We are almost there,” Windfall said.

“Why couldn’t you just fly there and i could’ve ran there,” Velocity said.

“We must not let him know that we are following him, wait he just stopped and entered Pluto Labs.” Windfall said.

“I hate that place,” Velocity said.

“Why?” Windfall asked.

“Let’s just go,” Velocity said.

         They snuck into the building and took out all the guards.

“Where’s Metal Fists?” Windfall asked.

“Right here,” Tim the scientist said as  Metal Fist, Shocker, Hydro Man stepped out of the shadows.

“You made more clones!” Velocity shouted.

        As the clones where surronding them three people crashed from the ceiling. It was the real Hydro man, Metal Fists and Shocker.

           Shocker elctrocuted the fake Metal Fists which made him turn into liquid metal. Hydro man shot a blast of Water at the scientist the Velocity knocked him out. Velocity X ran at Hydro Man but he made the ground slippery and he hit his face in Metal Fists hand. Windfall blew the fake Hydroman away with wind and Metal Fists knocked him out.

          His clones turned into and dust was blown into the wind

“Surrender now Tim we’ve beaten you,” Velocity said.

The End

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