Black Tiger – Origins

Black Tiger


  1.  Oshioke Inuope – Black Tiger
  2.  Ayo Abisiga – Elementor
  3.  The Old man
  4. Jackson Star – Wild Wolf
  5. Drake –  Electron

Oshioke’s House

“Now that you have learnt how to be a superhero is there a chance i can join you?” Oshioke asked.

“Hahahaahaha!” Ayo laughed almost choking on his drink.

“Haha very funny,” Oshioke laughed sarcastically.

“It’s too dangerous,” Ayo said.

“I know but it’s not like i am made out of glass,”  Oshioke stated.

“To the villains you are,” Ayo replied.

The Next Day

Springfield High School

“Ayo you’re late again,” His teacher said.

“Sorry ma’am it won’t happen again,” Ayo replied.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Okay open to page 244 of your Math textbooks.” Then teacher said.

“What were you doing?” Oshioke asked.

“Human Tank was robbing a bank again,” Ayo replied.

The teacher hit their heads with the back of her ruler.

6 hours Later

“That was the most boring day of class ever,” Oshioke complained.

“Well, i’ll see you tomorrow.” Ayo said.

“Yeah I’ll see you tomorrow” Oshioke replied.

Oshioke was walking back home when he got caught in a fierce battle between Elementor and Electron.

Electron had shot an electric blast at Elementor but he dodged it and the blast hit Oshioke and he flew into and underground tunnel and landed on his back.

“Ow!”Oshioke groaned.

He saw an old man walking towards him.

“Follow me,” the old man said.

Oshioke followed the old man and heled him into a cave where there was a suit and a pair of claws.

“These are yours,” The old man said.

“Why are you giving them to me?” Oshioke asked.

“To make a difference,” The old man said as he disappeared in thin air

Oshioke wore the suit and he felt like all his abilities had been doubled by a hundred. Oshioke then jumped out through the hole he had come in and he saw that Electron was still fighting the Elementor.  He jumped into the air and destroyed Electron’s suit causing him to retreat.

“Who are you?” Elementor asked.

“I am Black Tiger,” he said as jumped unto a building.

Osioke’s House

Ayo was wating for Oshioke to come back home. Black Tiger climbed into his room throught the window when he saw Ayo waiting for him.

“You can take of the mask,” Ayo said.

Black Tiger took off his mask.

“Where did  you get the suit from?” Ayo asked.

“One old dude gave it to me, can you help me train?” Oshioke asked.

“Only if you agree you’re my sidekick,” Ayo said.

“What no!” Oshioke rejected.

“Okay then, I believe you can train by yourself.” Ayo said as he was walking out the door.

“Wait, I’ll be your sidekick.” Oshioke replied.

“Alright then let’s start training,” Ayo said.

3 days later

“You are ready,” Ayo said.

Suddenly his watch started beeping.

“It’s Wild Wolf attacking the zoo,” Ayo said.

“Suit up,” Ayo said.

The Zoo

Wild Wolf was attacking the police and freeing all the animals.

“Tiger try to slow down Wild Wolf while i’ll try to return the animals back to their cages,” Elementor said as he flew away.

Black tiger ran at Wild Wolf but he threw him to the ground and scratched his chest. Black Tiger kicked him in the face and scratched his left eye then he punched him. Wild Wolf threw his into a cage and he closed the door. Black Tiger destroyed the cage door with his claws and he tackled him. Wild Wolf punched Black Tiger repeatedly and then he threw him at a wall. Elementor rushed to Wild Wolf and shocked him the Blakc TIger punched him which knocked him out.

The more policemen arrived at the scene and Elementor and Black Tiger left.

The End




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