The Revengers Crisis on Infinite Universes Part 2

Earth 1


“Void how’s the evacuation going?” Longbow asked.

“One billion people out of six billion have gotten out,” Void answered.

“We’ve got fifteen minutes left,” Spectre stated.

“Void get David here,” Longbow ordered.

“I am already here,” Hydroman said.

“Not you, Commander Silver.” Longbow said.

Void opened a portal and went into it.

“Spectre what does the red skies mean?” Shocker asked.

“It means danger, the destroyer’s wrath is far from here we’ve got to be quick.” Spectre replied.

Void came out of a portal with Commander Silver.

“The whole team is here,” Thunder Girl said.

Meanwhile, Agent 46 was in the destroyer’s base.

“Are all of the superheroes in Earth 1?” Destroyer asked.

“Yes sir,” Agent 46 replied.

“Send my troops to Earth 1 and cause as much chaos as you can,” Destroyer said.

“I won’t fail you sir,” Agent 46 replied.

Earth 1


“Oh, no something’s wrong.” Spectre said.

“What’s wrong?” Velocity asked.

“The destroyer has sent his troops to Earth 1 and we are running out of time,” Spectre said.

“I, Longbow, Metal Fists, Black Tiger and Windfall will take on the destroyer’s army while the rest of you will make the evacuation go faster,” Commander Silver commanded.

“You heard him let’s go, Void open a portal to the battlefield,” Longbow ordered.

Void opened a portal and they entered it. After that, they met Agent 46’s army of demons.

“Agent 46 stand down now! You don’t know what you’re doing.” Metal Fists said.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Agent 46 asked.

“Stand down this is your final warning,” Longbow said.

“Attack!” Agent 46 ordered.

Metal Fists turned into metal and kicked two demons. Longbow shot five corrosive arrows at three demons then kicked one, Commander Silver turned into silver and threw a demon at Agent 46 then punched him. Black Tiger borught out his claws and destroyed Agent 46’s gun and kicked him. Agent 46 kicked Black Tiger then tackled Commander Silver. Black Tiger scratched Agent 46’s leg and Windfall blasted with wind. Commander Silver threw two demons at Agent 46 and punched him then Longbow shot an electric arrow at Agent 46.

Suddenly,an army of demons started to run at them.

“There’s more!” Windfall shouted.

“Get ready, this might take a while.” Longbow said.

Out of the blue, Spectre came out of a portal.

“This battle is lost we must retreat,” Spectre said as he teleported Windfall and Commander Silver to earth 48.

“We’ve got to retreat,” Spectre said as he teleported Black Tiger and Metal Fists to Earth 48.

“How many people have been evacuated?” Longbow asked.

“4.5 billion people,” Spectre answered.

“Then it’s not time,” Longbow said as she shot an electric arrow at Spectre and kept on fighting.

Longbow punched two demons and shot an explosive arrow at one demon. When she reached for another arrow her quiver was empty. Suddenly the sky started turning dark. Before the Earth was destroyed, Spectre quickly teleported Longbow and himself to Earth 48.

Earth 48

The Revengers Base

“Earth 1 is no more,” Spectre said.

“How many people survived?” Metal Fists asked.

“4.7 billion people got out of Earth 1 because of the time Longbow bought them to escape,” Spectre replied.

“Where are we?” Reflex asked.

“Welcome to Earth 48,” Hydroman said.




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