The Golden Age of Superheroes


  1. Modesiiri Ajibola – Longbow
  2. Nathan Egbunowo – Metal Fists
  3. Nifemi Falade – Reflex (Earth 1)
  4. Feranmi Funsho – Velocity (Earth 48)
  5. David Gbadagri –  Commander Silver (Earth 48)
  6. Kenechukwu Dike – Spectre
  7. Godwin Okache – Illusion (Earth 1)
  8. Igdaliah Domino – Thunder Girl
  9. David Gbadagri – Hydroman (Earth 48)
  10. Oshioke Inuope – Black Tiger
  11. Godwin Okache – Shocker (Earth 48)
  12. Ayo Abisiga – Elementor
  13. Feranmi Funsho – Arctic Man (Earth X)
  14. Unknown – The Destroyer
  15. Fiyin Funsho – Bloodspot
  16. Fechi Agukwe – Dark Blade
  17.  Oluwatobiloba Adegboye – Camper 1
  18. Theophilus Otokhine – Camper 2
  19. Jesse Atedoghu – Camper 3
  20. John Obodo – Camper 4
  21. Uchenna Eze – Camper 5
  22. Rex Jibunor – Camper 6
  23. Joel Okunuga – Camper 7

Earth X


“We’ve lost four superheroes and we need backup,” Commander Silver stated.

“The  Iron Gorilla left the team and moved to another earth but we don’t know which?” Elementor said.

“I have some friends who might help us,” Arctic Man suggested.

“I’ve put a protective barrier around this earth,” Spectre said weakily.

“Why couldn’t you do it for all the earths?” Illusion asked.

“I used all my energy to create a barrier around this one, i can’t do it for the other earths.” Spectre stated.

“Where are you friends Arctic Man?” Commander Silver asked.

“In Tripoli, Libya.” Arctic Man answered.

Meanwhile on the destroyer’s ship Longbow was eavesdropping on Dark Blade’s conversation with Bloodspot.

“What Earth are the superheroes on now?” Dark Blade asked.

“I don’t know, Four superheroes died in Earth 48.” Bloodspot replied.

“Hahaha, Who died on Earth 48?” Dark Blade asked.

“Let me see i think Windfall, Void, Blademaster and Longbow. I didn’t even see Longbow she must have ran away.” Bloodspot answered.

“Void died,” Longbow said.

“Who said that?” Bloodspot asked.

“What happened?” Dark Blade inquired.

“Someone’s in the ship demons activate lockdown protocol!”  Bloodspot commanded.

Suddenly, The ship doors started closing but she slid through it and was spotted by Dark Blade and Bloodspot. Two demons were aiming their guns at her but she shot two electric arrows at them. Out of the blue, the door sliced open and Dark Blade and Bloodspot.

“You are coming with me,” Bloodspot said as he knocked her out then broke her bow.

“Let’s take her to the destroyer,” Dark Blade suggested.

“Yes,” Bloodspot replied.

Earth 48


“Is this the place?” Commander Silver asked.

“Yes it is,” Arctic Man replied as he knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” Joel asked.

“It’s me Feranmi,” He said.

“Oh, come in.” Joel replied.

“Guys, Arctic Man brought the Legion of Superheroes there’s a bounty on them let’s kill them all,” Joel said.

“Sounds like a nice idea,” Tobi said as he threw a lightning bolt at Arctic Man which turned him into glass.

“What are you doing?” Elementor said.

“Surrender now and we’ll go easy on you.” Jesse said as he kicked down Arctic’s Man ice statue and it broke into pieces.

“No!!!!” Spectre said as he punched a Jesse and then Jesse created a ring of fire around him but Hydroman blasted the fire with water.

Jesse shot out a blast of fire which burnt the entire camp then all the campers disappeared.

“Where’s Illusion and Elementor?” Metal Fists asked.

“They didn’t make it,” Hydoman said as it blew up a second time. 

The Destroyer’s Ship

“We found Longbow sneaking past your guars what should we do with her?” Dark Blade asked.

“Take her to the dungeons and get my army prepared i have a feeling that her friends might come after her,” Destroyer ordered.

“Yes boss,” Bloodspot replied.

Earth 48


“What are we going to do now?” Thunder Girl asked.

“There’s a 97.9% chance that if we storm in we’ll win because Longbow is alive.” Spectre stated.

“What?” Thunder Girl said.

“If we go now we can win,” Spectre said as he opened a portal and they all entered it.

The Destroyer’s Base

             Not long after Bloodspot locked her in the dungeon she escaped but she stumbled into the superheroes who came out of a portal.

“Longbow come with me,” Spectre said as he teleported her and himself into the destroyer’s trophy room.

“What are you doing,” Longbow asked.

“Take this bow,” Spectre said as he gave it to her.

“What is it?” Longbow asked as she got stabbed by a demon and she fell on the floor dead.

“No!!” Spectre said as he teleported the demon into space.

He went back to meet his team and it was only Velocity,Reflex and Commander Silver that was remaining while the others along with Bloodspot and Dark were in space.
“Spectre!” Velocity said as he and Reflex shoved him at a wall.

“You said this will work,” Reflex stated.

“You guys must travel back in time and Velocityand Reflex run as fast asyou can and you’ll open a portal and Velocity gather enough speed to give the Destroyer from the past a super-sonic punch and Reflex find past me and kill the demon behind Longbow, now go!” Spectre said as Reflex and Velocity travelled back in time.

Like 30 seconds ago

Velocity and Reflex came out through a portal and Velocity gave the Destroyer a super-sonc punch, while Reflex killed the demon behind Longbow.

“The future you sent me here,” Reflex said.

“That makes sense but that means we’ve got to hurry,” Spectre said as he grabbed the bow and quiver then gave it to Longbow.

“Fire three of this cosmic arrows at the Destroyer,” Spectre said hurryingly and opened a portal in front of the Destroyer then Longbow fired three cosmic arrows at the destroyer which injured him critically.

Spectre and Reflex got out of a portal.

“What are we going to do now?” Velocity asked.

“I have to absorb all of the Destroyer’s energy to give birth to a new multiverse.” Spectre stated.

“How are you sure that won’t kill you?” Longbow asked.

“Like 0.5% sure but i have to try,” Spectre said.

“We won’t let you,” Reflex said .

“Sorry guys,” Spectre said as he tied the up with magical ropes and walked to the Destroyer.

“What are you doing?” The destroyer asked weakly.

“Your reign of terror is over,” Spectre said as he started absorbing the destroyer’s energy.

“Aaaaaah!” they both shouted as an explosion created.

Earth 1


      They all woke up on the ground and saw Blademaster, Void, Windfall.

“Void, Blademaster, Windfall you’re back,”Longbow said as she hugged them.

“Where’s Spectre,” Commander Silver asked.

“He didn’t make it?” Thunder Girl said.

“Can anyone tell me what’s going on?” Void asked.

“Commander Silver follow me,” Longbow said as she led him into a room and shut the door.

“I’m not supposed to tell you this but the future you sent me here to stop this from happening and i’ve fufilled the deal with him tell Void to lead the team while i’m gone, I know this is a lot but i’ve saved the world from extinction and now it’s time for me to go home.” Longbow said as shecarried her time travelling device and walked through the portal.

The End.


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