The Shadow Ninjas Next Generation

The Shadow Ninjas Next Generation


  1. Tobi Adegboye
  2. Kamsi Ironta
  3. Tanitoluwa Kuye
  4. Odudu Abasi
  5. Abdul Haleem
  6. Oshioke Inuope
  7. Uchenna Eze
  8. Steven Kane
  9. Shalom Ironta
  10. Tetisimi Adesanya
  11. Principal Harris

Greenfield High School

“Finally, school is over for today,” Odudu said.

“I didn’t understand a word the math teacher said,” Abdul stated.

“Yeah me too,” Tani said.

“We better keep an eye on Oshioke and his gang,” Tobi stated.

“You’re right the last time they got away with some sports equipment,” Kamsi continued.

“We’ve told the principal many times, but he thinks we’re lying because we hate them so much,” Odudu said.

“I think we should do this by ourselves, we’ve learnt a few things from our karate trainer.” Kamsi stated.

“Are you crazy! The Shadow Ninjas got themselves arrested.” Tobi stated.

“That’s because they fought outside their school and they even reduced crime for months until the disappeared,” Kamsi continued.

“Yes, he’s right let’s protect this school from them,” Abdul said.

Suddenly Oshioke and his gang approached them.

“What are you guys talking about?” He asked.

“ Nothing,” Tani replied.

“Anyway, we are going to take the tv’s from the teacher’s lounge at 11 pm, it’s not like you can do anything about it.” Oshioke stated as he and his gang walked away.

“You’re right we have to do something about it,” Tobi said.

“Come to my house at three pm I think I have some materials that we can use to stop them.” Kamsi stated.

Kamsi’s House

“Great you guys are here,” Kamsi said as he brought out a bag, there were catapults and paper.

“You think we are going to stop them with catapults and paper,” Tani said.

“Well they are highly painful and can knock them out,” Kamsi stated.

“We also need masks,” Tobi said.

“Oh, here they are,” Kamsi said handing out their masks

“Good, well se each other at 11pm at school,” Tobi stated.

Greenfield High School


“Good we’re all here,” Tobi stated.

“I haven’t seen Oshioke or any of his friends,” Abdul said.

Suddenly they heard people talking.

“Help me lift this TV it’s heavy,” Steven begged.

“You’re just too weak,” Uchenna said as he helped him lift the tv into a truck.

“Hurry up, the guards might wake up any minute.” Oshioke ordered.

“Yes boss,” they all replied.

Kamsi shot a hard paper bullet with his catapult and aimed it at Uchenna’s head which made him fall to the ground.

“Someone has spotted us we have to go,” Tetisimi said but Tani quickly shot a paper bullet at his leg.

“Hop in,” Oshioke told his gang to enter the truck as they drove away.

Tobi and his friends climbed unto the truck but were shaken off it. They all fell into a tunnel going underground and they were trapped.

“Ouch that was a rough landing,” Abdul said.

“Guys I think we are trapped,” Odudu stated.

“And they got away with the tv!” Tobi said angrily as he threw a stone to the ground.

Suddenly a secret base opened, and they all entered it. They saw all the shadow ninjas equipment.

“This was the Shadow Ninjas Base!” Kamsi shouted.

“Guys look at this,” Abdul said opening a box and they saw the Shadow Ninjas costumes and weapons.

“Wow,” Tani stated.

“Let’s try them on,” Tobi said.

2 minutes later

“They look good on us,” Tani stated.

“Now we need to train with the weapons,” Kamsi stated.

The Next Day

Greenfield High School

“Now we can stop Oshioke and his gang, with all the equipment we have.” Kamsi stated.

Out of the blue the principal called every student to the hall.

Once they arrived the all sat down quietly waiting for the principal.

“Over the past year there has been a series of items missing from this school, who ever steals it should kindly turn themselves in if not we would take extreme force in returning the items stolen, thank you. You may go to your classes.” Principal Harris stated.

“The principal scares me,” Tani stated.

“I know,” Odudu replied.

“We have to stop them tonight,” Tobi stated.

“We’ll come back to school at 10pm and see if we can stop them forever,” Tobi stated.

The Shadow Ninjas Base

They took their costume and wore them they also took their weapons.

Greenfield High School

Ten pm

The Shadow Ninjas were in a vent waiting for Osioke’s gang, suddenly they heard footsteps.

“Take everything you can on the library,” Oshioke ordered.


“Okay sir,” Shalom said as they all stormed in with the Shadow Ninjas following them.

Tobi threw a kunai at Oshioke pinning him to a wall and punched him repeatedly. Kamsi tackled Shalom then kicked him in the face. Odudu used a bow and arrow and shot it at Steven’s leg then she kicked him in the face. Abdul used a crossbow and shot Uchenna in the shoulders and punched him. Tani threw shuriken at Tetisimi’s legs then punched him repeatedly. Once they were all knocked out the quickly tied them up.

“We should probably get out of here before anyone sees us,” Kamsi stated.

“Yeah,” Tobi replied as they all used their smoke bombs and disappeared.

The End



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