The Justice Society: War for Justice

The Justice Society: War for Justice


  1. Modesiiri Ajibola – Longbow
  2. David Gbadagri – Commander Silver
  3. John Obodo – Ninjustu Master
  4. Joel Okunuga – Phantom Soldier
  5. Tanitoluwa Kuye – Silver Ghost
  6. Tobi Adegboye – Captain Atomic
  7. Dark Blade
  8. Darkbow
  9. Overcall
  10. Hellstrom
  11. Accelerated Man
  12. Agent Shadow

Sanctuary 2

“Listen up guys, Dark Blade has been on a crime streak this past month. He has gathered a team of supervillains and has already attacked three tech industries, we need to find him and stop him.” Modesiiri stated.

“We’ve been able to identify his teammates as Darkbow, Agent Shadow, Overcall, Hellstrom and Accelerated Man. They are all extremely dangerous, you have to be careful if you ever encounter them.” David stated.

“I thought Dark Blade was just a myth,” Tani said.

“He’s very much real I’ve fought against him before, he is no joke.” John said.

Crime Alert!

“Someone is robbing a bank,” Tobi stated.

“Commander Silver take Ninjustu Master and Silver Ghost to take care of the robbers, the rest of us will try and find Dark Blade.” Modesiiri said.

“Yes boss,” Commander Silver replied.

The Bank

“Everybody in the ground now!” A robber shouted as he shot bullets into the air.

Another robber blew open a safe and started packing all the money.

Suddenly a chair was floating in the air then it hit a robber. Ninjustu Master appeared behind a robber and took him into a shadow. Commander Silver turned into silver then threw a robber at a wall then he punched another one. Silver Ghost turned visible then threw a robber over a counter Ninjustu Master kicked a robber at a safe door then he smashed his head into a wall.

“That’s all of them,” Commander Silver stated.

“Thank you, the police will come to arrest them.” A cashier stated.

“Commander Silver report back to base, we’ve found Dark Blade.” Longbow said over the comms.

Sanctuary 2

“Dark Blade has formed a base in Antarctica and Mexico, We must split up into two teams. Team Alpha and Omega. Commander Silver will lead Team Omega to Antarctica, Silver Ghost and Captain Atomic should follow him.” Modesiiri stated.

“That do like a great plan but how are we supposed to get there?” Tobi asked.

“Take this teleportation device,” Modesiiri said.

Commander Silver took it and teleported to Antarctica.

“So this means we’re going to Mexico,” Phantom Soldier stated.

“Yes,” John replied.

“Did they forget to take jackets?” Longbow asked.

“Yes they did,” Joel answered.


“It’s so cold,” Silver Ghost stated while shivering.

“We should have taken jackets with us,” Commander Silver said.

“Quit whining,” Captain Atomic said as he put his hands on their shoulders them heated them up.

“Thanks I really needed that,” Silver Ghost said.

“The GPS tracker says that their base isn’t that far from here, let’s go.” Commander Silver stated.


“This tunnel leads to Dark Blade’s base, when we get there it may give us the location of his current whereabouts,” Longbow stated.

Suddenly they started hearing some voices not so far from them. They saw a room where Accelerated Man and Hellstrom were sitting down in.

“Get on the ground now!” Longbow said as she aimed two ice arrows at The Accelerated Man and Hellstrom.

Accelerated Man quickly ran at Longbow then disarmed her. Phantom Soldier flew at The Accelerated Man then he punched him at a wall. Ninjustu Master teleported behind Hellstrom then kicked him at a table. Hellstrom shot fire blasts at Ninjustu Master. Longbow shot an ice arrow at Hellstrom then Phantom Soldier tackled The Accelerated Man and hit his head on the ground.

“You’re too late, he’s already there.” Hellstrom said.

“Where?!” Longbow asked but Hellstrom didn’t reply.


“Are we there yet?” Silver Ghost asked.

“No! You’ve been asking me that question for the past ten minutes!” Commander Silver stated.

“Guys, I see a group of tents nearby we should be there.” Captain Atomic stated.

Suddenly a huge sound wave blasted Captain Atomic aside.

“Overcall,” Commander Silver stated as a rope wrapped around him.

“Don’t forget me,” Darkbow said as she jumped down from the top of the canopy.

Silver Ghost turned invisible then she freed Commander Silver and punched Overcall. Captain Atomic blasted Darkbow at a table under the canopy. Commander Silver turned into Silver then he threw Darkbow at Overcall then kicked her.

“Longbow we are done here how about you?” Commander Silver asked over the comms.

“Come back to the base, Dark Blade wasn’t there.” Longbow replied.

Sanctuary 2

“Another false lead on Dark Blade,” Joel stated.

“Guys look at this,” Godwin stated as he pointed at the TV.

“The president was just assassinated this evening at six p.m by Dark Blade and Agent Shadow they were last seen fleeing The White House,” The news reporter stated.

“This ends now, Suit up!” Modesiiri ordered.

The White House

“Dark Blade it’s time to end this once and for all,” Longbow stated.

       Dark Blade brought out his swords and ran at Longbow but she punched him. Agent Shadow tackled Longbow then he gave her an uppercut, Dark Blade kicked Ninjustu Master them kicked him at Silver Ghost. Phantom Soldier carried Agent Shadow into the air  then he threw back to the ground. Silver Ghost turned invisible then she punched Agent Shadow repeatedly, Captain Atomic blasted Dark Blade and threw him at a wall.

“It’s over Dark Blade give up,” Longbow stated.

“It’s not over until I saw is over,” Dark Blade said as he stabbed himself instantly killing him.

“He’s dead,” Phantom Soldier stated.

“He was going to get executed even if he didn’t kill himself,” Commander Silver said.

“Leave the body with the police  and go back to base,”. Longbow said.

The End




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