The Shadow Ninjas 2

The Shadow Ninjas II




“This just another boring day of school like every other one,” Nifemi said.

“You said that a week ago,” Ayo said.

“Well, every day is a boring day.” Nifemi replied.

“You’re right, so far this week there is no one teaching us,” John said.

“You’re right, the teachers are in the hospital and there are only 20 students in the school and the principal.” Kene said.

“Alright, everyone should take your books home, this is the end of 2nd Term.” The principal said.

“Yahoo!” They whole class said.

“See you at the base,” Ayo said.

The Shadow Ninjas Secret Base

“Glad, all of you could make it.” Ayo said.

“I am only here for the dart game,” Godwin said.

“And I want to test out the bikes,” Kene said.

“Wait, look at this there’s a robbery in Coastland City bank.” Godwin said.

“You know what that means,” John said.

“Suit Up!” Ayo shouted.

“So we are now public heroes now?” John asked.

“Yes,” Ayo replied.

10 minutes later

The Shadow Ninjas threw smoke bombs into the bank through the window.

“Stop this now or you’ll be hurt,” Ayo said.

“How old are you guys, sixteen?” A robber asked.

“Shadow Ninjas attack!” Ayo commanded.

Ayo punched a robber then he shot another one repeatedly with his SMG. John kicked a robber then used his assault rifle to knock him out. Nifemi tackled a robber then punched him he then shot him with his pistol repeatedly. Godwin threw a kunai at a robber then he climbed up to an air vent then jumped down on two other robbers. Kene kicked a robber then punched him he then used his shotgun to shoot him.

“The cops are here so we are out” Ayo said as they all threw their smoke bombs and disappeared.

“What happened here?” a cop asked a robber.

“The… Shadow… Ninjas,” A robber said weakly.

The Shadow Ninjas Secret Base

  12:00 am

“Ayo we’re on the news,” Godwin said.

“This so called Shadow Ninjas took down the worst terrorist gang in Coastland City yesterday around 8:00 pm and they appear to be only sixteen years old.” The News reporter said on the TV.

Nifemi put off the TV

“First of all we’re eighteen and how did they even know are team name?” Nifemi asked.

“It was when I said Shadow Ninjas attack,” Ayo said.

“GRRRRH!” Nifemi shouted.

“At least they don’t know are real names,” Ayo said.

 John’s House

“Now that we are having a sleepover at John’s house, there would be no need for us to sneak here to go to the secret base” Ayo said.

“There’s some ice cream, pizza and burgers on the table.” John’s mom said.

“Dibs on the ice cream,” Nifemi said.

“I and Ayo will take burgers and Kene and Godwin will take pizza,” John said.

“Alright!” Nifemi said.

“Look there’s trouble on the highway and there are hostages,” Kene said.

“Oh come on,” They all said.

The Shadow Ninjas went to John’s basement pressed a button then to enter the base then they put on their costumes then climbed on their motorcycles then set out

The Highway

A gang of kidnappers on the highway had 5 hostages with them and were trying to get away from the police. Suddenly, The Shadow Ninjas arrived at the scene on their motorcycles.

Godwin threw his kunai at the kidnappers’ car wheels.

“Stop it, or you’ll be hurt.” Ayo said.

“You stop or we’ll kill the hostages,” A kidnapper said.

Godwin threw 5 kunai at the kidnappers’ gun then all of them punched the kidnappers which knocked them out. Suddenly the police appeared behind their backs.

“Thank you,” the police captain said.

“You are welcome,” Ayo said as they all threw smoke bombs and disappeared.

“I’ve got to get one of those,” the captain said.

John’s House

“I have to get back to my ice cream.” Nifemi said.

Nifemi went upstairs to get the food.

“Where have you guys been?” John’s Mom asked.

“In your basement,” Nifemi replied as he went to get the snacks from the kitchen table, then he went back to the basement.

“Here are the snacks,” Nifemi said.

“Finally!” They all said.

“Look there is trouble at Coastland Penitentiary,” Kene said.

“Noooo!!!” They all said.

“Shadow Ninjas let’s go!!” Ayo said.


Coastland Penitentiary

The Shadow Ninjas entered the penitentiary through the air vents, then Godwin threw smoke bombs down and knocked out all the prisoners.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here,” Joel said.

“Joel, how are you?” Ayo asked.

“I am going to beat you to a pulp,” Dumbili said.

“No you don’t,” Nifemi said as he kicked Dumbili.

“You’re gonna wish you never did that,” Harry said.

Harry punched Godwin then hit him with a chair. Kene then shot Harry in the air with his shotgun which knocked him out. Daniel punched Kene repeatedly then threw him at Nifemi. Ayo punched Dumbili then kicked Joel. Nifemi shot Thierri and Dumbili with his pistols then punched Joel. Godwin stood up then he punched Thierri then threw 5 kunai at him which knocked him out. Joel kicked Ayo then threw him at him at a table, Nifemi was about to punch but Joel held him by the neck and threw him aside. John punched Dumbili then threw him at Daniel. Kene kicked Harry repeatedly then shot him with his SMG. Joel punched Kene then threw him at a wall.

“Terminators let’s get out of here,” Joel said.

Joel, Dumbili and Daniel ran out of the room leaving The Shadow Ninjas bruised and their friends behind. Nifemi crawled to John to check whether he was okay. Godwin, Ayo and Kene stood up weakly and managed to tie up all the prisoners including Harry and Thierri.

“Shadow Ninjas, Let’s get out of here.” Ayo said weakly as Godwin threw smoke bombs and they disappeared.

John’s House

The Shadow Ninjas went upstairs only to see John’s entire family there.

“Mom, what’s going on?” John asked.

“It’s your dad’s birthday, don’t tell me you forgot.” John’s mom said.

“No, I didn’t forget.” John said.

“John what happened to you and your friends, you guys have a lot of injuries and where is Nifemi.” John’s Mom asked.

John paused for a moment or two

“Well, Mrs Obodo, were riding on our bikes then we crashed into each other and Nifemi is in the basement.” Godwin said.

“Okay, but don’t do that again,” John’s Mom said.

Suddenly there was banging at the front door.

“Who’s that?” John’s mom asked.

Nifemi ran upstairs to them.

“The terminators are here with a whole lot of robbers we’ve got to suit up!” Nifemi said showing them a tablet monitoring the CCTV cameras.

“Okay,” Ayo said.

John’s Mom got pointed with a gun when she opened the door for the terminators. At that moment the Shadow Ninjas crashed through a big window on their motorcycles.

“Terminators, stop now you or you’ll be hurt.” Ayo said.

“Charge!” Joel said.

Nifemi rammed some robbers with his motorcycle then was shooting them with his pistols. Ayo punched a robber then used his SMG to knock him out then threw him at Joel but he dodged it then shot Ayo. Godwin threw a lot of kunai at many robbers then ran at Dumbili and punched him. John shot a robber then another one in the head. Kene kicked his bike at ten robbers then shot Joel. Dumbili gave John an uppercut then shot him with his shotgun. Nifemi still on his bike rammed him and he flew at a wall.

“Thanks,” John said.

“You are welcome” Nifemi replied.

Ayo punched Joel then shot him repeatedly with his assault rifle then he used it to knock out some robbers. Kene punched Daniel then kicked him in the face. It was just remaining Joel, Dumbili and Daniel, The Shadow Ninjas shot them and wasted all of their ammo on them which knocked out the Terminators. The Shadow Ninjas climbed back on their bikes the drove away.

“What was that?” John’s Dad asked.

“I…I don’t know?” John’s Mom replied.

The End






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