Agents of Shadow

Agents of Shadow


  1. Tobi Adegboye
  2. Kamsi Ironta
  3. Tanitoluwa Kuye
  4. Odudu Abasi
  5. Abdul Haleem
  6. Oshioke Inuope
  7. Uchenna Eze
  8. Steven Kane
  9. Shalom Ironta
  10. Tetisimi Adesanya
  11. Principal Harris

The Shadow Ninjas Base

“It’s been a year since we became the Shadow Ninjas, do you have any ideas where the original ones are currently at?” Tobi asked.

“What do you think I’ve been trying to do since we first came here, I haven’t found them yet.” Kamsi stated.

“Guys, it’s already 7 o’clock we’ll be late for class.” Odudu stated.

“She’s right, let’s go.” Abdul said.

Greenfield High School

“Class take these brochures and read them. They’ll give you a look into your future. Now is a good time to plan your future.” The teacher stated.

“I already know where you guys are going to end up, in the streets.” Oshioke stated.

“That’ll be detention for you Oshioke Inuope,” The teacher said.

“Yesss! I mean nooo.” Uchenna stated.

Bell Rings

“Alright, you have gymnastics class right after lunch.” The teacher stated.

Dining Hall

“Don’t you think Uchenna was a little bit excited to have detention?” Tani asked.

“Yeah you’re right but ……” Kamsi said but he was interrupted by Tetisimi throwing his fries at him.

Kamsi threw his fries back at him and threw his plate.

“FOOD FIGHT!” A boy shouted.

Tani and Odudu took cover while Abdul threw his soup at Tetisimi, Tobi repeatedly threw fries at Oshioke then threw his plate at Uchenna

Out of the blue the principal and some other teachers stormed in.

“STOP!” A teacher shouted.

The students returned to their seats quietly as if nothing happened.

“Who started this?!” Principal Harris asked.

Everyone pointed at Kamsi and Tetisimi.”

“Go to my office now!” Principal Harris shouted.

The Principal’s Office

“This is the last straw, any more mischief from you Tetisimi, you are going to get expelled.” Principal Harris stated.

“And as for you Kamsi,” Principal Harris continued.

“I didn’t do anything he’s the one that started this,”  Kamsi said.

“I know but in your report card it says you have been late for thirty days straight so far, if you’re late again I’ll be forced to suspend you.” Principal Harris stated.

“It won’t happen again,” They both replied.

“Good, you each get detention for two days, now get out of my office.” Principal Harris said.

Kamsi and Tetisimi both got out of her office.

“This is all your fault,” Tetisimi stated.

“Me! You’re the one that threw fries at me,” Kamsi said.

“See you in detention,” Tetisimi said as he walked away.

Later that day

“I still can’t believe you got detention,” Tobi said.

“She also threatened to suspend me,” Kamsi said.

“You better keep an eye on them,” Odudu stated.

“Here take this watch, press this button if anything happens.” Tobi said as he gave Kamsi the watch


“All of you are here because you’re rotten in your own special ways, I am going to the teacher’s lounge and if I hear any noise you are all going to serve detention again next week.”  The teacher said as he slammed the door.

After the teacher was gone Oshioke and Tetisimi opened the window outside and they put a ladder there so that the rest of their gang can come in.

“What are you guys doing?!” Kamsi asked as he swiftly pressed the button on his watch.

“None of your business, tie him up” Uchenna said.

“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.” Steven said as he attempted to tie Kamsi, but he punched him then kicked Shalom.

Uchenna kicked him then Oshioke tackled him whim made him hit his head on a table which instantly knocked him out.

“Don’t worry, this time I’ll tie him up.” Shalom stated.

The Shadow Ninjas Base

“Guys, Kamsi just pressed the button on his watch.” Tani stated.

“Suit up!” Tobi ordered.

Greenfield High School

The Shadow Ninjas snuck in and saw everyone in the school had been knocked out.

“Where’s Kamsi?” Odudu asked.

“I’ve found him,” Abdul said as he broke down the door which had been locked.

They saw Kamsi tied to a chair with tape. They quickly freed him, and he explained to them what happened.

“They shouldn’t be far,” Tobi said as he gave Kamsi his costume and weapons.

After that they climbed up to the roof of the school.

“That’s Oshioke’s truck,” Abdul stated.

“Let’s go,”  Tobi said

They started jumping from one building to another in order to catch up with the truck, but they couldn’t  reach it, so Tobi threw kunai at its wheels. Then they all jumped off the building.

“This ends now,” Tobi stated.

“Not today!” Oshioke shouted as he brought out an assault rifle and started firing at them, but they quickly hid behind buildings.

“Hiding like cowards,” Uchenna stated as he brought out his shotgun and started firing at the building.

Odudu shot an arrow at Uchenna’s hand which made him drop the gun then she came out of hiding and kicked him in the face. Tobi punched Oshioke then he threw a kunai at Oshioke which pinned him to a wall, Oshioke then removed the kunai and threw it at Tobi’s shoulder. Abdul fired his cross bow at Shalom who didn’t even get a chance to attack. Steven brought out his pistols and fired repeatedly at Kamsi, but he managed to dodge all the pistols then he stabbed him with a kunai. Tani threw shuriken at Tetisimi which hit him on the leg and on the shoulder.

Suddenly the police and reporters arrived on the scene.

“Shadow Ninjas thank God you’re here; can you tell me what happened?” A reporter asked.

“Well, we figured out that these people attend Greenfield High School, and they were in possession of guns and stolen items from the school, so we had to stop them,” Tobi stated.

“You might have defeated us, but more will still come we aren’t the only ones,” Oshioke stated as he was put into a police car.

The End



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