The Legion of Superheroes


David – Commander Silver – can absorb silver and can turn things to silver.

Godwin – Illusion – can turn invisible and create illusions

Nifemi – Reflex – can move very fast.

Thierri – Iron Gorilla – wears a suit that transforms him into the Iron Gorilla which has super strength and it’s indestructible.

Odudu – Void – can open portals.

Igdaliah – Thunder Girl – brings lightning from the sky to strike enemies.

Modesirri – Longbow – has a special bow that shoots elemental arrows.

Kene – The Spectre – controls magic.

Feranmi – Arctic Man – controls ice.

Kamsi – Sword Master – his sword can cut through anything.

Bank of America

A gang of armed robbers headed to the Bank of America, but they were stopped by two superheroes.

“Halt!” shouted Commander Silver.

“Why are you stopping! go!” said the gang leader.

Commander Silver jumped into the car through the car window and turned the steering wheel to silver.

“Void now!” shouted Commander


Void opened a portal and all the robbers fell into it.

“Where did you take them to?” asked Commander Silver.

“The police station, don’t worry their gear isn’t with them” said Void.

“That’s not why I’m asking. I’m asking because there’s a robber on the roof trying to escape” said Commander Silver.

“Let’s get him” said Void as she opened a portal to the rooftop then she and Commander Silver entered it.

“Alright robber it’s two against one” said Void.

The robber brought out his sword.

“Call me Dark Blade” said Dark Blade.

Commander Silver ran at Dark Blade but he dodged it and punched him then he threw him of the building. Void opened a portal and it took herself and Commander Silver back to their HQ.

“See you soon Commander Silver.” said Dark Blade.

The Legion of Superheroes (TLS) HQ

“Thanks for taking us back to TLS” said Commander Silver.

“You said we’ll call it TLS when we form the team” said Void.

“Speaking of team, Dark Blade is too powerful to be defeated by us alone, we need to form a team” said Commander Silver.

“Okay, but where do we start?” asked Void.

“I’ve got a list of people who might want to join the team” said Commander Silver.

“So who’s first?” asked Void.

“We’ll start with Reflex a speedster” said Commander Silver.

100 Hours

“Wow! This bar is fancy” said Odudu.

“Stay focused” said David.

“Let’s ask the bartender if he knows who we’re looking for” said Odudu.

“Hey! Do you know this guy” David asked the Bartender while showing him a picture.

“Yeah! I’ve seen him, he buys 90% alcohol drinks but he doesn’t go drunk like the rest of them,” said the Bartender.

“Do you know why?” asked David.

“No I don’t, but if you’re looking for him he’ll be in Washington D.C” said the Bartender.

“Thanks for the information” said Odudu.

David and Odudu walked out of the bar.

“Odudu open a portal to Washington D.C” David ordered.

“Okay Commander” said Odudu as she opened a portal to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C

“Where are we going to find him?” asked Odudu.

“There’s a superhero club two miles from here” said David.

“What superhero club” asked Odudu.

“So you never read any Hero News paper or even watch Hero News” said David

“Okay, that’s true” said Odudu.

“So I guess we’ll have to walk” said David.

“But I’m not used to walking” said Odudu.

“It’s your fault since you can’t go to where you haven’t seen before” said David.

Thirty Minutes Later

“That was a very long journey” Odudu complained.

“Quit whining were there” said Odudu

“Wow! I never knew that the superhero club was on an alley!!!” Odudu shouted.

“Not exactly” said David as he put his hand on a wall.

Immediately the wall opened and Odudu and himself entered it but they were stopped by four superheroes which are: Reflex, Illusion, Longbow and Thunder Girl.

“Who are you guys?” asked Longbow.

“I am Commander Silver and this is Void” said Commander Silver.

“What are you guys looking for here?” asked Thunder Girl.

“Actually we’re here because……” said Commander Silver but was interrupted by Dark Blade breaking through the wall.

“How did you find us?” asked Commander Silver.

“Simple, when I punched you I kept a tracker on you, now die” said Dark Blade.

“I don’t think so” said Reflex as he punched Dark Blade and collected his swords and from him.

Dark Blade summoned his sword back and kicked Reflex. Longbow shot an arrow at Dark Blade but he cut it. Thunder Girl brought lightning from the sky and struck Dark Blade. Illusion turned invisible knelt Dark Blade down and kicked his head. Commander Silver punched Dark Blade held him and threw him at a wall. Dark Blade threw his sword at Commander Silver but he dodged it, Dark Blade then ran at him and kicked him at a table. Void teleported Dark Blade up into the air and Reflex gave him a supersonic punch.

“I’ll be back” said Dark Blade weakly as he threw a smoke grenade and disappeared.

“I’ve got two questions who is he and why is he looking for you?” asked Thunder Girl.

“His name is Dark Blade and he defeated us before that’s why we came here looking for teammates,” said David.

“Alright then I’m in” said Thunder Girl.

“Me too” said Reflex.

“Count me in” said Illusion.

“Wait is everybody actually doing this?” asked Longbow.

“Are you in or are you out?” Void asked.

“Fine, I’m in” said Longbow

“Let’s get to work” said Commander Silver.


“I can’t defeat them alone, I need backup. Let me call allies from my world” said Dark Blade as he opened a portal and Hellstorm, The Accelerated Man and Sandman stepped out.

“You called us, master” said Sandman.

“I called all of you to help me defeat the so called superheroes” said Dark Blade.

“Like those superheroes on our earth?” asked Hellstorm.

“Yes” replied Dark Blade.

“I know where their base is, so we will strike and capture every last one of them, except Commander Silver he’s mine” said Dark Blade.


“Has anybody gotten something on Dark Blade” asked Commander Silver.

“I’ve tracked his sword he’s getting close” said Reflex.

“He’s coming, get ready” said Commander Silver.

Boom!!! A wall blew open.

“Silver” said Dark Blade.

“Dark Blade” said Commander Silver.

“Legion Attack!!!!” shouted Commander Silver.

“Titans Go!!!!” shouted Dark Blade.

Longbow shot an ice arrow at Hellstorm. Reflex punched The Accelerated Man, The Accelerated Man kicked Reflex and threw him at a wall. Void opened a portal and Sandman fell into it, but he gathered up sand and hit Void on her head but his hand passed through her.

“Ooops! Illusion” said Illusion.

Then Thunder Girl brought Lightning from the sky to strike sandman then Void teleported his glass body to another earth. Dark Blade punched Commander Silver and kicked him in the face. Commander Silver punched Dark Blade and kicked him. Dark Blade almost punched Commander Silver but he turned his hand to Silver.

“Thanks for the silver hand” said Dark Blade as he punched Commander Silver.

That moment a portal opened.

“Void what are you doing?” asked Longbow.

“It isn’t me” said Void.

That moment a glass body slid out then a metal gorilla ran out of the portal and punched Dark Blade.

“Cool” said Reflex

Then three more superheroes stepped out, which are: Arctic Man, The Spectre and Blademaster. The Spectre held Dark Blade in the air using telekinesis and broke his sword and Blademaster knocked Dark blade out of the air and Arctic Man froze Hellstorm and The Accelerated Man.

“Thanks a lot but who are you exactly?” Commander Silver asked.

“We are the heroes of Earth X but you can just call us the Enforcers, we’ll need to take them to our world” said Blademaster as him and his team walked into the portal.

“What do we do now Commander?” asked Void.

“We train” replied Commander Silver.

The End











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