The Shadow Ninjas: Out of the Shadows

The Shadow Ninjas: Out of the Shadows


The Shadow Ninjas

  1.  Ayo 
  2.  John 
  3.  Nifemi 
  4.  Godwin 
  5.  Kene 


The Terminators

  1.  Joel
  2.  Daniel
  3. Thierri
  4.  Dumbili
  5.   Harry

The Shadow Ninjas Headquarters

“Now that we have cleared our names do you think we should continue figting crime?” John asked.

“Yeah i think so,” Godwin said.

Ayo walked in and threw away all of their old weapons.

“Why did you do that i spent so much time building them,” Kene said.

“We are ninjas right, we don’t use guns.” Ayo said as he dropped a bag on a table then he opened it and thew saw crossbows, shurikens, kunai, bows and arrows, blow guns and smoke bombs

“These are all ninja themed weapons” Ayo stated.

“Cool,” Nifemi said as he took a bow to examine it.

Suddenly their crime alert system started ringing.

“Someone is robbing Coastland City Bank,” Godwin stated.

“Suit up,” Ayo ordered.

Coastland City Bank

A group of robber rushed out of the bank but were stopped by The Shadow Ninjas.

Nifemi shot an arrow at a robber’s arm which made he drop the bag of money, Nifemi then kicked the robber and threw him at their truck. A robber brought out to his gun to shot Godwin but he used his blowgun and shot a dart at his gun which made it explode in the robber’s hand. John kicked a robber then he used his crossbow and shot him. Kene punched a robber into the air then threw shurikens at him. Ayo punched a robber thn hit his head at a wall. Once they were done they used their smoke bombs and disappeared.

The Terminators Base

“When can we stop hiding, I hate living in tis filthy base.” Dumbili said.

“Not yet, were the robbers successful?” Joel asked.

“See for yourself,” Daniel said as he put on the TV

“And yet again the Shadow Ninjas stopped another robbery in Coastland City Bank, the robbers could’ve gone away with over a 100 million dollars.” The news reporter said.

Joel threw a chair at the TV.

“We could’ve used the money,” Joel said angrily.

“But we can’t do anything,” Harry stated.

Joel calmed down then smiled.

The Shadow Ninjas Headquarters

“Crimes keep getting easier,” Nifemi said.

“And there are now lesser crimes, we did the job of the police in a year,” Ayo stated.

Suddenly their crime system started ringing again.

“What’s happening now?” John aasked.

“There’s a massive breakout in Coastland Penitentiary,” Kene stated.

“Let’s go,” Godwin said.

Coastland Penitentiary

Prisoners were running left and right beating up the guards. Suddenly the lights went off and the Shadow Ninjas started attacking the prisoners steathly. Godwin dragged a prisoner into a shadow and knocked him out, Nifemi shot three arrows at three prisoners then he wrapped someone with a rope and dragged him up to where he was and left him hanging. Ayo threw shurikens at a prisoner then he knocked him out. Kene shot sleeping darts at three prisoners then he jumped into the air and threw kunai at five prisoners. After that the lights came on then they used their smoke bombs and escaped.

The Shadow Ninjas Headquarters

“Well that was a workout,” Nifemi said.

Unnexpetedly, Ayo’s phone started beeping.

“Who’s that?” Kene asked.

“I don’t know ,” Ayo said as he picked the call.

“Who is this?” Ayo asked.

“Come to this address,” The personsaid as he sent him the address and ended the call.

“Who was that?” John asked.

“I don’t know but we have an address,” Ayo said.

An Abandoned Warehouse

The Shadow Ninjas snuck in and saw their parents tied to chairs over a pit of acid. Out of the blue, the Terminators walked up to them.

“Joel! I haven’t seen you in months.” Ayo stated.

“Here I am!” Joel shouted as he started shooting all of them but they alltook cover behind barrels.

“Are those real bullets

“We needed to distract you while we robbed a bank to get money to buy these guns, so we caused a prison riot.” Joel said.

“Lemme guess, your allowance wasn’t enough.”Nifemi said.

“Let our parents go!”Kene shouted.

“Umm, no.” Joel replied.

“Every minute you waste they get closer to the acid,” Daniel stated.

Godwin shot a dart at Joel but he dodged it,  Ayo ran at Joel then punched him repeatedly. Nifemi threw a kunai at Dumbili and shot an arrow at his leg then kicked him. Godwin tackled Daniel then he shot a sleeping dart at him, Kene kicked Harry then threw him at a wall. After that they released their parents.

“Thank you,”  John’s mom said.

The Shadow Ninjas threw their smoke bombs and disappeared.

The Shadow Ninjas Headquarters

“I think we shouldm stop this, all of this. Fighting crime,I we weren’t there they could’ve died.” Kene stated.

“Yes, You’re right.” Ayo replied.

“There’s no way we’re  actuallydoing this,” Nifemi stated.

“We have to build a life for ourselves,” John said.

They took of their masks and costume then they left it in a box.

“I guess whoever finds this base can be the next Shadow Ninjas,” Ayo said as he shut down the base and they left.

The End


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