The New Legion

The New Legion


Odudu Abasi – Void

Toluwalase Akinleye – Silver Shadow

Nifemi Falade – Reflex

Igdaliah Domino – Thunder Girl

Godwin Okache – Illusion

Timilenhin Adebajo – Omega Rocket


“Alright team, we have a new superhero,” Odudu stated as Silver Shadow entered the room

“This is Silver Shadow, she’s the best in her group in the Hero Academy.” Odudu continued

“Welcome to the team,” Nifemi said

“Nifemi will help you settle in; the others will soon be back from a mission in the Pacific Ocean.” Odudu stated

“Alright,” Toluwalase replied

Two Hours Later

     The rest of the team came back from a mission after two hours

“Mission report?” Odudu asked

“We defeated the Atlantean monster then sent it back to its prison.” Igdaliah said

“At least it won’t be disturbing us for the next one thousand years,” Godwin said

“This is Silver Shadow; she’s joining the team today.” Odudu said

“I’m looking forward to seeing you fight,” Igdaliah said

“Uh guys, there’s a robbery three blocks away from here.” Nifemi stated

“This will be a great opportunity to see what Silver Shadow can do,” Godwin said

“Legion go!” Odudu ordered

Second Bank Limited

“You know the drill put your money, necklaces and valuables into the bag then pass it along.” A robber ordered

“No, not to men like you.” An old man said

“What did you just say, put your wallet in the bag old man!” The robber ordered

“No,” The old man replied

“Look to your elder people, let him be an example.” The robber said as he was about to shoot him, but Void opened a portal which took him into a jail cell

    Void punched a robber then hit his head into a wall. Illusion jumped on a robber then tackled another one, Thunder Girl struck three robbers with lighting then threw another one at a table. Reflex punched two robbers then kicked one in the face. A robber was about to shoot Illusion, but Silver Shadow cut the bullet in half with her sword then kicked the robber repeatedly in the face. After that she broke another robber’s arm then stabbed another in the leg

Twelve Minutes Later


“Another heroic victory by the Legion of Superheroes, they foiled another attempted armed robbery by the Rocket clan, a new terrorist group.” The reporter said

“The rocket clan is growing more dangerous; we have to stop them now.” Igdaliah said

“You’re right, since they’re robbing banks that means they need money so their base should be one of the remaining abandoned warehouses in this city.” Odudu stated

“Nifemi search for three remaining warehouses in this city,” Odudu ordered

“Found them, it looks like one is still drawing electricity from the power station.” Nifemi replied

“Alright team, suit up!” Odudu ordered

An Abandoned Warehouse

“Wow there are a lot of bad guys,” Illusion stated

“It looks like they are shipping guns to other cities,” Thunder Girl said

“Alright team here’s the plan, this is a stealth mission don’t get spotted, we have to take out everyone, one by one.” Void stated

They entered through the air vent then dropped down.

“Split up,” Void said quietly

     Illusion jumped on a thug then kicked his face. Silver Shadow walked slowly behind a thug then smashed his head onto a railing. Void teleported a thug into the air and he hit his head onto a metal bar while in the air then she tackled another and punched him. Reflex kicked a robber at a wall then he punched another on at the back and chest. Thunder Girl electrocuted two thugs at the same time, but she got spotted

“It’s the Legion call for backup,” A thug said

   They called for backup and they were soon surrounded

“I can take them,” Silver Shadow said as she stabbed one in the chest then kicked another one repeatedly at a thug, she was about to punch a thug, but she got knocked out by another one who used his gun to hit her head

One Hour Later

Silver Shadow and the others woke up in another part of the warehouse, they saw two people standing in front of them

“I found these people trying to stop our gun shipment to West Coast city,” A thug said

“Leave us,” The other person ordered

They woke up and saw Omega Rocket

“Timilenhin Adebajo aka Omega Rocket, I thought Commander Silver and I put you away twelve years ago.” Void said

“I guess I bailed myself out,” Omega Rocket replied while smiling

“So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some shipping to do.” Omega Rocket said while he walked out.

   Three guards walked in as he stepped out

“So, how much is he paying you?” Silver Shadow asked

“Two hundred and dollars per day,” A guard said as he let out a slight chuckle

“Does it also cover health insurance because you’re going to need it after this,” Silver Shadow said as she broke free then threw her chair at one of them

     She broke a guard’s leg then threw him out through the window. After that she kicked the last one in the face then smashed him against the wall

    Silver Shadow brought out her sword then cut them all out

Three Minutes Later

They ran outside and saw the ship already taking off

“We have to get there before they reach West Coast city,” Illusion said

Void teleported them onto the ship

“Ugh, You guys seriously.” Omega Rocket said as he got an RPG and shot one at Void, but she opened a portal and it led to the warehouse

“You blew up my warehouse, I’m going to make you pay.” Omega Rocket said as he threw the RPG at Illusion then grabbed an assault rifle and shot Thunder Girl in the arm and leg

“I guess we’re going to have to take you down,” Void said as she ran at him then tackled him

     Silver Shadow jumped on him then threw three knives at his back. Omega Rocket stood up then shot her in the leg. Reflex ran at Omega Rocket then gave him an uppercut, after that he threw him back onto the ground

    Void kicked Omega Rocket in the face which knocked him out

“I’ve had enough of you for today,” Void said

“Thunder Girl do you think you can make a lightning bolt big enough to destroy this ship?” Odudu asked.

“I’ll try but you must get everyone back to the dock,” Thunder Girl replied

    Void teleported everyone back to the dock. After that Thunder Girl flew into the air, the sky turned grey and it started raining. A huge lightning bolt struck the ship and its sound could be heard from miles away

“Thunder Girl come we must lock up Omega Rocket.” Void said

   Omega Rocket woke up while being dragged by Void

“What happened, Where are you taking me?” He asked

“To court, you’re currently facing up to thirty years in prison.” Void stated

“I’ll be back and when I am, I’ll kill all of you,” Omega Rocket said but he got knocked out again by Reflex

The End




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