The Shadow Ninjas III

The Shadow Ninjas III



“Time to have fun with history, memorize these dates: 1827, 1853 and 1914” The history teacher said.

“Grrrrh!! This so boring!” Nifemi said.

“Would you like to teach the class then,” The history teacher said.

“No ma’am!!” Nifemi said.

“Excuse me ma’am but what is this topic about?” John asked.

“Notable dates in history,” The history teacher replied.

“As I was saying memorize these dates: 1919, 1939,1941,1945….

22 minutes later

“Grrrrh!! I am sick of this school!!” Nifemi shouted.

“I know but next week is graduation day,” Kene said.

“I know right they don’t even give us notes to Godwin said.

“Meeting at my place,” Ayo said.

“Why!” Nifemi asked.

“You’ll see,” Ayo said.

Ayo’s House

“We’re here what do you want to show us?” Kene asked.

“Look at this,” Ayo said as he put on the TV.

“In other news there has been a report of a mass killing at Coastland Penitentiary no one survived, the suspects are the former heroes of this city, The Shadow Ninjas.” The news reporter said.

Ayo put off the TV.

“You know what that means,” Ayo said.

“They think we are criminals,” Godwin said.

“We are going to Coastland Penitentiary to prove that were are innocent.” Ayo said.

Coastland Penitentiary

The Shadow Ninjas climbed through the air vent then jumped down.

“No one is here,” Nifemi said.

“Well, well, well.” Joel said.

“Well,” Thierri said.

“It’s only three wells don’t do that,” Joel said to Thierri as Godwin threw a kunai at him.

“Get them!!” Joel commanded.

Joel punched Kene then tackled him, Nifemi shot Dumbili with his silent pistol then Dumbili threw him at an iron table.

“Oww!” Nifemi groaned in pain.

Godwin punched Harry then shot him with his SMG repeatedly and threw him at Dumbili. Ayo shot Joel with his SMG then Joel punched him then threw him at Nifemi. John tackled Daniel then shot him with his assault rifle then Nifemi punched Thierri then kicked him.

Suddenly a whole squad of police burst in through the room. That gave the Terminators the chance to escape

“Put your hands in the air now!” The police captain said.

“Godwin, smoke bombs now” Ayo whispered.

“I don’t have any,” Godwin whispered back.

“You have the right to remain silent,” the police captain said as he was arresting the Shadow Ninjas.

“You guys are going to Toughside Penitentiary,” The captain said.

3 days later

Toughside Penitentiary

“What kind of name is Toughside,” Kene said.

“I think I know why,” Godwin said as he pointed to guards beating up a prisoner.

“Where’s Ayo?” John asked.

“He’s doing push ups in his cell,” Godwin replied.

“Aren’t we supposed to be on break,” John said.

“Yes but he has gained the guards trust so he can do whatever he wants as far as I am concerned,” Godwin replied.

“Come let’s go to his cell,” Nifemi said.

“We aren’t supposed to be there it’s only Ayo,” John complained.

“Don’t worry, we are going to sneak our way there.” Nifemi replied.

The Shadow Ninjas managed to get to the floor where Ayo was.

“Look there is a guard there,” Kene said.

The guard heard Kene talking.

“Hey you kids aren’t supposed to be here at this time,” The guard said.

“Kids!” Nifemi shouted angrily as he cracked the guard’s ribs.

The Shadow Ninjas went to Ayo’s cell.

“Thanks I was actually thinking of a way to knock him out so I can go somewhere,” Ayo said.

“But can’t you go everywhere?” John asked.

“No there’s a place for VIP prisoners and there’s someone in there that has the blueprints of the Toughside and he can get us out of here,” Ayo said.
“Who keeps VIP prisoners?” Kene asked.

“I don’t know but it is on Level 2,” Ayo said.

“Isn’t Level 2 a bad place?” Godwin asked.

“Yes so we need to be careful,” Ayo said.

The Shadow Ninjas went down to Level 2

“It is over there with those two guard at the door,” Ayo said.

The Shadow Ninjas went to the guards.
“You aren’t supposed to be here kids,” A guard said.

“The last person that called us kids ended up with broken ribs so step aside,” Nifemi said.

“Let them in,” a guard said.

The Shadow Ninjas walked in and saw a boxing ring and prisoners cheering.

“What is this?” Kene asked.

“Don’t get distracted follow me,” Ayo said.

“Hey Todd!” Ayo shouted.

“Hi Ayo, what are you doing here?” Todd asked.

“We need the blueprints of the prison,” Ayo said.

“If you want them you’ve got to fight my toughest champions the Bruisers,” Todd said.

“We’ll do it,” Ayo said.

“Alright then bud!” Todd shouted.

“Listen up prisoners!! We have a new competition today the so called Shadow Ninjas and they are challenging the toughest team in the entire prison the Bruisers!!” Todd shouted.
As the Shadow Ninjas were coming into the ring the prisoners were booing them.

“Let the match begin!” Todd shouted.

Nifemi broke a Bruiser’s ribs then kicked him. Godwin jumped on another bruiser then kicked him into the crowd. Kene tackled a bruiser then Ayo punched one and threw him out of the ring.

“That was easy,” Nifemi said.

“Those were your champions,” Ayo said as he left the ring along with his team.
Then they climbed back up and left the prisoners speechless.

“The blueprints,” Ayo said.

Todd gave him the blueprints speechless then the Shadow Ninjas left Level 2

1 day later

“Lights out,” The guard said.

A few minutes later the Shadow Ninjas broke out of their cells and carefully snuck out of the prison. After that they saw that the prison was completely surrounded by water.

“This place is surrounded by water,” Godwin said.

“There’s a boat over there,” Kene said.

“Let’s go!” Ayo said.

The Shadow Ninjas road the boat to Coastland City and formed their plan to take down the Terminators once and for all.

Joel’s House

12:45 am

The Shadow Ninjas snuck into Joel’s House because the Terminators were gathering there.

“Remember be quiet,” Ayo whispered.

Nifemi broke down the door.

“So much for being quiet,” Godwin said.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here.” Joel said.

“Joel turn yourself in and you won’t be hurt,” Ayo said.

“No, you are supposed to turn yourself, Terminators go!” Joel shouted.

Joel kicked Ayo then punched him, Ayo tackled him then threw him at a wall. Thierri punched Kene then Kene kicked a table at him.

That moment Joel’s parents came downstairs.

“What is going on?!” Joel’s mom asked.

Godwin threw a smoke bomb then appeared behind and knocked them out.

“No!” Joel said as he ran at Godwin and punched him repeatedly then threw him at a shelf.

Ayo kicked a TV at Dumbili then John kicked John repeatedly punched Joel then kicked him at the stair railing. Nifemi kicked Daniel the hit his head at the dining table.

“No you will never win,” Joel said as Kene used a chair to hit him which knocked him out.

“You talk too much,” Kene said.
“Are they all knocked out?” Ayo asked.
“Yes,” Nifemi replied.
“Now to phase three of the plan,” Ayo said.

1 day later

Everyone was gathered on the highway and saw the Terminators tied to a billboard and the evidence was also tied up. A policeman turned around then saw the Shadow Ninjas standing on a rooftop then they disappeared into the shadows.

The End





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