Agent Club


A Secret Egg

It was Easter and everyone was preparing for the Easter Egg hunt.
“Hey John, come see my basket!” Ayo shouted.
“Oh, hey I am coming” John said.
“Wow, its so beautiful” John said.
“Yeah it is” Ayo said.
“Hey where is Nifemi? John asked.
“He must be doing another invention” Ayo answered.
“Well let’s go show him your basket” John said.
So they went to meet Nifemi in his lab.
“Hey Nifemi what are you doing? Ayo asked.
“Its my latest invention, The Ultibasket 5000!” Nifemi shouted.
“Wow, what does it do” John asked.
“It automatically finds an Easter egg for you” Nifemi answered.
“Nice,” John and Ayo exclaimed.

Few minutes later

“Ladies and Gentle Men, Boys and Girls, May the egg hunt BEGIN!!!” The judge shouted.
“A weird looking egg,” Nifemi said.
“Well lets take it,” Ayo suggested.
As they collected it, it sucked them up into a portal to an underground base.
“AHHHHHHHH!” They all shouted.
“Where are we?” John asked.
“Must be a base,” Ayo answered.
“My scanners indicate we are in an underground base in the statue of Liberty in New York” Nifemi said.
As they looked around some guards spotted them.
“Hey men who are they?” said a guard.
“Must be intruders,” shouted another guard.
“So what are you waiting for get them!” shouted the captain of the guards.
“Wait!” The Boss shouted.
“Huh,”They all said.
“Yes you heard me come here to get you 3” The boss said
“OK,” The they all said.
Nifemi,Ayo and John did not know where they were going.
“Enter this room please” said the manager.
“OK” The they said.
As they entered they saw an unlimited supply of Agent equipment and a boy named Max.
“Wow,” they all said.
“Who are you?” John asked the boss
“I control the agency,” said the boss
“So your the boss,” said Ayo.
“Yeah you could say that,” said the boss.
“Wait! Don’t touch that.” said Max.
“And who are you” asked John.
“Umm,I am Max.” he said.
“Nice to meet you Max,” said Nifemi.
“How did you make that?” asked Nifemi.
“Umm its a secret,” said Max.
“Oh,” said Nifemi.
“So what do you need us for?” asked Ayo.
“I need you guys to be part of an Agent Club,” said the boss.
“Ok but we do not know anything about Agents,” said John.
“Yes you do, John could be the leader, Nifemi could be the Hacker and Ayo could be the back pack guy.” said the boss.
“I guess we do make a pretty good team,” John said.
“But before you start any agent thing you have to pass a test,” said the boss.
“Ok bring it on,” said Nifemi.
“Confidence, I like it!” exclaimed the boss.
“Well not everyone liked what they chose, so choose wisely.” said Max.
“So this is my backpack,” said Ayo.
“What does this do? asked Nifemi
“It helps you create things in the air and anywhere,” said Max.
“Wow,” said Nifemi and Ayo as they looked at their gadgets.
“Umm nothing else seams cool,” said John.
“Oh you do not need anything much just be a good leader,” said the boss.
“Ok,” said John.
“Maybe I could let you guys take everything just this once,” said Max.
“Thank you Max,” Nifemi, John and Ayo shouted as they collected all the gadgets.
“So put all your gadgets in the bag,” said the boss.
“So lets go,” said the boss.
So they went to the test mission to see if they are ready to be agents.
“Wow this place is cool,” said John.
“Who are you?” asked Ayo as he looked at a strange man.
“I am Harry,” he said in deep bold voice.

“Nice to meet you,” said Nifemi.

“So what do we do?” asked Nifemi.
“Head to the top of that mountain,” said Harry as the boss left the room.
“Read Set Go!!” said Harry.
So they went already they went half way and once harry saw that he made it a little harder.
“Whoa,” said John.
“Is this mountain moving or what,” said Nifemi.
“Ok team we can do it just imaging your surfing and climbing at the same time,” said John.
“Wow its working,” said Ayo.
“We do make a great team,” said Nifemi.
“WHAT! their still going, then I will make it harder.” said Harry.
So then Harry made it even harder by adding drones that are programmed to attack them.
“Oh no, umm guys!” screamed Nifemi.
“Drones, John what do we do?” asked Ayo.
“Umm wait! Nifemi hack them make them support us!!!” shouted John.
“Ok but I will need back up,” said Nifemi.
“Not a problem,” said Ayo.
After a few minutes of back up Nifemi finally hacked them.
“Boom!!! I’ve done it” shouted Nifemi.

“Yes!!” shouted John and Nifemi.
“Hello John, Nifemi and Ayo how can we serve.” all the drones echoed.
“What,”shouted Harry.
“You could help us by carrying us to the top,” said John.
“Yes!!” shouted John and Nifemi.
So they went to a room where they will be suited up and ready for their mission.
“Here you will be given the things you need to be a good agent,” said Harry.
“Wow,” said Nifemi.
So they went inside and then transformed.
“Wow,” they all said.
“We look so cool,” said John as they looked at their new equipment.
“Now you will be called by your code names,” said the boss.

“John your name is Agent 10,” said the boss.
“Cool,” said John.
“Ayo your Agent 7,” said the boss.
“Cool name,” said Ayo.
“Nifemi your name is Agent 8,” said the boss.
To be continued.

The End.

By John Obodo.

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  1. Does anyone want me too correct anything in the story so I do not make the same mistake in Agent Club Part 2

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