The Revengers: A New Age

The Revengers: A New Age


  1. ­Nathan Egbunowo – Metal Fists
  2. Godwin Okache – Shocker
  3. Feranmi Funsho – Velocity
  4. Nifemi Falade – Windfall
  5. Adeife Egbunowo – Fire Fists – he can turn his fist into fire and shoot fire blasts
  6. Sean Micheal – Flight Master – He can fly and he also has super strength
  7. Neona Ebije – Tele – Girl – She can teleport
  8. David Gbadagri – Hydro – Man
  9. Odudu Abasi – Void

The Injustice Society

  1. Kamsi Ironta – Voodoo Master
  2. Steven Gbadagri – Hydro – King
  3. Fiyin Funsho – Bloodspot
  4. David Emeka – Beast Man
  5. Zarrick Williams – The Tank
  6. Olaoluwa Fadero – Bone Crusher
  7. Timilenhin Adebayjo – King Cobra
  8. Ameerah Odumbo – Crystal

Emerald City Gold Reserve

“Pack as much as you can, the Revengers will soon be here,” A robber stated.

“Let’s just run with what we have,” Another robber said to the rest of the group.

“We still have some time so stop whining,” A robber stated.

Suddenly, Flight Master flew in through a window then threw a robber outside then he flew through the ceiling, creating an entrance for the Revengers to come in.

“Ditch the gold, save yourselves.” A robber shouted.

Velocity tackled a robber then kicked him at a table. Metal Fists punched a robber then threw him at another robber. Shocker created an electric rope then used it to tie up a robber. Fire Fists shot fire blasts at the robber that Shocker tied up. Windfall blew a robber at Hydro – Man then he stabbed the robber in the leg with his trident. Tele – Girl teleported a robber into the air then Flight – Master punched him back to the ground.

“Well that was easy,” Velocity stated.

“Who would be dumb enough to rob the only gold reserve in the city,” Fire Fists stated.

“Do you think they might be henchmen working for the Injustice Society?” Windfall asked.

“Maybe, let’s head back to base,” Metal Fists.

The Revengers Base

“The police are currently interrogating the robbers,” Godwin stated.

“Good we managed to stop them this time,” Nathan stated.

“I still haven’t been able to find the Injustice Society and I have searched the whole city,” Feranmi said.

“I didn’t find them too,” Sean said.

“Maybe they’re underground,” Neona suggested.

“True, they could be hiding in the sewers.” David said.

”Alright, Suit up.” Nathan ordered.

The Sewers

“We’ve been searching for hours, they aren’t here.” Velocity stated.

“Be patient,” Windfall said.

“I think we’re here,” Shocker stated as he knocked on a wall.

“There’s an echo, it must be a false wall.” Shocker continued as he pushed a brick and the wall opened up.

“Cool” Fire Fists said.

“Dang it! They already left!” Metal Fists exclaimed

“It looks like they formed a base here,” Hydro – Man stated.

“Look at these blueprints,” Tele – Girl said.

“These are blueprints for a spaceship,” Velocity stated.

“They were never on earth they were in space, why didn’t I figure that out.” Shocker said.

Suddenly Bone Crusher and The Tank came storming in.

“All these puny heroes have come here to die,” Bone Crusher stated.

“Then let us fulfill their wish,” The Tank said rushing at Velocity.

Velocity ran behind him then kicked him. Bone Crusher grabbed him and started and started squeezing him. Shocker electrocuted Bone Crusher and gave him an uppercut. Metal Fists punched the Tank repeatedly then he smashed his head into a wall.

“Shocker, keep those blueprints safe!” Metal Fists ordered.

Bone Crusher carried a table and threw it at Tele – Girl but she teleported behind him and kicked his head into the ground. Hydro – Man used his trident to hit the Tank repeatedly then Windfall lifted him upwards out of the sewer then Flight – Master kicked him back into the sewer then Fire Fists give him an uppercut which instantly knocked him out.

“Shocker where are the blueprints?” Metal Fists asked.

“Don’t worry they’re with me,”  Shocker replied.

The Revengers Base

“We have a problem,” Godwin stated.

“What is it?” Nathan asked.

“The materials we need has been exhausted on this earth, there’s no other way we can get them.” Godwin replied.

“Can’t Neona teleport us there?” David asked.

“I can’t teleport many people at once, and I haven’t been there before so I don’t know how it looks like,” Neona replied.

“What if we could go to a different earth,” Nifemi suggested.

“That could work, Earth 1 has all the resources we need, The Legion of Superheroes could help us.” Nathan stated.

“Okay this is the multiversal transporter,” Godwin said as he opened a portal and they all walked inside it.

Earth 1


“So you’re all saying you need all these items to build a spaceship,” Void stated.

“That is correct,” Shocker replied

“Sure you can take them, we have so much we don’t know what to do with them” Void said.

“Thanks,” Hydro – Man said.

They opened another portal and walked through it.

The Revengers Base

“Godwin how’s the spaceship going, are you almost done?” Nathan asked.

“Almost, Velocity is helping me speed things up.” Godwin replied.

“What do you think they’re doing in space,”  Adeife asked.

“They’re probably hiding from us and the police,” Nathan replied.

“Done!” Velocity stated.

“Good, but does anyone know how to steer a spaceship?” Nathan asked.

The Injustice Society’s Space Base

“Are you almost done with the weapon?” Voodoo Master inquired.

“Not yet,” King Cobra replied.

“Hurry up! The Revengers have already captured The Tank and Bone Crusher, we need to eliminate them before they get a chance to stop us.” Voodoo Master stated.

“Look! There’s something exiting the Earth’s atmosphere,” Crystal stated.

The Revengers Spaceship

“Woah, their space base is huge.” Velocity stated.

Suddenly the Space base started firing missiles at them.

“Incoming missiles!” Flightmaster stated.

A missile hit an engine and they lost control of the ship.

“I’ve lost control of the ship, I can’t steer this.” Shocker stated.

“Tele – Girl you’ll have to teleport us into their space base,” Metal Fists said.

“I can’t teleport many people at once,”  Tele – Girl replied.

“Can you please hurry up!” Shocker said as the Space base fired another missile at them.

“Just try,” Metal Fists said.

Tele – Girl teleported everyone as the missile hit the ship.

The Injustice Society’s Space Base

“We did it, the Revengers and my dumb brother are finally dead at long last.” Hydro – King said.

“The weapon is ready,” King Cobra stated.

Suddenly the Revengers landed on King Cobra.

“What how did you escape?!” Voodoo Master said.

Metal Fists charged at Voodoo Master.

“Stay were you are because once I push this button it will kill every single superhero on the earth,” Voodoo Master stated with a smile on his face.

Velocity froze time and ran at Voodoo Master but Bloodspot kicked him away. Tele – Girl teleported behind Voodoo Master and snatched the remote from Voodoo Master then threw it at Metal Fists who broke the remote.

“Surrender now and we will go easy on you,” Shocker said.

“Only cowards surrender,”  Voodoo Master replied as he used his staff which he recently repaired to blast Shocker to the other end of the room.

Metal Fists punched Voodoo Master and threw him at King Cobra. Bloodspot punched Velocity then kicked him at a wall. Velocity punched Bloodspot repeatedly then gave him an uppercut. Flightmaster flew at Crystal but she shot ice blasts at his shoulder. Tele – Girl teleported on top of Crystal them kicked her onto the ground. Shocker electrocuted Crystal which knocked her out.

Beast Man turned into a rhino and charged at Windfall but him at Fire Fists so he can kick him in the face. Hydro – King blasted Hydro – Man with water then he used his trident to hit him. Metal Fists carried King Cobra and threw him at Hydro – King which instantly knocked both of them out. Voodoo Master punched Tele – Girl them kicked her at Flightmaster.

Beast Man turned into a gorilla then carried Windfall and smashed him on the ground repeatedly. Fire Fists shot fire blasts at Beast Man then smashed his head into a wall which knocked him out. Velocity punched Bloodspot in the face then he tackled them gave him an uppercut.

“Last chance to surrender,” Metal Fists said.

“You will pay for this,” Voodoo Master said as he got punched in the face by Shocker.

“That is for blasting me to the other end of the room,” Shocker said.

The End











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