The Enforcers III

The Enforcers III


  1.  Kamsi Eze – Blade Master
  2.  Ayo Abisiga – The Elementor
  3.  Modesirri Ajibola – Longbow
  4.  Osioke Inuope – Black Tiger
  5.  Johnny Storm – Fire Bolt
  6. Feranmi Funsho –  Arctic Man 
  7.  Jacob Storm – Captain X
  8.  Unknown – The Dark Phantom – Has super speed, teleportation, super strength and can fly.
  9.  Micheal Holland – Green Cobra
  10.  Tom West – Tubo X
  11.  Thierri Oseghale – Iron Gorilla
  12.  Joel Okunuga – Phantom Soldier (has all the powers of the dark phantom)
  13.  Oluwatobiloba Adegboye – Captain Atomic- can shoot laser blasts


“We have a visitor,” Kamsi said as Modesirri walked in.

“Hey Longbow, where’ve you been. We could’ve used your help in defeating the Agency.” Feranmi said.

“But you didn’t need my help you still took down the Agency.” Modesirri relied.

“Tiger can you show her where she would stay,” Kamsi said.

Oshioke took heer to the room she’ll be staying in.

Suddenly alarms started beeping.

“Turbo X is robbing the gold reserve,”  Ayo stated.

“Suit up,” Kamsi ordered.

The Gold Reserve

“Drop the gold and turn yourself in,” Longbow said.

Turbo X ran past them but Arctic Man froze him. Turbo X phased through the ice then punched Arctic Man. Turbo X cut his leg with his sword  which slowed him down then Black Tiger threw him at a table and Elementor trapped him under rocks.

“Nice job team,” Blademaster said.


“Turbo X is behind bars,” Feranmi said stated.

“Okay, our trainig session begins now, Go to the training room.” Kamsi said.

They all wento to the training room and started fighting robots.

“Today’s training is about teamwork,” Kamsi said.

Longbow shot three corrosive arrows at three robots then shot a fire arrow at another, Arctic Man froze a robot then Fire Bolt shot fire blasts at it.  Black Tiger destroyed a robot with his claws then kicked one for the Elementor to destroy with a corrosive blast.

“Good job some of you got the concept of this training apart from Longbow.” Blademaster said.

Suddenly, a wall blew up and Captain X, The Dark Phantom, Green Cobra and Turbo X came in.

“Captain X, i thought you were behind bars,” Blademaster said.

 The Dark Phantom rushed at Fire Bolt who was in the air then threw him to the ground then teleported him to space. Captain X punched Blademaster then kicked him, Longbow shot an ice arrow at Captain X who held it in the air with his telekinesis then he threw it back at Longbow.  Green Cobra went afer Elementor  and bit him in the leg which made him weak but Black Tiger threw him away. Arctic Man froze Turbo X then punched him repeatedly. Blademaster kicked Capatain X but Captain X threw him at a wall.

“Retreat,” Blademaster said as they used their teleportstion device and disappeared.

The Dark Phantom came back from space with Fire Bolt unconscious.

“I’ve got him,” The Dark Phantom said as he teleported them to their base.

The Jungle

“We left Fire Bolt behind,” Longbow said.

“We have no tech and we can’t track him,” Black Tiger said.

“I know some people who can help,” Longbow stated.

Camp Noon

Iron Gorilla, Captain Atomic and Phantom Soldier. Where relaxing in their camp when they heard a knock.

“Who’s there,” Thierri asked.

“It’s the Enforcers,” Modesirri said.

Iron Gorilla opened the door and saw the Enforcers.

“It’s been a long time,” Kamsi said.

“I know,” Thierri replied.

“Why are you here?” Joel asked.

“We need your help,” Feranmi stated.

“The Dark Phantom captured Fire Bolt and we don’t know where they took him,” Feranmi continued.

“The Dark Phantom is one of my greatest enemies you can’t defeat him alone i’ll help you,” Joel said.

“Count me in,” Oluwatobi said.

“How about you?” Ayo asked.

“I made a promise that i’ll quit being a super hero and i am not breaking it,” Thierri stated.

“Just for this battle,”  Kamsi said.

“Okay, fine” Thierri said as he wore his suit.

“I can use my tracking device to look for any radiation signatures aroud the planet, and i’ve found him, he’s in South Africa let’s go.” Thierri said.

Fortress of Death

Captain X was beating Fire Bolt mercilessly.

“Why are you doing this, i thought we were brothers?”  Fire Bolt asked weakily.

“Not anymore,” Captain X said as he punched him again.

Out of nowhere a portal opened and the Enforcers stepped out.

“Enforcers attack” Blademaster ordered.

Phantom Soldier flew at the Dark Phantom and punched him. Longbow shot and electric arrow at Turbo X then Elementor blew him away with wind and kicked him. Iron Gorilla punched Captain X repeatedly then Blademaster stabbed him in the back. Arctic Man froze Turbo X then punched him repeatedly. Phantom Soldier threw the Dark Phantom back to the ground then Black Tiger scratched him repeatedly which gave him a scar then Captain Atomic formed a large laser beam then blasted him with it.


“I think i might stick around,” Joel said.

“Me too” Captain Atomic said.

“I am forming my own team of superheroes, are you interested?” Modesirri asked.

“Yes,” They both said.

“See you around Thierri,” Kamsi said.

“Bye Kamsi,” Thierri said as Ayo teleported him back home.

The End


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