Agent Part 4

Agent Part 4

The Death of Meow

After a month, Meow did the moth craziest thing with a rocket

“Were is she” said John
“Up the nearest building” said the boss
“Got her” said Nifemi
“Lets use the grappling hook to get to the top” said Nifemi
So they used their grappling hook and got the top
“Took you long enough” said Meow
“What you have been waiting for us” said Ayo
“Yeah” said Meow
“Now these people die” said Meow
“Why are you doing this?” asked John
“For fun” said Meow
“Not like you will understand” said Meow
“Team whats happenin” said the boss
“Harry what should we AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” said the boss
“Now you will call me the boss” said the Mystery Man
“So your the Myster Man” said the boss
“Yes I am Harry is the Mystery Man” said Mystery Man as he revealed his name
“Boss” said John
“No response” said John
“Try again” said Ayo
“Boss” said Nifemi
“No response” said Nifemi
“Let me guess no response from your boss” said Meow
“Good” said Meow
“How do you know” said Nifemi
“Lucky geuss” said Meow
“Now lets blast this rocket” said Meow
“With people inside!!!” shouted John
“Yeah” said Meow
“Your mine” said John
“I’ll distarct her you save the people” said John as he chased Meow down the building
“Take the jetpack its faster” said Nifemi
“Thanks” said John as he flew off
“Hi guys no questions just leave” said Ayo as he guided them out off the rocket
“Hello” said John as she met Meow at the bottom of the building
“Oh oh” said Meow as she clicked a button
“Ha ha your too late the rocket will take of in 10 seconds” said Meow
“Is everyone out” said Nifemi
“Yep” answered Ayo
“Lets use the portal” said Nifemi
“Were down the building” said Nifemi
“Hi Guys ” said John
“I have too escape the plan is falling apart” said Meow as she ran away
“Ahhhhh” Meow screamed as she accidentally fell into the portal and entered the rocket but it was too late for her too come out so she drifted up to space
“Oh no” said the Mystery Man
“Oh yes” aid the boss
“I’ll be back sooner than you think” said the boss as he teleported away
So everyone went home and things were back to normal
“So what do you think happened to Harry and Meow” said John
“Well their gone now start thinking onthe bright side” said Nifemi
“Ok so lets enjoy our life before were dead” said Ayo
“What is that meant to mean” said John
“You know lets just go to class bye”said Ayo



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