Velocity – Origins



  1.  Feranmi Funsho – Velcotiy
  2.  Godwin Okache – Shocker
  3.  Tim – Scientist
  4.  Samuel – Boss
  5.  Fiyin – Bloodspot

Feranmi’s House

Feranmi was rudely awakened by his alarm which had been ringing for an hour, when he looked at his alarm he saw it was 7:45 a.m. He quickly dressed up in a hurry and set out to work.

Pluto Labs

“Feranmi you’re late again,” Samuel said.

“Sorry sir, It won’t happn again,” Feranmi replied.

“Go meet Tim, he needs help with his new project,” Samuel said.

“Okay sir,” Feranmi said.

On his way there he bumped into his Godwin.

“You’re late,” Godwin said.

” I know, where are you going to?” Feranmi asked.

“I am going to electrical to fix the wiring.” Godwin replied.

“Okay but be careful, there’s a toxic pool there.” Feranmi stated.

“Don’t worry,” Godwin said.

After that Feranmi went to meet Tim.

“You’re late again,”  Tim said.

“I know,” Feranmi replied.

“The serum is ready, We have to show it to the boss.” Feranmi stated.

“Not yet we still have to run some tests,” Tim said.

“On who?” Feranmi asked

“YOU,” Tim said as someone knocked him out.

2 hours later

“Whaat happened?” Feranmi asked.

Suddenly he noticed that he was tied to a chair and tried to escape.

“Where am I?!” Feranmi asked.

“You’re in a safe place, now hold still.” Tim said as he brought out the serum and injected him with it.

After that, Feranmi started to get weak then he passed out.

2 days later

Feranmi woke up in his house on the floor. He rubbed his eyes then stood up.

How did i get here,” He asked himself.

After that he heard someone knocking on his door repeatedly.

Feranmi opened his door and saw Godwin who rushed in before he could say anything.

“What happened?” Feranmi asked.

“Remeber that serum you and Tim were working on,” Godwin said.

“Yes i remember,” Feranmi said.

“Well there were other serums each one had a super power, there was a serum for wind powers and there were two more but one is missing.The serum they gave you was a prototype, you’re luckly that youy are alive.” Godwin said.

“How do you know all of this?” Feranmi asked.

“I overheard them talking about it,” Godwin said.

“Does this mean I have super powers, woohoo!” Feranmi shouted.

“Sssh! This isn’t funny,if the government finds out we can be put in prison,” Godwin said.

“We have to find the theif, I also heard items are missing every night so we will sneak into Pluto Labs at 11 p.m and try to catch the theif.” Godwin said.

“There’s no way i am sneaking into Pluto Labs,” Feranmi said.

“You are right we have to train first,” Godwin said.

Hours passed as they trained and soon it was time for them to go to Pluto Labs.

Pluto Labs

11:00 p.m

“I still can’t believe that you have superpowers,” Feranmi said.

Suddenly they heard a noise then jumped down from the air vents and they saw a speedster stealing serums.

Feranmi ran at him but he punched him then Godwin electrocuted him then threw him at a table. He ran at Shocker and punched him  repeatedly then he threw him at a shelf. After that the speedster zoomed out with Feranmi following him.  Feranmi chased him through the streets then managed to tackle him.

“It’s over,” Feranmi said as he unmasked the speedster, it was his brother.

Feranmi stood there in shock giving him the chance to escape.

The End

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