The Revengers: Last Stand


  1.  Metal Fists – Nathan Egbunowo – can turn into metal and can shoot metal shards
  2. Velocity – Feranmi Funsho – has super speed,can time travel
  3. Hydroman – David Gbadagri – can control ice and water
  4. Shocker – Godwin Okache – can absorb electricity and also shoot out blast of electricity
  5. Windfall – Nifemi Falade – can turn into air, can fly and can shoot wind blasts
  6. Ninjustu Master – John Obodo – knows every fighting technique and can teleport through shadows
  7. Bloodspot – Fiyin Funsho – can time travel, has super speed
  8. Dark Blade – Fechi Agukwe – Has a gun that shoots different elements and has a sword that can cut through anything.
  9. The Tank – Zarrick Williams – has super strength
  10. Voodoo Master – Has mind manipulation and can control magic
  11.  Steven Gbadagri – Hydro king – can control water and ice
  12.  John Emeka – Beast Man – can shapeshift and turn into animals

Haven Valley College

“And that’s how we took down the Destroyer,” Feranmi stated.

“Wow, too bad i couldn’t remember any of that but i’m still glad after all that we made it to our valedictory ceremony,” Nifemi said while drinking fruit punch.

“Nathan Egbunowo please come to the stage to give your speech please,” a teacher stated.

Suddenly a school wall blew up and robbers came rushing in.

“Put all your jewelry in the bag necklaces, rings, earings, braclets anything shiny,” a robber stated while drinking fruit punch.

The Revengers hid behind a curtain and stretched their ties and they were wearing their suits.

“Halt,” Metal Fists said as he turned into metal.

“Get them!” the robber said as he shot Metal Fists but the bullet bounced of him.

Metal Fists punched the robber and threw him at a microphone, Velocity took two robbers to the police station and locked them up then came back and gave a robber a super-sonic punch. Hydroman froze the ground and the robbers slipped and fell down, Windfall sucked all the air from the room and blasted it at the robbers.

After that, the police rushed to he crime scene and started arresting the robbers.

“Thank you revengers, i don’t know what we’ll do without you guys.” A polcieman said.

Emerald Penitentiary

Someone broke into Emerald Penitentiary and was knocking out all the guards. He dragged a guard into the shadows then he tackled another andthe guard fell into his own shadow then he released all the prisoners and disappeared.

The Revengers base

“Guys, a bunch of prisoners have been released from Emerald Penitentiary.” Shocker stated.

“We can’t let them run loose,” Metal Fists said as they all entered their jet and sped off.

Emerald Penitentiary

The Revengers landed in the prison and saw prisoners beating up the guards.

Shocker sent a blast of electricity at ten robbers, Velocity ran at a robber but he was tackled by Bloodspot.

“Why is it always you causing mayhem,” Velocity stated.

“I didn’t do this neither did my teammates,” Bloodspot said as Voodoo Master, The Tank, Beast Man and Hydro King stepped out from the shadows.

“Anyway i’ve got to go bye!” Bloodspot said as Voodoo Master opened a portal and they all entered it.

“Velocity did you keep the tracker on him?” Windfall asked.

“Yes i did,” Velocity replied.

“Lets go to base and find where they are,” Hydroman said.

Doom Hall

“Hello team,” Dark Blade said.

“Who are you?” Voodoo Master asked.

“He helped me take down the Revengers and their friends he can help us,” Bloodspot said.

“And who is that?” The Tank asked pointing at Ninjustu Master.

“That is my servant,” Dark Blade stated.

At that moment the Revengers crashed through the ceiling.

“Surrender now Voodoo Master and you won’t be hurt,” Metal Fists stated.

“Ninjustu Master get them!” Dark Blade commanded.

Ninjustu Master threw a smoke bomb and they disappeared.

The Revengers Base

The Revengers and Ninjustu Master landed in their base.

“I need your help,” Ninjustu Master asked.

“Aren’t you supposed to be fighting us,” Velocity said.

“Dark Blade threatens to destroy my planet if i don’t do what he says he’ll destroy it,” Ninjustu Master said.

“Wait what Earth are you from?” Metal Fists asked.

“Earth X,” Ninjustu Master said.

“He also said that his powerful friend is the destroyer,” Ninjustu Master continued.

Velocity fell on the floor laughing.

“The destroyer is dead,”  Shocker replied.

“He’s going to pay for tricking me,” Ninjustu Master said as he teleported the Revengers into Doom Hall.

Doom Hall

Ninjustu Master and the Revengers appeared in Doom Hall.

“Ninjustu Master stop them,” Dark Blade ordered.

Ninjustu Master made Dark Blade fall throw his shadow and he followed him.

Metal Fists turned into metal and rushed at the Tank and threw him at a wall then the Tank threw him at the floor and stepped on him. Velocity threw Bloodsport at a window the Bloodsport threw him through the window but Velocity ran on the building with Bloodspot following him. Hydro-man kicked Hydro King and blasted him with water but he absorbed it and blasted it back at Hydro-man. Shocker electrocuted Voodoo Master but he teleported him out the building then Windfall swooped in to save Shocker then blasted Beast Man with wind after that Beast Man turned into a vulture and carried Windfall of his  feet but he blasted him with wind and he turned into a dinosaur and smacked him with his tail. Metal Fists punched the tank and threw him at Voodoo Master. Meanwhile, Dark Blade brought out his swords to fight Ninjustu Master. Dark Blade ran at Ninjustu Master but he dodged it and his sword got stuck in a wall. After that Ninjustu Master kicked Dark Blade in the face and threw smoke bombs then he kicked and punched Dark blade and he fell on the floor unconscious. Ninjustu Master teleported them to Doom Hall.

Doom Hall

“Where’s Ninjustu Master?” Velocity asked putting Bloodspot on the pile of villains.

Suddenly, Ninjustu Master came out from a portal and landed on top of the pile of villains along with Dark Blade. After that the police stormed in and arrested the villains.

“Thank you Revengers you’ve done so much for this city,” A policeman said.

“Ninjustu Master you’ve got talent do youmindjoinig the Revengers?” Metal Fists asked.

“Yes,” Ninjustu Master replied.

2 days later

“Nice speech Nathan,” Nifemi said.

“Thanks,” Nathan replied.

“Guys there’s somone robbing First Bank,” Shocker said.

“Let’s go,”Velocity said as he alerted David and they all ran outof the school and stretched their ties.

Their jet lowered in front of their school.

“Hop in,” Ninjustu Master said  as they zoomed off.




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