World War Paint 2

World War Paint 2


     Kamsi’s House

The League gathered in Kamsi’s house to collect their weapons that they asked Kamsi to upgrade their weapons even further.

“Here you go David, your paint turret can now shoot paint missiles and move along with you,” Kamsi said.

“Gee, Thanks!” David said.

“Nifemi, your shield can now return back to you when you throw it just like boomerangs and it can grow wider to cover us if the society try to make a nuclear bomb again,” Kamsi said.

“But for the rest of you I have nothing,” Kamsi said.

Suddenly a paint bomb exploded the Society stepped out of the dark.

“League! You have troubled us enough time to meet your doom,” Tetisimi said.

“Don’t make us beat you up again like we did before,” Feranmi said.

“You won’t, Society attack them!” Tetisimi shouted.

“League attack!” David shouted.

David deployed his turret and it started shooting paint missiles at Tetisimi. Nifemi threw his shield at Daniel and kicked him. Tobi used his paint SMG from the roof then jumped down own him. Kamsi activated his drone which shot Joel with paint micro- missiles, then Joel shot his drone with a silent paint pistol and kicked Kamsi in the face.

“Man down, Nifemi take care of Joel and take care of Kamsi.” David said.

Nifemi threw his shield at Daniel then he threw it at Joel after that he rushed to meet Kamsi.

“Kamsi are you okay?” Nifemi asked.

“Yeah I’m fine, you see that paint RPG under the table use it to shoot at Tetisimi that will force them to retreat.” Kamsi said.

Nifemi used the paint RPG and shot it at Tetisimi.

“Retreat!” Tobi shouted.

The Society fled from the scene.

“We did it!” They all shouted.

Kamsi nanny came out of the house from sleeping on his parents’ bed.

“What happened here, I’m going to tell your parents.” The nanny said.

“I’ll also tell them that you sleep on their bed anytime they leave, so if you report me I’ll follow suite.” Kamsi protested.

“Fine, but you are going to clean up this mess yourself,” the nanny said.

“But I’ve got friends to help me, right guys.” Kamsi said as he turned around to look at them but they weren’t there.

“Oh, come on!” Kamsi shouted.



“Finally today is sports!” Feranmi shouted.

“Shut your trap, don’t allow a fly to enter it,” Joel said.

“Shut yours, don’t let your bad breath spread,” Feranmi said as he went to meet his friends.

Joel got his breath spray and sprayed it in his mouth.

Kamsi stepped into the classroom.

“Good morning Mr. Francis,” Kamsi greeted,

“You’re late, now we can start the class.” Mr. Francis said.

“Today we’re talking about the nervous system open to page 218,” Mr. Francis said.

1 hour 30 minutes later

“Thank God it’s sport time,” Feranmi said.

“Stop acting as if we’ve never done sports before,” Godwin said.

Meanwhile, the Society were planning another prank against the League in the sports ground.

“We’ll put paint bombs underneath the ground around that area and will be triggered by movement, now Joel be a good boy and do what I said,” Tetisimi ordered.

Joel rushed to the spot Tetisimi asked him to put the paint bomb under and he did it. Then the sport coach called Joel to race with Nifemi.

“On your tracks, get set, go!” the coach shouted.

Nifemi overtook Joel but when he stepped on the spot of the paint bomb it blew up and he flew in the air and landed on his back.

“Ouch!” Nifemi groaned in pain.

“Are you alright?!” the coach asked.

“Yeah I’m alright,” Nifemi replied while cleaning paint off his shoe.

“Hahahaha!” the Society laughed at Nifemi.

“We’ll celebrate at my place,” Joel suggested.

“Yes! Don’t forget to make pizza,” Tobi said.

“I won’t forget,” Joel said.

4 hours later

“Don’t forget to take your homework and research more on the nervous system,” Mr. Francis said.

“We won’t!” they all shouted.

   Nifemi’s House

“This is going to be a stealth mission, attack only when I saw so, they are partying in Joel’s house we’ll attach paint bombs around the house, Kamsi bring 12 paint bombs and 5 paint sprinklers.” David ordered.

“Gear up and let’s go, no one hurts our friend, no one!” David shouted.

Joel’s House

“Who wants some pepperoni pizza?!” Joel asked.

“We do!” they all shouted.

Meanwhile the League were crawling underneath the window.

“Kamsi, put three paint bombs at each side of the house we’ll storm in through the window using paint sprinklers.” David whispered.

“Got it,” they all whispered.

David broke the window then threw a paint sprinkler in the house then they all threw their paint sprinkler and jumped through the window.

Nifemi threw his paint shield at Joel and kicked him. Feranmi threw a piece of pizza at Thierri’s face and used to SMGs to shoot him. David deployed his paint turret which shot micro-missiles at Tetisimi. Godwin kicked Tobi and threw his paint kunai at him. Nifemi tackled Tetisimi punched him and threw him at Joel. David used a paint RPG and shot Tobi, soon everyone was on the floor the house had turned pink inside and outside.

“Our work here is done,” Nifemi said.

The League fled from the scene.

“My parents are going to kill me!” Joel cried.



The Society walked up to the League.

“We challenge you to a duel here in school at 12:00, if you don’t come we will ruin your house with paint, your lockers will turn white and the windows of your houses will be stolen, you League gave our friend Joel a scar his parents almost killed him you really deserve to be punished!!!” Tetisimi shouted in anger.

“We’ll be there,” David replied


The League walked the Society in the school as they said.

“Glad you could make it to your doom!” Tobi shouted.

“Shut up!” Feranmi said.

“Society! Get ready!” Tetisimi shouted.

“League! Follow suite,” David commanded.

“Fight!” Tetisimi shouted.

Tetisimi punched David and shot paint bullets at him. Nifemi hit Joel with his shield and Joel tackled him. Tobi used his silent pistol to hit Godwin and shot paint bullets at him Godwin then threw three paint kunai at him.

Kamsi activated his drone and it shot micro-missiles at everyone.

Meanwhile, Daniel finished activated the atom bomb.

“Guys it’s ready in 3, 2, 1!” Daniel shouted.

Boom!! The atom bomb exploded, blue and red paint was everywhere. Luckily, Nifemi used his shield to cover the League from the paint shower. When it stopped raining paint the Society were on the ground and the whole city was covered in red and blue paint.

“Run!” Nifemi shouted.

1 week later

“Did you hear the news, the Society are expelled, no more disturbance from them,” Kamsi said.

“Finally!!” they all said.

The End



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