The Revengers


1.) Nathan Egbunowo – Metal Fist – Can turn into Metal
2.) Godwin Okache – Shocker – Can control electricity
3.) Nifemi Falade – Windfall – Can control wind
4.) David Gbadagri – Hydroman – Can control water
5.) Feranmi Funsho – Velocity – Super Speed

The Injustice Society of Evil

1.) Steven Gbadagri – Hydro king – can control water
2.) John Emeka – Beast Man – can turn into animals
3.) Jason Ironta – Voodoo master – can control magic
4.) Zarrick Williams – The Tank – Has Super Strength
5.) Fiyin Funsho – Bloodspot – Super Speed

Emerald City Bank

“Come on guys! From selling illegal drugs to robbing a bank, you got to do something better than that.” Velocity said.
“Yes, by killing you.” The lead robber said as he and his gang opened fire at velocity but he dodged all of the bullets then disarmed their weapons from them.
“Huh?” The robbers asked confused.
Velocity gave them all lightning punches which knocked them out.
“Thank you Velocity I don’t know what we would do without you,” The owner of the bank said.
“You’re welcome,” Velocity replied as he zoomed out of the bank.


An organization of armed robbers were gathering at a warehouse to trade weapons and upgrade them. Luckily, Windfall, Metal fist and Shocker were there to stop them.

“Should we crash the party?” Shocker asked.
“Of course,” Metal Fist said.
They broke in through the window.
“Sorry to crash in like this,” Windfall said.
“It’s the Revengers, Get them!!” The boss commanded.
Metal Fist turned into metal then punched two robbers at the same time. Windfall threw a robber at a table then blew one away. Shocker shocked a robber kicked one then threw him at another.
A robber punched Metal Fist which made his hand break then metal Fist then punched him. Shocker gave six robbers a blast of electricity. Then Windfall blew a table at the robbers then punched one repeatedly. After that it was only the boss of the organization that was remaining.
“How is this happening!” The boss asked confused.
“What’s wrong Willie you seem angry,” Shocker said.
“I will destroy you,” The boss said as he threw a table at them.
They dodged the table then Shocker blasted him with electricity, Metal Fist ran at the boss then punched him and threw him at a wall. The boss carried the Shocker then threw him on the ground, Windfall lifted the boss up in the air with wind then he blasted him through the ceiling and he landed on a table.
“The police are here so we are out,” Windfall said.

Miami beach

Someone arose from the gentle waves of the ocean
“Where am I,” the unknown person asked a surfer.
“Um, you’re in the Miami Beach,” The surfer replied.
“Good,” The unknown person said.

The Revengers Base

“Feranmi, we took down a whole crime organization this night, where were you?” Nathan asked.
“Well I stopped a bank robbery, and I went to get some pizza.” Feranmi replied.
“Pizza! Seriously!” Nifemi shouted.
“It’s that the only part that caught your attention,” Feranmi said.
“Look, there’s trouble at Miami Beach,” Godwin said.
“What’s happening?” Nathan asked.
“There’s an army of soldiers coming out of the waves of the ocean,” Godwin said.
“Let’s go,” Nathan said.

Miami Beach

The Revengers teleported to where the soldiers were while Feranmi ran.
“Stop this now!” Metal Fist shouted.
“We are only here for the prisoner!” The commander said.
“What prisoner?” Windfall asked.
“Charge!!” The commander shouted.
The Revengers ran at the soldiers. Windfall punched a soldier then blew him at another soldier. Shocker punched a soldier then shocked three other soldiers and threw one at a bench. Velocity gave five soldiers lightning punches then carried one then threw him far into the ocean.
The commander started firing at Metal Fists but he dodged all of his bullets then gave him an uppercut which sent the soldiers retreating.
“Were they Atlanteans?” Windfall asked.
“Let’s go back to the base I have a plan,” Metal Fists.

The Revengers Base

“Godwin you said you put cameras everywhere you go, have you put cameras in Miami beach before.” Nathan said.
“Yes, I am accessing them now.” Godwin said.
“Okay let’s see if we can find the prisoner,” Godwin said as he was looking through the footage.
“Look, there’s someone coming out of the ocean.” Feranmi said.
“Running facial Recognition scans,” Godwin said.
“But he’s not from around here,” Nifemi said.
“My cameras could have picked him up,” Godwin said.
“Okay,” Nifemi replied.
“Booyah! I have gotten his location, he’s in an old store that used to sell records.” Godwin said.
“Let’s go,” Nathan said.

Tina and Jason’s Records Store

“Where is he?” Shocker asked.
“Velocity sweep the area,” Metal fists said.
Velocity ran then came back with the prisoner.
“Found him,” Velocity said holding him.
“So this is the prisoner,” Windfall said.
The prisoner gave them a blast of water which sent them to the floor.
“You guys made me waste all my water that I had left,” the man said.
“I heard you guys are the heroes around here I could use your help,” The man continued.
“Who are you?” Metal Fists asked.
“My name is David, my brother is the Hydro king, the king of the ocean he sent troops of his men to capture me.” David said.
“So you’re like hydroman” Windfall said.
“Yeah Hydroman,” Shocker said.
“Is that the only part that caught your attention,” David said.
“Thank you,” Velocity said.
“Why did he send troops after you?” Windfall asked.
“He took the throne from me now he’s trying to kill me,” David said.
“Wait you said that your brother is sending troops to capture you, that means that they should be here now.” Metal Fists said as he looked out the window.
An army of Atlantean soldiers were approaching.
“Let’s go,” Metal Fists said.
“David hold my hand,” Metal Fists said.
David held his hand then they all teleported to their base while Feranmi ran there.

The Revengers Base

“David this is our base of operations,” Nifemi said.
Feranmi appeared in the base.
“What took you so long,” Godwin said.
“It was a mistake bringing me here, they can find me wherever I am they put a tracker in me all atlanteans have that and the only way to remove it is with atlantean tech which I don’t have.” David said.
“Okay then we find a way to get to Atlantis then we remove tracker then take the throne away from your brother,” Nathan said.
“You make that sound so easy, Atlantis is in the Marianas Trench.” David said.
“What!” Feranmi said.
“No human being can even swim up to there,” Nifemi said.
“But all of my years in Magic school I can make you breathe and survive in the cold temperature of the water,” David said.
“Yes!” Feranmi said.
“Okay gang, I guess we are going to the Mariana Trench.” Nathan said.

The Marianas Trench

“I can see Atlantis in the distance,” Windfall said.
“We’ve got to be careful, remember this is a stealth mission.” Hydroman said.
The Revengers went to Atlantis and stole cloaks then snuck into the royal palace.
“This way,” Hydroman said as he pointed right.
The Revengers opened the door quietly then shut it.
“There,” Hydroman pointed at a syringe.

“Use this to inject it into my arm then it will remove the trackers,” Hydroman said as he gave it to Velocity.
Velocity injected it to his arm and it removed all the trackers in his body.
“Thank you,” Hydroman said.
Suddenly the doors blew open.
“Brother, I thought I’ll never see you again.” Hydro king said.
Velocity ran at Hydro king but his soldiers shot him. Metal Fists turned into metal then started punching his soldiers. Hydro King punched Metal Fists then threw him at Windfall. Hydro man punched Hydro King then Velocity punched him repeatedly. Windfall created a hurricane under the ocean then blasted Hydro King with it. Then Hydro Man knocked him out.
Hydro Man dragged him from the palace into the city.
“This is your King, the one who put tracking devices in your bodies to track you if you leave your work on his farms, and never provides you with food. When I am king, you’ll while no longer starve, you’ll go home on Saturday and Sundays to have a break from work and the trackers will be removed from you.” Hydro Man shouted.
“David for King,” someone said.
“King David!, King David!” The crowd shouted.
“Now that you’re king, do you mind joining the Revengers.” Metal Fists said.
“Atlantis needs a king and a hero so I guess I am a Revenger,” Hydro Man said.

The End

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