The Revengers Rise of The Injustice Society

The Revengers: Rise of the Injustice Society of Evil

    Haven Valley College

The Revengers were walking back home after a long day of school.

“Next week is our valedictory ceremony ; do you have our suits ready?” Nathan asked.

“Yes, there are in this suitcase and I made some upgrades to it when you stretch the tie it transforms into our superhero suits, but I don’t see the reason for us to bring our costumes.” Godwin said.

“Yeah, what he said.” Feranmi said.

“I know you might think this is a bad idea but you might never know when robbers might come knocking and you know we can’t fight like this,” Nathan said.

“Okay, but if anything goes sideways we know who to blame.” Godwin said.

“Guys, there’s a robbery in an Antiques store, it appears to be a green wild goat and a man there.” Feranmi said.

The Revengers looked at each other then ran into an alley, entered a jet then zoomed off.

Shocker gave them the Suitcase.

“Suit Up!” Shocker shouted.

“Thanks,” Velocity said as he dressed up quickly.

“The jet is invisible now and on auto pilot, the antiques store is a mile away from here we should be there in 1 minutes 30 seconds,” Shocker said.

“How can a green wild goat be robbing people?” Velocity asked.

“Maybe the man trained the goat to rob people, but as for the green part I got nothing.” Metal Fists said.

“Maybe, the goat ate something that made it turn green.” Windfall said.

“We’re here, I have sent an alert to David, let’s go” Shocker said as he opened a hatch in the jet and they all jumped down.

Windfall blasted the door down and saw a bear tear apart a curtain.

“Wasn’t it a goat that you said,” Metal Fists said.

“Yes,” Velocity replied.

Suddenly someone jumped into the air then smashed the ground which sent a wave that sent the Revengers flying at all corners.

Metal Fists stood up then turned into metal and rammed at the man. Windfall carried himself into the air and started firing wind blasts at the bear which suddenly turned into a jaguar and jumped up to get Windfall just then Velocity knocked him out of the air.

“Thanks,” Windfall said landing back on the ground.

The jaguar rose up again and turned into an elephant and charged at them. Windfall slowed it down with wind while Velocity was punching the elephant. Out of the blue, someone tackled him then punched him. After that the person appeared in front of him.

“Bloodspot,” Velocity said.

“Yes!” Bloodspot said as he sped out with Velocity following him.

Meanwhile Metal Fists threw a table at the man.

“No one throws table at the Tank,” the Tank said as he lifted the counter and threw it at Metal Fists but it broke apart when it touched him.

Shocker kicked the Tank then Metal Fists gave him an uppercut then kicked him. The Tank punched Shocker and flung him to the ceiling. Metal Fists ran at the Tank and repeatedly punched him. Suddenly, Shocker landed on the Tank and electrocuted him.

Velocity was chasing Bloodspot down the streets of Emerald City.

“Give it up you’re never going to catch me!” Bloodspot shouted.

“That’s what you said the last time and it didn’t go well for you,” Velocity said.

“But this time I am much faster,” Bloodspot said as he zoomed off.

“Where did he go?” Velocity asked himself as he slowed down.

Suddenly some kicked him on the road from behind and stepped on him.

“Too slow!” Bloodspot shouted as he ran with Velocity chasing him.

“Come here!” Velocity shouted.

“No!” Bloodspot shouted back as he led him into a farm then turned around and pushed him into the mud.

“Stay down!” Bloodspot shouted as he kicked Velocity’s face into the mud.

Bloodspot ran back into the antiques store to get the Tank and Beast Man but Hydro Man made the road slippery which made Bloodspot fall.

“Stay down” Hydroman said.

Bloodspot phased through the ground and ran away.

“How did he do that?” Hydroman asked himself as he ran into the antiques store and saw the tank being carried underground.

“Windfall take the animal into the air,” Hydroman said.

Windfall carried the animal into the air and shot off.

“Hydro Man you are late,” Metal Fists said.

“I had to finish somethings in the palace before I could leave,” Hydroman answered.

“Let’s go back into the jet,” Shocker said.

The Revengers hopped back into the Jet and drove off.

“Where’s Feranmi” Nathan asked.

“He’s in a farm thirty miles away,” Godwin replied.

“Yeah, I am sure he’s okay.” David said.

“Is the jet invisible?” Nathan asked.

“Yes,” Godwin said as the jet zoomed off.

The Revengers Base

The Revengers landed in their base of operations and saw Nifemi drinking a smoothie and eating popcorn.

“Where’s the prisoner?” Godwin asked as he grabbed his popcorn.

“Hey! I got that for ten bucks.” Nifemi shouted.

“The prisoner,” Godwin said while eating his popcorn.

“Fine!” Nifemi said as he led them to Beast Man.

“Get me out of here, you don’t know who you are messing with, I can shape-shift into animals fool!” Beast Man shouted.

“Wait you were the one who turned into a sea horse and was planting bombs to destroy my kingdom,” David said.

“Yes,” Beast Man replied.

“I am going to kill you!” David bellowed as he raised his trident to strike him.

“Slow down,” Nathan said while trying to hold him back.


Velocity was lying in the mud with pigs resting with him. Then a farmer came to him.

“Hey isn’t that Velocity, what are you doing lying down in mud?” The farmer asked.

Velocity quickly stood up.

“I was never here,” Velocity said.

The farmer looked at his watch.

“That’s a nice watch,” The farmer said.

“Fine,” Velocity said as he gave him his watch.

“Remember I was never here,” Velocity said as he zoomed off.

Doom Hall

Bloodspot brought the Tank back to their base.

“Where is Beast Man?” Voodoo Master asked.

“Uh, they took him sir.” Bloodspot said.

“What!!” Voodoo Master bellowed.

“Windfall took him into the air and shoot off there was nothing I could do,” Bloodspot said.

Voodoo Master used his staff and brought him down to his knees.

“I am am sorry,” Bloodspot squealed.

“Don’t be sorry, be better.” Voodoo Master said.

“I won’t fail you, but what about Beast Man?” Blood spot asked.

“Don’t worry I have a plan,” Voodoo Master answered.

The Revengers Base

Feranmi zoomed into the base.

“What took you so long?” Nifemi asked.

“Well, I met my brother again, Fiyin I chased him down the street and the next thing I know I am lying down face flat in the mud.” Feranmi explained.

“Hahaha,” David laughed.

“Where’s your watch?” Godwin inquired.

“I gave it to this farmer who saw me to keep quiet,” Feranmi replied.

“No, no, no, that’s how we can track you, get it back now!” Godwin ordered.

“Fine,” Velocity said as he zoomed in and zoomed out then came back in with the watch.

“Here,” Feranmi said showing Godwin the watch.

Feranmi was interrupted by an alarm beeping.

“Mother of Sea horses! That ridiculous alarm is even louder up in here!” David shouted.

“Someone is infiltrating Emerald Penitentiary!” Godwin said.

“That’s where you guys kept my brother,” David said.

“Let’s go,” Nathan said.

When the Revengers zoomed off in their jet, Bloodspot entered the base.

“They are gone sir,” Bloodspot said.

“Now get Beast Man,” Voodoo Master.

Bloodspot broke into the prison cell and got Beast Man out of there.

Emerald Penitentiary

The Revengers landed in Emerald Penitentiary and stormed in.

“Get on the ground now!” Metal Fists shouted.

“Never,” The tank said as he broke down Hydro King’s prison cell door.

“Finally, I am free.” Hydro King said.

“You,” Hydroman said as he charged at Hydro King.

Metal Fists turned into Metal and punched the tank and he hit his face into a wall. The Tank carried Metal Fists and threw him at the Shocker. Windfall flew at The tank and punched him repeatedly. After that, the Tank held Windfall then threw him to the ground and stepped on him. The Shocker electrocuted the Tank then kicked him into the air then Velocity kept punching him in mid-air.

Hydroman kicked Hydro King and carried him up into the air then threw him on the ground.

“Is that the best you got, brother.” Hydro King said.

“No,” Hydroman answered as he kicked him.

Hydro King tackled Hydroman and gave him an uppercut, after that Hydroman threw his trident at Hydro King which pinned him to a wall.

“You can’t do this I am the Hydro King!” he shouted.

“Not anymore,” Hydroman said as he kicked him which knocked him out.

Suddenly a magical train hit David.

“This is our stop,” Voodoo Master said as he, Bloodspot and Velocity got off the train.

Metal Fists broke the magical train and threw the Tank at Beast Man. Velocity ran at Bloodspot and threw him through a wall. Metal Fists charged at Voodoo Master but he opened a Black Hole which sucked him in. Windfall carried Voodoo Master into the air and threw him at the Tank who was just waking up. Voodoo Master opened a portal and Metal Fists landed on Windfall. Meanwhile, Velocity and Bloodspot were fighting while running on water.

“You don’t have to do this; I can help you change.” Velocity said.

“I like who I am,” Bloodspot replied.

“So be it,” Velocity said as he tackled him and he fell into the water.

Windfall punched Beast Man who turned into a lion. The he ripped Windfall’s suit, Windfall lifted him in the air then threw him aside. Shocker kicked the Tank repeatedly then the Tank carried him and threw him into the sky then he came down with an electric punch which knocked the Tank out.

Metal Fists dodged all of Voodoo Master’s magical blasts the he ran at him and broke his staff.

“Nooooo!” Voodoo Master wailed.

“Shut up,” Metal Fists said as he punched him in the face which knocked him out.

Beast Man turned into a goat and charged at Windfall but he flew up in the air then kicked him which knocked him out.

“I know,” Windfall said as he sat down next to Beast Man.

Hydroman started to wake up.

“He’s waking up when the fight is over,” Shocker said.

“What happened?” Hydroman asked as he looked at his trident on the floor.

“Wait? Did you guys see my brother leaving.” Hydroman asked.

“No,” they all answered confused.

Velocity ran back in with Bloodspot unconscious.

“What did I miss?” Velocity asked.

The End.





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