Power Squad vs Corona Virus

Power Squad vs Corona Virus


John – Speed – Has Super speed
Nifemi – Water – Can control Water
Ayo – Ice – Can control Ice –
Oshioke – Teleport – Can Teleport
Kene – Fire – Can control Fire

“Blub Blub Blub” said Corona Virus
“What is that” said John
“It is Corona Virus” said Oshioke
“Get him!!” shouted Kene
“Wait” said Nifemi
“We have to suit up you silly’s” said Nifemi
“Oh yeah” said Kene
“Good now we can go” said John
“Who are the blub blub?” said Corona Virus
“Well it is obvious they do not watch the news” said Corona Virus
“Hey covid 19″ get them” said Corona virus at his minions
“Yes boss” said Covid 19
“Umm guys we have have company” said Nifemi worried
“Kene burn them up” said John
“Ayo you wait where is Ayo? asked John
“Must be on a vacation again” said Nifemi
“Uhhh guys I cant hold them for long” said Kene
“Lets teleport out of here” said John
“Wait were is Oshioke?” asked John
“Must be with Ayo” said Nifemi
“Guys!!!” shouted kene
“Nifemi help Kene wash them up” said John
“I need to super speed and get Ayo and Oshioke” said John


“This is the life” said Ayo
“Yeah”said Oshioke
“Ahhhhhh”said Oshioke
“What are you doing here?” asked Ayo still gasping for air after that fright
“We need your help corona virus is attacking the city and we need your help” said John
“Lets do this” said Ayo
“Suit up” said Ayo
“Lets use my portal its faster” said Oshioke

Back in the city

“hey guys” said Ayo
“No time to chat freeze them Ayo and Kene burned them” said John
“Ok” said Kene and Ayo
“Good you guys save the citizens in trouble I will get Corona Virus” said John
“Sounds like a plan” said Oshioke as they left
“Hello corona virus” said John
“Smart you came all alone” said Corona Virus
“You do know there is no cure for me so I can kill you easily” siad corona virus
“Do not be so sure super speeed!!!” shouted John
“Scrub aba dub dub Scrub aba dub dub today” said John as he froze time and started to clean the corona virus away
“Done” said John
“Wait why am I so clean” said Corona Virus
“Wait I am shrinking No!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Corona Virus
“Take that” said John as he put the corona virus in a jar
So after that everything went back to normal
“What do we do to him?” asked Oshioke
“I know” said John as he took him to the toilet and flushed him
“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!” shouted corona virus
“One day I will be back and rule the world” shouted corona virus in a very squeky voice



By John Obodo

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