New York, 2039

“Hurry up! You don’t want to be late for you first day at college,” Modesiiri’s mom said.

“I am already going to be late; I have to get on a plane to Lagos and it’s going to take five hours to reach there,” Modesiiri said.

“But the time here is different from the time in Lagos,” Modesiiri’s mom said.

“Fine I’ll get my bag,” Modesiiri said.

“Good,” Modesiiri’s mom replied.

2 Minutes Later

“I’m ready,” Modesiiri said.

“Let’s go,” Modesiiri’s mom replied.


“Bye!” Modesiiri’s mom shouted.

“Bye!” Modesiiri replied.

3 Hours Later

“Passengers! This is the captain speaking there’s a little problem with the engine but there’s no need to panic because we’ve gotten it under control,” the captain said.

That moment the second engine blew up.

“Passengers! Put on your seat belts and pray we get out of this,” the captain said.

Suddenly the plane started to drop fast then it crashed to the ground.

1 Hour Later

Modesiiri woke up and saw that she was the only one that survived the plane crash, she got out of the body of the plane and tried to find out where she was. That moment she fell into a pit and landed on her back.

“Oww!” Modesiiri groaned in pain.

Suddenly lights started to come on and she saw a tunnel.

“Hello is anyone here?” Modesiiri asked.

“You must wield the magical bow,” A man said.

“Excuse me but where am I?” Modesiiri asked.

“You are in Libya” The man said as he grabbed her hand and threw her inside a room and shut the door.

“Get me out of here!” Modesiiri shouted.

“Find the bow, it’s quiver and a suit then I’ll release you,” the man shouted back.

Modesiiri turned around and saw mountains of luggage and junk.

“This is going to take a while,” She said to herself.

30 minutes later

“I’ve found it!” Modesiiri shouted.

The man opened the door and she punched him in the face.

“That’s for locking me up,” She said as she dropped the bow on him.

“Now that you have found it, you have to train with it.” The man said.

“What, I just want to go home but I have no way of going back to New York.” Modesiiri said.

“If you train with the bow, I’ll get you back to New York because that’s where I want you to go,” The man said.

“Deal!” Modesiiri said.

1 year later

 7:45 pm

“Modesiiri this is your last task before we set off tomorrow,” The man said.

“What is it,” Modesiiri said.

“There are a group of campers nearby, I’ve seen them before they used to have powers and they killed most of my teammates,” The man said.

“Say that again you were in a team,” Modesiiri replied.

“Yes, I’ll tell you everything tomorrow I just want you to take them out and just tie them up or something,” The man said.

“Okay,” Modesiiri replied.

Modesiiri snuck  into the campers’ base and climbed up a tree, she stood on a branch and fired a fire arrow into the camp.

“What was that,” A camper said.

Then she fired an explosive arrow which sent campers flying. After that she jumped down and hit two campers’ heads together then she punched one and threw him at another. She looked around and saw all of them lying unconscious.

The Next day

Modesiiri was eating her breakfast near a fire.

“What are you eating?” The man asked.

“You said you were going to tell me about your teammates and your history,” Modesiiri said.

“Fine, I am David Gbadagri former leader of the Legion of Superheroes I am not even supposed to tell you this Reflex and Velocity warned me not to tell you anyway you are the only person who could stop him but,” He said.

“But what?” Modesiiri asked.

“We are leaving now,” David said as he hopped into the plane.

Modesiiri followed him into the plane and they set off.

New York


Modesiiri got a view of the destroyed city

“Who did this?” Modesiiri asked.

“Overcall did, she has been doing this for the past 21 years.” David replied.

“I am going to stop her,” Modesiiri said.

“Take this with you.” David said as he handed her a circular object.

“It’s the last one I have,” he continued.

“What is it?” Modesiiri asked.

“An inter dimensional object but I adjusted it to be a normal portal,” David said.

“So how do I use it?” Modesiiri asked.

“Just throw it and the portal will activate and it will take you to the ground,” David said.

“And give this to my mom,” Modesiiri said as she gave him a letter.

“The address is in front,” She continued.

“I’ll meet you down there!!” David shouted as he shut the door of the plane.

Modesiiri gained her balance in the air then threw the object and it widen out after that it remained in the air and Modesiiri passed through it then landed on the ground.

“So, who am I looking for.” Modesiiri said to herself.

She saw a group of police cars driving at a random citizen then a burst of sound waves threw them away.

“Jackpot,” Modesiiri said as she shot an explosive arrow at the citizen.

“Who are you,” Modesiiri asked.

“Overcall!” She shouted as she sent sound waves at Modesiiri.

“That’s pretty rude you know,” Modesiiri said as she fired fire arrows at Overcall and ran at her.

Overcall kicked her then Modesiiri punched her and threw her across the street. Then, she fired an electric arrow at her which knocked her out.

David landed the plane and he came out.

“Did you give it to her,” Modesiiri asked.

“Yes, now this is my last favor from you, I want you to go to the future and rescue the Legion of Superheroes from the past and you must not tell them.” David said.

“No, I’ve done what you asked,” Modesiiri said.

“Trust me, take this and meet Reflex and Thunder Girl in Washington D.C. I and Void from the past will come recruit you two months after,” David said giving her a time travel portal.

“This is the last quest, promise?” Modesiiri asked.

“I promise,” David replied.

“Also, I need a superhero name.” Modesiiri asked.

“Longbow,” David replied.

Modesiiri pressed a button on the object then a portal appeared and she walked into it.

The End


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