No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land


David Gbadagri – Commander Silver

Godwin Okache – Shocker

Kenechukwu Dike – Spectre

Kamsi Eze – Blade Master

John Obodo – Ninjustu Master

Unknown -The Destroyer

Igdaliah Domino – Thunder Girl

Olaoluwa Fadero – Gigatron

This story is set in an alternate reality were the destroyer won.

Earth X

Los Angeles

“These are the last demons here,” Blade Master stated while removing his blade from a demon’s chest.

“We should head back to base; they’ve already destroyed this stronghold here.” Commander Silver said.

“We’ve been looking for the destroyer for two years, don’t you think it’s time we give up.” Ninjustu Master said.

“Not yet, we will not stop until we avenge all the heroes he killed.” Shocker replied.

“It’s hopeless, you know what he did to Longbow.” Thunder Girl said.

“That’s enough!” Commander Silver exclaimed.

“We’re going back to base, now!” He ordered.

The Fortress

“Spectre, do you still have a connection with the destroyer?” David asked.

“It gets weaker as he grows stronger, but I can still access it,” Kene stated.

“Can you track him with it?” Kamsi asked.

“He’s still on earth but I don’t know where he is,” Kene answered.

“We’ve been hearing that for the past two years when are things going to change,” Igdaliah said.

“It’s us that make things change,” Godwin stated.

“He’s in Africa,” Kene said.

“Finally, something new.” John said.

“Where in Africa?” David asked.

“Lagos, Nigeria.” Kene replied.

“Alright team, you heard it’s time to go to Africa.” David stated.



“Spectre where do we go from here?” Blade Master asked.

“We’re almost there,” Spectre replied.

“It looks like he’s building something,” Spectre stated.

“Arrgh!” He groaned in pain.

“What’s wrong?” Thunder Girl asked.

“He knows we are here,” Spectre answered.

“Arrgh! Run!” Spectre ordered.

They ran but they were swallowed up by a portal.

“ Hello Spectre,” The destroyer said.

“You will pay for what you’ve done,” Shocker said as he ran at him, but he slapped him aside.

“Foolish boy,” The destroyer said as he stepped on him.

“Leave him alone,” Commander Silver said.

“You know that you’re leading them to their doom,” The destroyer said as he pushed a button then alarms went off.

“What did you do?” Ninjustu Master asked.

“You’ll see,” The destroyer said as he teleported away.

“Spectre get us up there,” Commander Silver ordered.

Spectre teleported the out of the underground base. When they got out the saw a giant robot.

“Gigatron has risen,” He shouted.

“Oh no,” Thunder Girl said.

“Finally, I’ve been itching for a fight.” Ninjustu Master said.

Spectre opened a portal to the top of Gigatron’s head then Blade Master entered it and stabbed him on the head. Gigatron threw Blade Master back to the ground. Commander Silver punched the Gigatron’s leg which made it fall. Spectre removed an arm then burnt it. Shocker and Thunder Girl both blasted Gigatron at the same time which fried his circuits, after that he exploded.

“We did it,” Shocker said.

“Guys, Blade Master is injured.” Commander Silver said.

They all ran to Commander Silver. Blade Master was bleeding and had a large bruise on his head and chest.

“Spectre can you heal him?” Ninjustu Master asked.

“This is too much damage, if I heal him his soul will be lost forever.” Spectre said.

“I guess my time’s up, make sure you make him pay for what he’s done” Blade Master said as he took his last breath and closed his eyes.

To Be Continued….



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