The Enforcers

The Enforcers


  • Kamsi Eze – Blademaster – has a sword that can cut through anything
  • Kene Dike – Spectre – can control magic
  • Thierri Oseghale – Iron Gorilla – has a suit that is indestructible and transforms him into the gorilla
  • Feranmi Funsho – Arctic Man – can control water and ice
  • Ayo Abisiga – The Elementor – can control fire, corrosive and electricity
  • Oshioke Inuope – Black Tiger – he has the ability to summon tigers, sharp claws, and can land on his feet at any height without breaking a bone.

 The Agency

  • David Emeka  – Agent X
  • Daniel Maraiyesa – Agent 8
  • Dumbili Izedinor – Agent 12
  • Tetisimi Adesanya – Agent 14
  • Tobi Adegboye – Agent 9
  • Harry Izibilli – Agent 97
  • Tsolaye Egodo – Agent 84


“They did it gang, David is the president and their world is finally at peace,” Kamsi said.

“Good, now can you tell Void to stop borrowing milk from our fridge.” Kene complained.

“Sorry just borrowing this for a second,” Void said while opening a portal and entering it.

“Just forget her next time she comes just corner her and ask where the milk is,” Feranmi said.

“Okay,” Kene replied.

“It’s a shame we are still dealing with our own government,” Thierri said.

“I don’t even think the Agency working with the government,” Feranmi said.

“Speaking of governments, where is the Agency. The last time we saw them they escaped and beat us up.” Kene stated.

“We also need back up, right now it’s four against six. Thierri!” Kamsi shouted.

“I am right here you don’t have to shout my name,” Thierri replied.

“Oh, well get the two new recruits and bring them to the meeting room now.” Kamsi said as he stood up and walked away.

Thierri ran to Ayo’s to open the door and saw him reading.

“What are you reading?” Thierri asked.

“Four tragedies, by Shakespeare.” Ayo replied.

“Okay, Blademaster wants you in the meeting room now.” Thierri said as he shut the door.

After that, Thierri went to Oshioke’s room and saw a tiger behind him while playing Fortnite.

“Oshioke how many times have I got to tell you, no animals in the mansion.” Thierri said.

“What do you want?” Oshioke asked.

“Blademaster is calling you now,” Thierri said as he shut the door.

 5 minutes later

Oshioke and Ayo came out of their rooms to meet Blademaster.

“You are late, tell me why you are late. Ayo go first,” Blademaster said.

“I wanted to finish the last chapter of Four tragedies, by Shakespeare.” Ayo answered.

“And you Oshioke?” Kamsi asked.

“I wanted to get my 10000th kill in Fortnite,” Oshioke said.

“Okay, so let’s start training.” Kamsi said as someone blew up the wall.

“Surrender now Enforcers and you wouldn’t be harmed,” Agent X said.

Suddenly a portal opened and Iron Gorilla Arctic Man and Spectre slid through.

“Attack!!” Agent X ordered.

Agent 8 punched Black tiger then kicked him after that Black tiger brought out his claws and destroyed his gun and kicked him away. Blademaster sliced Agent X’s gun then he punched him, Agent X brought out a t and shocked him twice then kicked him away. Elementor melted Agent 97’s gun with corrosion then tackled him, Agent 97 kicked him then shot him with a sleep dart and took him away.

“No,” Black Tiger said as he jumped off a three floor mansion and landed on their truck on his feet with Agent 14 holding him.

“Stand down and you will not be harmed,” Agent 14 said on the top of the moving truck

“Why do you hunt us?” Black Tiger asked.

“You heroes stand as threats to the government, so we need to terminate the Enforcers.” Agent 14 said.

Agent 14 started shooting dart bullets at him but he dodged all of them and tackled him which sent him flying over the truck. Black Tiger went to the driver’s window and he started shooting at him but he brought out his claws and destroyed the gun then he pulled himself through the window kicking the driver in the process which knocked him out and he stopped the truck. After that, he went to open the container behind the truck and he found nothing.

“Where did they take him?” Black Tiger asked himself.


Spectre casted some spells and made Agent 9’s weapons to fly away then he teleported him away then Agent X ran at him and punched him repeatedly. Blademaster stabbed Agent X in the leg and Spectre opened a portal and Agent 9 landed on him. Arctic Man punched Agent 8 then he tackled him and he fell face flat to the ground and he carried him then threw him at the pile of Agents. Thierri turned into the Iron Gorilla and he carried Agent 12 into the air and hit him repeatedly on the ground then threw him at the pile of agents.

“Where’s Black Tiger?” Arctic Man asked.

“I am here and they took Elementor,” Black Tiger said climbing up through the hole.

Seeing that they were distracted, Agent X threw a smoke bomb and Agent 8,97 and 12 disappeared.

“We lost them!!!” Blademaster shouted.

Spectre muttered some spells under his breath and fixed the wall that Agent X broke through.

The Agency Headquarters

Agent X, 8 ,97 and 12 appeared in their base and saw Agent 84 eating popcorn.

“Why didn’t you come with us?” Daniel asked.

“My James Bond movie marathon was showing and I didn’t want to miss it,” Tsolaye answered laughing while he was saying it.

YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY,”  David said as he brought out Dumbili’s  gun and shot him.
“Dumbili!” David shouted.

“I am beside you, no need to shout.” He replied.

“Oh, take him to the hospital quickly makeup a story and tell him he is fired also I should not see his face here again.” David ordered.

“Fired him, Hahaha good joke boss.” Dumbili replied.

“Tobi!” David shouted.

“Yes,” Tobi answered.

“Bring the prisoner to the interrogation room,” David ordered.


The Enforcers were trying to find out Elementor’s location.

“I can’t find him on my multiversal radar,” Thierri said.

“Spectre is there any spell that you can use to find a missing person?” Black Tiger asked.

“Hold on, let me check my spell book,” Spectre said as he brought out his phone.

“No time for texting we’ve got to do this now,” Blademaster said.

“The spell book is on my phone,” Kene replied.

“Okay,” Blademaster said.

Kene scrolled through his spell book and he found it.

“I’ve found it!” Kene shouted.

“Do the spell,” Thierri said.

Kene quickly said the spell and he appeared on Thierri’s multiversal radar.

“He’s in a warehouse 34 miles away from here,” Thierri said.

“Spectre teleport us there,” Kamsi ordered as he opened the portal and they all went into it.

The Agency Headquarters

The Enforcers came out of a portal and they started fighting the Agency.

Spectre kicked Agent 97 then brought magical ropes from the ground to tie him but he cut the ropes and punched him. Blademaster kicked Agent X then he punched him, Agent X brought a knife and stabbed him then kicked him away.  Thierri trans formed into the Iron Gorilla and hit Agent 8 and he flew at a wall Black Tiger summoned his tiger and it pounced on Agent 14, he quickly ran to the interrogation room and rescued Ayo. Arctic Man froze Agent 9 and 12.

“I’ve got him,” Black Tiger said.

“Let’s go,” Spectre said as he opened a portal and they all entered.


“We did it,” Blademaster said.

“I don’t think the Agency is going to be friendly with this,” Black Tiger said.

“Yes so we’ve got to be prepared,” Blademaster said.

The End.














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