The Enforcers Crisis on Infinite Universes Part 3

Earth 48

The Revengers Base

“Shocker get an evacuation going now,” Metal Fists said.

“What should i do?” Velocity asked.

“Do a sweep around the base to see if we’re being spied on,” Metal Fists said.

“Okay,” Velocity replied as he zoomed off.

“We have exactly 24 hours before the destroyer’s wrath reaches here,” Spectre said.

Suddenly an alarm started beeping!

“Someone’s robbing Emerald City Bank,” Hydroman said.

“Why is that the most popular bank to rob nowadays,” Metal Fists said.

Velocity zoomed in.

“What’s wrong?” Velocity asked.

“Someone’s robbing Emerald City Bank, we have to go now.” Windfall stated.

“Let’s go,” Velocity said.

“Aren’t you going to need backup?” Arctic Man asked.

“And someone to teleport you there,” Void said.

“We have a jet but we might need backup,” Hydroman said.

“I, Reflex, Hydroman, Velocity, Spectre and Arctic Man will deal with the crime alert while the rest of you will help with the evacuation.” Metal Fists stated.

“How about me?” Longbow asked.

“You’ve done enough,” Commander Silver said.

“Let’s go,” Spectre said.

Meanwhile, the destroyer was planning on attacking Earth 48.

“Where’s Agent 46?” The destroyer asked.

“He couldn’t get out of Earth 1,” Dark Blade replied.

“How about Bloodspot?” The destroyer inquired.

“He’s in Earth 48 robbing Emerald City Bank,” Dark Blade answered.

“Did you tell him the plan?”  The destroyer inquired.

“Yes sir, he’s with the portal.” Dark Blade responded.

“Good,” The destroyer said.

Earth 48

Emerald City Bank

The Revengers landed in the bank and saw Bloodspot with some demons robbing a bank.

“Bloodspot you don’t have to do this,” Velocity said.

“Get them!” Bloodspot ordered.

Metal Fists turned into metal and punched three demons, Velocity kicked a demon and threw one at Bloodspot. Spectre opened a portal and it sucked ten demons into it, Hydroman brought water from the ocean and Arctic Man froze it then Hydroman threw the ice shards at twelve demons. Reflex kicked two demons and punched Bloodspot then Bloodspot tackled Velocity and Reflex, Metal Fists punched the last two demons.

“Give up, don’t make me beat you up again.” Velocity pleaded.

“Never,” Bloodspot replied as he punched Reflex and tackled Hydroman.

Arctic Man froze Bloodspot but he broke out and punched him. Spectre used his telekineses to carry the bags of money he was Bloodspot was stealing to beat him up  Hydroman blasted him with water which sent him flying at a counter then Reflex punched him repeatedly which knocked him out.

“We better take him back to HQ before he wakes up,” Arctic Man said.

“Yes,” Reflex stated.

The Revengers Base

“You brought Bloodspot,” Windfall said.

“How many people have been evacuated?” Metal Fists asked.

“4.5 billion people out of 8 billion,” Illusion said.

“Hahahahaha!!” Bloodspot laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Thunder Girl interrogated

“You all are fools i brought a portal here without you even noticing,” Bloodspot said as he opened a portal and the destroyer and twenty four demons rushed in.

When nobody was looking Longbow jumped into the portal and entered the destroyer’s ship.

“Heroes prepare to meet your doom,” The destroyer said.

“So you’re the destroyer get them!” Commander Silver commanded.

Refelx punched two demons and kicked one, Windfall blew two demons at the destroyer then flew at him but he kicked Windfall outside the base and deep into the city. Metal Fists turned into metal and punched three demons then threw one at the destroyer. The destroyer carried a table and threw it at Reflex but he dodged it then gave him five uppercuts. Commander Silver turned into silver then rushed at the destroyer and kicked him at a wall then the destroyer kicked Commander Silver and he broke through a wall. Void teleported four demons away and and kicked one. The destroyer was about to punch Void put Spectre held his hand and kicked him at a wall that he broke through. Then Thunder Girl struck the destroyer with lightning and the Elementor burnt two demons then kicked one, Black tiger scratched one demon and Arctic Man froze the remaining.

“Enough!” The destroyer shouted as he grew bigger.

“No he’s about to destroy this planet we’ve got to go,” Spectre said as Void opened a portal and he entered it.

Once everyone had enered and it was remaining Void a big rock fell on her.

“Void!” Commander Silver shouted.

    Blademaster rushed in to save her when the earth got destroyed and the portal closed.

Earth X


“Nooo!” Commander Silver shouted.

“We lost our leader and Void,” Black Tiger said.

“Where’s Longbow and Windfall?” Elementor asked.

“They didn’t make it to Earth X,!” Reflex replied.



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