The Night Archers Vs. The Swordsmen

The Night Archers Vs. The Swordsmen


  1. Nifemi Falade
  2. Adeife Adewunmi
  3. Caleb Oshiafi
  4. Timilehin Adebajo
  5. Gold Oludare
  6. Olaoluwa Fadero
  7. Nifemi Odusanya
  8. Sean Michael
  9. Jesuloluwa Shodeinde
  10. Fikayo Jinaudu

The Archery Hideout

“I still can’t believe we met the Shadow Ninjas, I thought they were just legends.” Adeife stated.

“If that’s impressive, I love the makeover for our new base.” Gold said.

“We are doing great work guys, the crime rate in the city has been reduced.” Nifemi said.

“We wouldn’t have done anything if not for you Nifemi,” Caleb stated as he shot an arrow onto a target.

Crime Alert!

“There’s an illegal drug deal behind Jeffrey’s Bacon, let’s go take them out.” Gold said.

“Alright team roll out,” Nifemi ordered.

Jeffrey’s Bacon

A drug dealer was about to show another one a pack of drugs but Nifemi shot an arrow into the drugs from a rooftop

“It’s the Night Archers get them!” A drug dealer ordered.

They all used zipline arrows to get unto the ground.

Adeife jumped on one then threw him at a car, Caleb shot an arrow at a drug dealer’s leg then kicked him in the face. Timilehin smashed a drug dealer’s head into a car window them shot an arrow at another one into the arm. Gold used a rope arrow then shot it a drug dealer which wrapped itself around him. Nifemi shot two arrows which pinned a drug dealer onto the wall.

“Nice job team, our work here is done.” Nifemi stated.

The Next Day

Caleb’s House

“Now that we’re on holiday we have more time to fight crime, but what are we going to tell our parents?” Adeife asked.

“He’s right,” Caleb said.

“Remember we are the NIGHT ARCHERS not the day archers, we should meet back at the hideout at nighttime.” Nifemi said.

“I guess we could do that,” Timilehin said.

“Since we have nothing to do, why don’t we go for a walk in the park?” Gold asked.

“That’s not a bad idea actually, ice creams’ on me.” Nifemi said.

The Park

“We should’ve done this a long time ago,” Adeife said.

“Guys, did you hear what happened?” Caleb asked as he turned off his phone.

“What?” Timilehin asked.

“Olaoluwa and his gang were released from prison because they didn’t commit any crime on this earth,” Caleb stated.

“Well, that’s just bad.” Nifemi said.

“What are we going to do?” Gold asked.

“We need proof to show that they’re actual criminals,” Nifemi said.

“Yes, but how are we going to do that?” Adeife asked.

“We’ll sneak into Olaoluwa’s house and search for anything that can possibly put him and his gang in jail, we’ll go at two a.m.” Nifemi said.

Two a.m.

Olaoluwa’s House

The Night Archers snuck into the house at two a.m. then immediately started a search.

“It doesn’t look like he’s here,” Caleb stated.

“Alright team, let’s start.” Nifemi said.

Unexpectedly, as Timilehin was searching underneath the bed he saw a loose floor tile . Underneath it was knives, grenades, and guns.

“I think we’ve found our proof,” Timilehin said

Suddenly someone in a van used an RPG then blew up the building.

Eleven Minutes Later

The Night Archers managed to get out of all the piles of rubble stacked on them. Olaoluwa and his gang hopped out of the van.

“I knew you’d be here,” Olaoluwa said as he pointed a gun at Nifemi.

Nifemi grabbed shot an arrow at Olaoluwa’s leg then kicked him in the face. Adeife shot two arrows at Nifemi O. leg and arm. Nifemi O. shot Adeife in the arm then punched him repeatedly. Caleb tackled Fikayo and slammed his head onto the ground and used two arrows to pin his shirt to the ground. Fikayo ripped off his shirt then threw a grenade at Caleb, but he dodged it and shot an arrow at Fikayo’s leg.

“I’m going to beat you to a pulp,” Jesuloluwa said as he ran at Timilehin.

Timilehin threw a stone into his throat then kicked it back out. Gold punched Sean in the face then kicked him on the stomach at a car.

“Let’s bounce the police will soon be here,” Nifemi said.

The Archery Hideout

“It looks like their arrest is on the news,” Gold said.

She put on the TV.

“Evangelina Jones, here on the scene, where the Night Archers recently took down a gang of five young school kids with possessions of guns.” The reporter said as she went to Olaoluwa.

“I know the identities of the Night Archers,” Olaoluwa said.

The Night Archers looked at each other.

“Their names are, Nifemi Falade, Adeife Adewunmi, Caleb Oshiafi, Timilehin Adebajo and Gold Oludare.” Olaoluwa said.

“Oh no,” Nifemi said.

To Be Continued ….



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