The Revengers Base

“Someone is robbing Emerald Bank,” Godwin said.

“Again, they’ve got to improve their security.” David said.

“Where’s Feranmi?” Nathan said.

“He has super speed but he is always late,” David said.

“We’ve got to go without him, I am sure he will come.” Godwin said.

Feranmi’s House

Feranmi got off his bed and went to get his newspaper. Then an alarm started beeping.

“Someone’s robbing Emerald Bank again,” Feranmi said as he was wearing his suit then he sped off.

Emerald Bank

The Revengers landed in the bank and started beating up the robbers.

Metal Fists tackled a robber and he threw him at a safe, Windfall held a robber into the air with wind and then he landed on the counter. Shocker sent a burst of electricity at three robbers then he ran at another and threw him across the room. David threw his trident at a robber and kicked another, after that Velocity ran into the Bank and tied up all the robbers.

“Thank you Velocity, you saved us again and Merry Christmas.” The accountant said.

“What?” The Revengers said (excluding Velocity).

“I am out of here,” Windfall said shooting off.

David turned into water and disappeared while Shocker and Metal Fists entered their jet and zoomed off.

“What’s their problem,” A customer asked.

“I don’t know,” Velocity replied as he sped out.

The Revengers Base

“Guys what happened you left me out there?” Feranmi asked.

“You always like to take the credit for everything we do as a team just because you have super speed, like that time, I gave you money to buy someone a drink you took all the credit and left me with nothing” Windfall said.

“You are the worlds’ best superhero and we were supposed to become worlds’ best superhero team.” Shocker said.

“I think you need to take a break and think about this, so I hereby suspend you from the Revengers for a week,” Nathan said.

“A week and besides you can’t do this to me on Christmas!” Feranmi shouted.

Feranmi’s House

“I can’t believe I am staying here for a week, they never mentioned that they wanted credit.” Feranmi said to himself.

“Hello brother,” someone said coming from the ground.

“I don’t have any brother,” Feranmi said.

“How’s retirement?” He asked.

“I am not retired,” Feranmi replied.

“Oh, you will.” He said as he clicked a button on his watch and David, Nathan, Godwin and Nifemi appeared.

“Should we fire him or give him a second chance?” David asked.

“All in favor of firing Velocity raise your hand,” Nathan said as he and Windfall raised their hand.

“Two against two, alright then.” Nathan said as the video went off.

“Who are you?” Feranmi inquired as he zoomed at him.

“Bloodspot,” he replied as he kicked Feranmi at a table and pinned him down.

“You got me, aren’t you going to say anything.” Feranmi said.
“Merry Christmas,” Bloodspot said as he zoomed off.

“Come here!” Feranmi said as he chased him around the streets of Emerald City.

“Give it up, you are never going to catch me.” Bloodspot said.
“I will,” Feranmi said as he came in front of him and struck a blow that knocked him out.

The Revengers Base

Bloodspot was kneeling down in the middle of the Revengers.

“He has been stalking us the entire time and also he claimed that he was my brother,” Feranmi said.

“Wow, I am sorry that we tried to fire you.” Nathan apologized.

“Don’t worry,” Feranmi replied.

“So what’s with the robe,” David asked seeing Feranmi dressed in a robe and wearing slippers.

Seeing that they were distracted Bloodspot quickly ran out in the blink of an eye.

“No, he escaped.” Feranmi complained.

The End.








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