Agents of Shadow Vs. The Night Archers

Agents of Shadow Vs. The Night Archers


  1.  Tobi Adegboye
  2. Kamsi Ironta
  3. Tanitoluwa Kuye
  4. Odudu Abasi
  5. Abdul Haleem
  6. Nifemi Falade
  7. Adeife Adewunmi
  8. Caleb Oshiafi
  9. Timilenhin Adebajo
  10. Hadeeza Farinre
  11. Olaoluwa Fadero
  12. Nifemi Odusanya
  13. Sean Micheal
  14. Fikayo Jinadu
  15. Jesuloluwa Shodeinde

The Shadow Ninjas Secret Base

“Kamsi, how’s the demolition above going?” Tobi asked.

“I’ve made sure any of the construction workers won’t find our base, I heard a Shadow Ninja used to live here.” Kamsi stated.

“Guys there’s a car chase on Twenty-First street, there are armed gunmen and have already blown up two police trucks.” Tani said.

“We have to stop this before more people are hurt, Suit Up!” Tobi ordered.

Twenty-First Street

“The police are still on our tail, what do we do boss?”  A robber asked.

“Grab the RPGs you idiots and shoot!” The boss replied.

Abdul used his blow gun and shot a blow dart into the RPG and the car blew up.

The boss and a few robbers crawled out of the destroyed car but were apprehended by the police.

“Well that was easy,” Odudu said.

“Guys we just missed a crime two blocks away, some people just to robbed a gun shop.” Kamsi stated.

“Let go back to base and check the security cameras of the shop,” Tobi stated.

The Shadow Ninjas Secret Base

“Kamsi hack into the security cameras of that shop,” Tobi ordered.

Kamsi hacked the cameras and then they watched the video.

“I don’t recognize any of them,” Abdul stated.

“We will go look for clues when the shop’s closed,” Tobi said.

Eleven p.m

The Shadow Ninjas crawled through the air vents then dropped in.

“Split up and find some clues,” Tobi ordered.

Odudu jumped over the police line and put on her flashlight.

“Guys, I’ve found some fingerprints.” Odudu said.

“Don’t touch them,” Kamsi said as he ran to where she was then scanned the fingerprints.

“Something’s wrong,” Kamsi stated.

“What’s wrong?” Tani asked.

“My scanners couldn’t find a match which means they’re aliens or they are from another universe,” Kamsi said.

“We saw the video they look human so they’re not aliens,” Abdul said.

“Let’s take this back to base and analyze it,” Tobi said.

The Shadow Ninjas Secret Base

“These fingerprints are definitely from another universe but I don’t have a way of tracking it,” Kamsi said.

“There’s a massive portal at the diamond mine,” Abdul stated.

“Do you think they might be related?” Odudu asked.

“Maybe,” Kamsi replied.

“Alright gang, suit up!” Tobi ordered.

Coastland City’s Diamond Mine

A portal opened and The Night Archers stepped out.

“Is this the place?” Adeife asked.

“Yes, we should find them here.” Nifemi replied.

Suddenly The Shadow Ninjas appeared behind them then threw kunai but they dodged them.

“Are they they the Shadow Ninjas?” Caleb asked.

“Hold your fire,” Nifemi told Adeife.

“Who are you?” Tobi asked.

“We are the Night Archers,” Nifemi replied.

“State your business here and you won’t be harmed,” Abdul asked.

“We are looking for a particular group of people, they’re from our own universe.” Timilenhin stated.

“Tobi they’re talking about the people who to robbed the gun shop,” Kamsi said.

Suddenly someone shot Adeife in the leg.

“We aren’t alone,” Nifemi said as he aimed his bow at someone on a rooftop  and shot an arrow.

Hadeeza walked forward and saw Olaoluwa.

“It’s Olaoluwa,” Hadeeza stated.

Tobi shot a sleep dart at Fikayo then he climbed into a roof and disarmed Jesuloluwa. Nifemi got on the roof then punched Jesuloluwa in the face repeatedly then tackled him, Tani kicked Sean in the throat and threw him onto the ground. Sean kicked Caleb in the throat the threw him at a wall. Kamsi broke Sean’s arm then threw him at Timilenhin who kicked him at the back repeatedly. Tani punched Nifemi O. After that Hadeeza kicked him at Jesuloluwa who was struggling to stand up.

“Well that was a workout,” Nifemi said.

“Try to keep them from crossing universes,” Odudu said.

“Will do, there’ll always be somewhere here to stop them.” Nifemi said as he used his multiversal transporter then they walked into the portal with Olaoluwa’s gang.

“So now that, that is over who wants to get shawarma?” Tani asked.

“Not really,” They all said.

“It’s on me,” Tani said.

“Alright let’s go,” They all said.

The End










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  1. sorry for not commenting for some time nifemi but…..great job on no man’s land and the rest…..they were awesome

    oh and Ayo Abisiga says hi

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