The Revengers: Civil War


  1. Nathan Egbunowo – Metal Fists
  2. Feranmi Funsho – Velocity
  3. Godwin Okache – Shocker
  4. Nifemi Falade – Windfall
  5. David Gbadagri – Hydro-man
  6. John Obodo – Ninjustu Master
  7. Jason Ironta – Voodoo Master

The Revengers Base

“Ninjustu Master here is your room in our base,” Shocker said.

“Gee thanks, I’ll go get my stuff.” Ninjustu Master replied.

“I don’t trust him,” Metal Fists whispered to Windfall.

“Me too, you never know if he might just betray us.” Windfall stated.

“What are you guys talking about?” Hydroman asked.

“I am not sure about Ninjustu Master staying here, maybe he’s a spy working for the Injustice Society of Evil.” Metal Fists said.

“Hahahahahahaha! There’s no way Ninjustu Master is a spy.” Hydroman shouted.

“Shhh! Keep quiet or he’ll hear us,” Windfall said.

“You guys think i am a spy,” Ninjustu Master said.

“Yeah we do,” Metal Fists said.

“What’s going on here?” Shocker asked.

Suddenly, a portal opened and Voodoo Master stepped out.

“Voodoo Master, this is like the third time you are escaping from prison. Surrender now and you won’t be hurt.” Shocker stated.

“You think i am a fool to surrender,” Voodoo Master said.

After that, Velocity stormed in.

“Guys i am here and i brought the food,” Velocity said.

Voodoo Master created a magical chain and tied up Velocity then Metal Fists turned into metal and punched him.  Voodoo Master created a magical lightning bolt and threw it at Hydro-man. Shocker electrocuted him  then kicked him in the face and Metal Fists threw a table at him then tackled him and he flew on the ground. Ninjustu Master kicked him in the face and he punched him repeatedly and threw him at a shelf. Voodoo Master blasted Metal Fist with a magical lightning bolt then he hit him with his staff.

“Rise my minions!” Voodoo Master said as Metal Fists, Velocity and Hydro-man stood up.

“What did you do to them?” Shocker asked.

“I mind controlled them while they were knocked out, attack them my minions!” Voodoo Master ordered.

They rushed at them but Ninjustu Master teleported him and Shocker using their shadows into a coffee shop.

“Thanks for the save,” Shocker said.

“You are welcome,” Ninjustu Master replied.

“Look at the news our friends and Voodoo Master are robbing Emerald City Bank.” Shocker said.

“He just escaped prison and he’s already robbing a bank,” Ninjustu Master said.

“Let’s go,” Shocker said.

Emerald City Bank

“Stop this immediately!” Ninjustu Master said.

“Minions get them,” Voodoo Master said.

Velocity ran at Ninjustu Master but he teleported him away. Shocker shocked Hydro-man then kicked him and threw him  at a pile of money. After that Ninjustu Master punched Metal Fists.

“Oww! My hand,” Ninjustu Master cried in pain as Metal Fists gave him an uppercut.

Shocker electrocuted Metal Fists and threw him at Voodoo Master and he carried his staff and broke it.

“Noooooo!!!”  Voodoo Master shouted.

“Take a break,” Ninjustu Master said as he kicked him in the face.

“What happened?” Metal Fists said.

“Where’s Velocity?” Hydro-man asked.

“Oh, sorry.” Ninjustu Master said as Velocity came out of a shadow and landed on them.

“You’ve proven that you are an honourary team member of the Revengers,” Metal Fists said.

“No, i am no longer a team member of the Revengers. It was fun while it lasted, it’s time for me to go back home.” Ninjustu Master said.

“See you around Ninjustu Master,” Shocker said as they shook hands.

Ninjustu Master walked into a shadow and disappeared.

The End



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